GREECE is paying Muslim illegal invaders to go back home

imagesGREAT IDEA! All EU countries should do this. Make it so unpleasant for the Muslim parasites that they gladly take a plane ticket and a few bucks to return to the Islamic hellhole they crawled out of in order to turn a non-Muslim country into the same kind of hellhole.

I couldn’t stomach more than a few minutes of this pathetic, sniveling video made by some leftie dhimmi organization called the ‘European Journal’ that has so much sympathy for the invaders, yet nothing for the people of Greece whose lives and livelihoods have been threatened by the unwanted Muslim invasion. 



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  1. Many come in via Turkey.

    The Turks, for a fee will bring them to Islands like Samos and other surrounding Islands.

    So, if Turkey becomes part of the EU, which is the goal, can you imagine how much easier it will be for these savages to come right in?

    The Turks are not are friends.

    Here is a site by Migrants in Greece, you may find interesting.

    Here is a link to a professional international organization, located in Switzerland. (It won’t take you long to figure out there leanings.)

    By the way, a few yours ago, I was listening to the Dutch version of NPR/Radio4, and the whole premise of the story, was to hammer the Greeks, by shame, for taking in the least illegals and making it the hardest to get citizenship across Europe.

    Sweden, took in the most refugees (translation:economic migrants.) And we all know how great it is going for them.

  2. BareNakedIslam@ there is a big agreement kept secretly, called Barcelona Agreement. concerning so called Euromed Projekt, whose ultimate goal is to unite Europe with North Africa. I have found this link, maybe you know this, there are many other links, which lead to original documents, but article here explains the things well. If I manage to find more materials and numbers , I will post it.

  3. BNI, Agreed Ban Islam in total close dow all Mosques; make every Muslim sign a declaration denouncing Muhammad, the Koran, Hadiths and Sharia Law. If they refuse exile them for life and only allow reformed Muslims into country as immigrants that have converted to another ‘Belief System.’ As for paying them to leave that is idiotic we should simply toss out all troublemakers without trial just exile them. Muhammad started this 1400 year war- Freedom Fighters- Warriors Against Islam must finish it by creating a ‘Reckoning.’

  4. But how you ensure they won’t return in search of more money?

    One thing is send them back, and another is keep them away.

  5. the EU plans are to allow even more Muslims in the future…50 MILIONS MORE are still to come…500 000 per year….this was secretely agreed some years ago…

  6. I am perplexed. Why Greece or any western country allow them in? We (America) should learn from Greece and pay their ticket pack, right in the Airport.

  7. In Europe we don´t want any muslims. I hope this way of treating that muslim scum start to be used soon in Spain and Italy.
    In my opinion the financial crisis both in Italy and Spain must worsen more so that the reaction against the muslim inmigtation becomes a reality.
    Welcome the financial crisis !!

    Good for Greece !
    I suggest we do the same thing in any country in the west and North America.

    all you hear outta these A-Holes is : we are’nt wanted here…they treat us badly !

    well no shit !

    Muslimes = uncompatible with civilized societies.

  9. Dear BNI:

    The reporters for both videos were so repulsive. Absolutely no empathy, sympathy or even the mildest concern for what Greeks have had to put up with in regard to the muslim illegals. I noticed in the 6:45 minute video that the reporter is a Ruth Reichstein. Jewish? I would hope not. As someone who has admired, respected, loved and advocated for the Jewish people most of his life- it saddens me to no end when I encounter Jewish persons who support those who would destroy them.

    However, even if this Ruth is not a Jewess; but a gentile… then lets describe her as an English speaking white/European professional (assume college educated). Well guess what! Whether Jewish or Gentile… how muslims treat educated westernized women… I would have to say the same thing to a gentile Ruth… why support those who would destroy you?

    Then the ABC reporter in the second video Paul Mason. Does he not realize that as a Western journalist if he were to be kidnapped by muslims he would most probably be executed. His muslim captors probably raping him first. The statement by Mason that stood out the most was toward the end. He oozed sympaty for the muslims in Greece… on how the Greek government doesn’t report on problems faced by muslims. IS HE F-ING SERIOUS?!?!?? Sadly, yes… I know he is serious. How that man can say that into a microphone when around the entire world the Western media is absolutely SILENT as to ANY AND ALL muslim caused atrocities. When on the rare instances that the media reports an “act” or an “event” of horror… the FACTS that muslims are involved will be totally removed from the reporting.

    As for the subjects in the videos being “refugees”; by their own admission they show why they are really in Greece.

    The Afghan who “fled the Taliban” states point blank- his family and friends expect him to retutn to Afghanistan a “rich man.” I thought “fled the Taliban” implied a poor soul crying out for freedom and the abilitiy to live a life of liberty and be true to his conscience! Apparently letting Westerners believe you quake in fear over a terrorist organization is fine… even if the only reason you attempt to live in Greece is to be given a prosperous lifestyle (and a business no less) handed to him on a silver platter!

    Then the Pakistani says… “They don’t treat us like human beings. It has to be better in Pakistan.” Now for that statement alone this man needs to be banned from any Western nation. Since its bloody origins when it broke from India because it could not even come close to the mother nation India’s tolerance of varied religions… Pakistan has tortured, kidnapped, raped, robbed and murdered non-muslims and many minority sect muslims within its borders. Pakistan has thrown all of its resources into being a nuclear capable nation so it can threaten India. All the while Pakistan’s populace suffers without medical care, food, shelter and education so the government can someday nuke Hindus, Jainists and Buddhists (all infidels) in India.

    Actually, if Pakistani muslims are that stupid…. then I say let them continue to suffer at their own hand for their blind hatred of India. Its just that I don’t India to ever experience the consequences of that hate.

    Yet according to poor little muslim living in Greece… “It has to be better in Pakistan.” As for the comment about “treat us like human beings”… would love to see if this guy when back in Pakistan would tell everyone he…. (fill in the blank with… converted to Christianity, became an atheist, married a Greek Jewish girl, “came out of the closet” as gay… etc, etc) AND THEN SEE WHAT IT WAS LIKE TO BE TREATED IN PAKISTAN.

    What gets me is this “Ruth” who states in the video that Pakistan is “one of the most dangerous regions in the world.” She is evidently sorry that the video’s subject has to go back to Pakistan. I wanted to scream at this reporter Ruth… AND WHY DO YOU THINK IT THE MOST DANGEROUS REGION IN THE WORLD….ITS BECAUSE OF MUSLIMS YOU IMBECILE REPORTER!

    Then there is the man who says Greece doesn’t seem like Europe! Well, even a person with the most basic knowledge about social norms, history and geography could state an endless list as to why Greece does seem like AND IS part of Europe. The man says “The police can’t hit you (in Europe)” and that “People Hate You (in Greece).”

    Mmmm? Wow. Two sentences that scream volumes. Police can’t “hit you” or use physical force against you in the “real Europe.” The same police who stand by AND DO NOTHING as muslims commit honor killings, form rape gangs targeting children, rob, murder, commit arson, block traffic, blow up public transportation, engage in terrorism that slaughters innocents, take over neighborhoods, etc, etc. Since the Greek police ACTUALLY ENFORCE THE LAW EVEN IF THAT MEANS NOT LETTING POOR LITTLE MUSLIMS FROM BREAKING THE LAW… this means Greece loses its “European” card?

    “People hate you.” Is another laughable statement. Poor muslim needs to understand that HE IS IN F-ING GREECE! The facts of what muslims have done to the Greek nation and ethnic Greeks in other parts of Europe is their to see. Whether the Ottoman Empire or modern day Turkey to the muslims in the north of Cyprus… Greeks should have every reason to turn against muslims. The fact the muslims were allowed to live amongst Greeks (even for a little while) SPEAKS VOLUMES of the Greeks being civilized. With such a twisted history…. not one muslim foot should ever have been allowed to set foot in Greece.

    The statements from these to muslim men is so telling of the muslim belief in the concept of being a “Dhimmi.” “Police can’t hit you.” “Better In Pakistan” and “People hate you.” Shows these men are used to only encountering Dhimmis by being raised in an islamic supremacist society. They are used to hearing about parts of Europe where muslim men can rape children, beat up the elderly and insult European women in front of their husbands… AND SUFFER NO CONSEQUENCES. Imagine the poor muslim’s shock when they realize Greece isn’t like England where you rape children and get away with it or Sweden where you can insult ethnic Swedish women in front of their husbands and fathers and no one does anything to you… YET IN BIG BAD GREECE… the populace fights back. GOOD FOR GREECE.

    Also, muslims are SO USED TO the freebie handouts from Europe that they take it for granted that they are being given a stipend to leave Greece. HELLO MUSLIMS!!!! You are in Greece ILLEGALLY and you are BEING GIVEN MONEY to leave a place you shouldn’t be to begin with. Thats rather generous SINCE YOUR BREAKING THE LAW.

    Thankfully, Greece is doing what other nations need to be doing with muslims…DEPORT!!!

    • Arjay, you can put money on the fact that Ruth is a Jew. Leftist Jews are the biggest Muslim sympathizers on earth. Picture her a few decades back, saying that her fellow Germans would never hurt her.

  10. The Greeks are the only country in Europe that have a collective memory of their treatment while governed by Sharia under the Muslim Turks. The other southern European countries such as Italy and Spain will have to delve deeply in to their history before they realize the Greeks are using the only approach that will work for the Muslim problem.

  11. There problem is they keep breeding in their own country even though they know what these kids will have to go through with nothing no food hardly or water. No matter where they go they keep this breeding up filling host countries with thier kids. Bringing these host countries to the same poverty living off them like ticks on cattle have enough ticks on a cow and it dies. Yes kick them out with a plane full of condoms what they need is birth control.

    • I agree 100% and more with you, “cranky white woman”!!!! Paying those Untermenschen to leave is no better than paying Jizya to Moslems!!!!!

      We need to
      1) RECALL ALL Westerners currently in the Islamic world, requiring them to come back within a certain time-frame or else lose their citizenship;
      2) STOP absolutely ALL Moslem travel to the West (enough times the muzturds come initially as tourists but then try to settle as immigrants, often illegally!!!);
      3) EXPEL every last single Moslem man, woman and child who’s already present in the West (excluding those VERY FEW who could be exceptions under the strict conditions I have repeatedly proposed);
      4) CUT OFF ALL diplomatic, commercial, cultural, transportation and ALL other links whatsoever with Islamic countries!!!! This must ESPECIALLY apply to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya in addition to Sudan, Mauritania and Mali – i.e., ALL those Islamic nations that are particularly focussed upon and magnetised by “militant Islamism”!!!

      These nations must be told in the strongest possible terms of Islam’s demanding TOTAL WAR against everything and everybody “un-Islamic”, and that we Westerners fully accept Islam’s declaration of war and responding with hostilities even severer than anything done previously in history!!!!
      [I.e., NO Moslem ships or aircraft within 800 kilometres of Western oceanic coastlines (on pain of being promptly shot down!!!); land and sea frontiers being reinforced to East / West-German standards wherever the distance between Islamic and non-Islamic territory is less than that; ANY attempts to wage terroristic or other military actions being considered grounds for military reprisals including the nuking of Islamic cities.]

  12. I don’t understand why these fit young men aren’t walking to the border and leaving Greece. Why not walk across Europe until they find work or someplace they can do an honest business? What else have they to do? Colonize Greece? Not now.

  13. Some good news for Greece. The illegal muslims, made the decision to go to Greece illegally and to break the law. As such they are criminals. What do they expect when they start with an illegal action, breaking the laws of the country they are sneaking into. What about the 300 euros given to them and a free air ticket, by a country financially broke. So to say they got nothing is a muslim lie of taqiyya. My guess is that they will return and spend their lives sneaking back into greece, getting a flight and paid to leave greece and so on. This will probably become a revolving door. Good luck to greece. At least you are trying to do something to get rid of the illegal muslims.

  14. Muslims are the sole responsibility of the 56 MUSLIM countries and the filthy rich swimming in oil Middle Eastern Muslim countries who have ENORMOUS WEALTH.
    Non-Muslim countries are struggling to survive economically.

  15. At least the muzzies got the message………. They are not wanted! Well done Greece. Now your country can re start the tourist trade again and boost your economy.

  16. I feel bad for them but if Greece does not stop this mass migration of people who not only are a different culture and religion then the Greece of my grandparents will vanish forever. See what has happened to the Christians of; Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza Bethlehem, Egypt, Nigeria and you will see the fate of the Greek Christians if this Muslim assault is not stopped.

  17. I was good. I quit after 4 minutes for the first video. The second one, 56 seconds.

    That’s because we’ve seen it all. We know they are there to siphon off the host population.

    • I made it to 3:09 on the first video, only 2:34 on the second, just past poooor Abdul who said he had “been there much too long”…..No Shit, muslime maggot!….That part I sure as hell won’t argue, but ask “why the hell did the Greeks put up with leeching savages like this THIS long?!!”

  18. i could’t handle it more than 36 seconds. i’m glad Greece is doing this they had to do something. but what’s to keep them from returning?

  19. Oh boooohooooo! Good for Greece!! I stopped at “he was offered no money, accommodation or work permit!!” But HE expected it didn’t !! Well of course they’ve been replaced by Greeks, you idiot!! It’s their country –

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