As expected, the exploding heads of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cretins) have slammed the latest Charlie Hebdo cartoon book which mocks the Paedophile Prophet Muhammad

imagesSurprisingly, White House Press Schmuckretary, Jay Carney, has not yet come out to express how disgusted Barack Hussein Obama is by the offensive depictions of his holy prophet Muhammed. The Obama Regime’s criticism of the famous French magazine Charlie Hebdo followed the administration’s effort to persuade Google to take down a short and cheap satirical video on YouTube that also angered Islamofascists.

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Arab News  The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has slammed caricatures of the Prophet  published in the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, saying it incites hatred and intolerance against Muslims. OIC Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu expressed concern at the publication of the comic book series on the life of Prophet Muhammad.

Ihsanoglu said the publication went against the norms of responsible (Sharia) journalism and was tantamount to abuse of the right to freedom of expression (a concept about which Muslims are totally clueless). He added that incitement and advocacy of hatred and intolerance on religious grounds signified by this publication was in contravention of international human rights laws and instruments. (Only under sharia law)


He called on the magazine to abide by the provisions, particularly those in the European Union (EU) context, on incitement to hatred and violence. He urged the authorities in France to take appropriate action against the magazine. (They won’t)

Ihsanoglu  reiterated the OIC’s principled position on developing an international consensus on dealing with a frequency of deliberate acts of incitement, within the framework of the Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18. (In other words, making freedom of expression an international crime)








12 comments on “As expected, the exploding heads of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cretins) have slammed the latest Charlie Hebdo cartoon book which mocks the Paedophile Prophet Muhammad

  1. Is the OIC the same as the Organization of Mideast Dictators? Before oil, the Mohammedans ruled Spain peacefully, full of love, letting Jews and Christians alone. When the Papists got power, they put all the Mohammedans and Jews to the sword unless they confess Jesus as their savior. Modern Mohammedan rulers are sitting on billions in wealth and they are very corrupt. They terrorize those unfortunate enoiugh to be born under their thumbs. These new Mohammedans are supported lock, stock, and barrel by all of the Western democracies. In fact, Obamanator helps by giving them the tools to track on-line dissent and tap cell phones. It is not a Mohammedan thing- it is a money/oil thing. Just so happens that a lot of the oil is under the Mohammedans, so are the most ruthless appearing at the moment. Remember that the Christians invaded the oil area in WWII to get control, and then gave it to these tin-horn dictators in exchange for a cut. Just look at Iraq. Shell, BP-sucking it up. Poor American soldiers who are not psycho sucked into the propaganda vortex.

  2. To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize. Voltaire. France and all democratic countries must stand up for and protect freedom of speech because the life blood of democracy is freedom of speech.

  3. I wish someone would make a cartoon about the six month period that Mohammed could not achieve an erection for any of his female (human) sex partners. It was a case of as we say, from the mouth of babes comes truth. When the pedophile and beastiallity crazed pervert Mohammed first went to have sex with Aiesha, she let out a giggle and said your pee pee is smaller than my pinky toe. At this was very insulting to his manhood, although true, he was not able to “stand at attention” for her or any other woman for six months as in the Koran. In order to feel like a man again Mohammed went on a raping spree, where he once again got back to his roots and began raping pigs once more. He reverted to pigs as a pig was the animal he lost his virginity to. Eventually Mohammed became so distraught with his small penis that he prayed to Satan, and asked Satan to make him more of a man. Satan said to him, it is because of your small problem that you are so full of hatred and malice. This is what makes you so vile and subsequently so pleasing to me. With that Satan sodomized Mohammed. This was so pleasing to Mohammed that he achieved his strongest erection ever, and so ended his period of flacidity.

  4. Does that really surprise us? Of course not, what else can you expect from such a degenerate bunch!

    Did Christians in France started rioting, foaming at the mouth and threatening every time CH had some fun? Of course not, save for a very few, they were able to laugh at it, it’s called HAVING A SENSE OF HUMOR! But this bunch, way beyond their capabilities! Look at all the paintings, sculptures etc, religion has inspired throughout time; to us, it’s art but to them, it’s blasphemy and so on.

    And as I mentioned yesterday Bonni, Memri threat monitor reported some of these sick bastards were calling for attacks against us in retaliation. As said before, if they want to play that game, they’d better be ready as to what will happen to their equally sick bastards here.

  5. “The West has responsible Journalism”. If by “the West” you take every nation that isn’t the homeland of donkey diddling, mutton molesting muslims and search it thoroghly, you may find some Journalism in there somewhere. Sadly, in the U.S., you find real true Journalism nowhere in the staunch Manure Stream Media supposed Leading Publications.
    But if you search long enough, you will find it, with it’s little lights gleaming, in places like the Berlin Wisconsin Journal.
    Kinda hard to find, but I reccomend it to all that want to get the stink of Chicago and Milwaukee and New York and Boston rotting rags out of their nostrils. One fine little paper and a breath of freah air ! SweetOlBob

  6. Obama has submitted to discriminatory Sharia law.
    Obama is the slave of discriminatory Sharia law.
    Obama has groveled before discriminatory Sharia law.

    The West already has ‘responsible journalism’.
    We don’t want to have ‘Sharia journalism’.

    Obama spits on all the brave Americans who gave their lives for freedom of speech.

    Obama spits on their graves.

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