Leftist Whackjob, Mark Glenn of ‘Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement,’ says “America is a society deliberately bred to embrace violence”

images-1Apparently, a protege of Iran’s dictator Ahmadinejad, he claims “Christianity has been corrupted by Zionist contol of our media to create a nation willing to go to war against 1.5 billion Muslims on behalf of Israel.”

Mark_GlennGlenn believes the Zionists are trying to pit the Christians and Muslims against each other, in what has become the “clash of civilizations,” through corrupt media, corrupt culture, immorality, war, economic exploitation, and a whole host of other diseases. 

“I am convinced that if the Christian world were made aware of the fact that their enemies are NOT the Muslims but rather the Zionists who have all but destroyed their religion and culture, that we will be able to eventually get a rope around the neck of this animal where it could be thrown back into the cage where it belongs,” Glenn concluded.