Leftist Whackjob, Mark Glenn of ‘Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement,’ says “America is a society deliberately bred to embrace violence”

images-1Apparently, a protege of Iran’s dictator Ahmadinejad, he claims “Christianity has been corrupted by Zionist contol of our media to create a nation willing to go to war against 1.5 billion Muslims on behalf of Israel.”

Mark_GlennGlenn believes the Zionists are trying to pit the Christians and Muslims against each other, in what has become the “clash of civilizations,” through corrupt media, corrupt culture, immorality, war, economic exploitation, and a whole host of other diseases. 

“I am convinced that if the Christian world were made aware of the fact that their enemies are NOT the Muslims but rather the Zionists who have all but destroyed their religion and culture, that we will be able to eventually get a rope around the neck of this animal where it could be thrown back into the cage where it belongs,” Glenn concluded.


15 comments on “Leftist Whackjob, Mark Glenn of ‘Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement,’ says “America is a society deliberately bred to embrace violence”

  1. The only Chrustian/Moozlamic solidarity that seems to be operative in the U.S. is the .. common ground between “dirt protestant” Neo-Roundheads and the $audi followers of the 250 year old Wahhabi cult who own so much of American Media. They seem to agree, at least, that Syria’s Christians – one of the oldest communities in the world – should be wiped out and, sure, a “final solution” for Islam’s Shia minority.

  2. this guy is an idiot, and an anti semite. sound to me he lives in a bubble. islam and christianity will never coexist peacefully, not as long as muslims are cutting of heads, having sex with animals, and raping children of both sexes…. he needs slapped

  3. We are in a “Clash of Civilizations” The western Judo-Christian belief system has ” the Golden rule”, The ten commandments” and teaches it’s adherents to love and bear their enemies. It teaches the fellowship of humanity and tolerance even of those who are intolerable. the Koran on the other hand has no such teaching’s it teaches that on;ly their fellow believers are in effect deserving of any consideration and that peace is only available to muslims. If you are not a muslim your are unworthy of even life. The two are not compatible and only one can survive, I fear that the day will come when the western nations and Christians will reach a point where they will see the destruction of Islam is the only alternative to survival if that day comes Allah had better expand Paradise.

  4. The crescent and the cross do not belong together at any time, representing Christians. No self respecting and knowledgeable Christian of faith, would support any organization called the crescent and the cross. Christians and Jews worship the same God. muslims worship the lunatic moon god allah. A person who says they support the goals of islam is not a Christian. mark glenn you are a charleton and a fool. We support Israel 100% anytime and anywhere. God bless the Jews and the Christians who are both being terrorized by the muslim cult of islam.

  5. what the hell is wrong with people over there in idaho let that nut job run loose ought to go over there an tune him up , another case where a leftie education has caused a missfire

  6. mark glen is an idiot. We have had over 20,000 terrorist atrocities since 9-11. Of course the idiots on the left and the inbred muslims blame Israel for everything including bad weather. The CIA is being blamed for shooting the girl in the face, by the same idiots of islam that now are trying to convince everyone that muslims discovered America and that Spain belongs to the muslims who were booted out 500 years ago. What nonsense. Will the idiocy ever end? Yes, when we finally admit that the free and democratic world is at war with islam in the same way that we went to war against nazism.

  7. This creep is a VICIOUS woman hater who is raising his umpteen children to be little slaves. He’s got at least one daughter completely brainwashed in self-loathing misogynistic thinking. She writes the same trash he does. He also hates Jews.

    Here’s an ADL write-up on this vile creature:


    Too bad he’s getting “air time” here. It just validates his sick pea brain.

    Here’s another site about this PSYCHO:


    Hey, Mark – If you’re reading this, fuck off, you sick piece of garbage.

  8. Delusional useful idiot and anti-Semite. (Ugh)

    Listen up. Christianity is led by some very sober, thoughtful, intelligent men and women. Many of them are in positions of great power. They lead wisely.

    No one tells Christians what to think. They make up their own minds. The pope isn’t what he used to be in terms of influence.

    MEDIA? Aburd CANARD!
    The ‘media’ (quote/unquote) are a heterogenous group of people with VASTLY divergent political commitments.

    This guy thinks he’s an expert on Islam, but I would bet a thousand he hasn’t read ANY of Sira or hadiths.

    Totally lame. Bullsh*tter.

    Buddy, read the Sira.

    A Christian leader needn’t be naive about Islam like Jimmy Carter.

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