Obama’s ‘Hard-on-Israel, Soft-on-Terrorism’ trifecta is complete

John Kerry for Secretary of State, Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense, now John Brennan, radical Islamofascist sympathizer has been nominated by Barack Hussein Obama for Director of the CIA.


President Obama will nominate White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan for CIA director today. This is the same official who insists on reaching out to “moderate” elements of the Hezbollah terror group. John Brennan also believes that 20% recidivism rate for Gitmo detainees is not that bad and he likes to call Jerusalem Al-Quds,” its Palestinian name. (See stories and videos below). John Brennan also stopped the capture of Bin Laden in 1998… Said jihad is “Holy Struggle” and ignored Christmas Day bomber intelligence. From a Fox News article published on May 27, 2010: The president’s top counterterrorism adviser on Wednesday called jihad a “legitimate tenet of Islam,” arguing that the term “jihadists” should not be used to describe America’s enemies.


Pat Dollard  During a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, John Brennan described violent extremists as victims of “political, economic and social forces,” but said that those plotting attacks on the United States should not be described in “religious terms.”

“Nor do we describe our enemy as ‘jihadists’ or ‘Islamists’ because jihad is a holy struggle, a legitimate tenet of Islam, meaning to purify oneself or one’s community, and there is nothing holy or legitimate or Islamic about murdering innocent men, women and children,” Brennan said.

Brennan defined the enemy as members of bin Laden’s Al Qaeda network and “its terrorist affiliates.” But Brennan argued that it would be “counterproductive” for the United States to use the term, as it would “play into the false perception” that the “murderers” leading war against the West are doing so in the name of a “holy cause.”

“Moreover, describing our enemy in religious terms would lend credence to the lie propagated by Al Qaeda and its affiliates to justify terrorism — that the United States is somehow at war against Islam,” he said.

The comment comes after Brennan, in a February speech in which he described his respect for the tolerance and devotion of Middle Eastern nations, referred to Jerusalem on first reference by its Arabic name, Al-Quds.












19 comments on “Obama’s ‘Hard-on-Israel, Soft-on-Terrorism’ trifecta is complete

  1. Slime ball looks like an alcoholic, broken blood vessels all over his face and an alky nose. Saw the other video were he speaks lovingly of his travels amongst muslums with his long hair and ear ring when a young idiot liberal. Now he’s an old idiot, alcoholic liberal Director of the CIA. Great news. The Muslum Socialist States of America can be proud.

  2. Obama is not fit to hold US public office at any level, nor does he know personally anyone who is. That’s two of the results of Obama being raised by Marxists and Islamists, continuing to associate closely with them to this present day, and showing absolutely no intent or ability to overcome the anti-US influences on him. Thus, he has no fit nominees to put up for affirmation by the Senate.
    If the US Senate serves the US well, which it is highly unlikely to do, the Senate will block every thing Obama wants or tries to do, so also will the House of Representatives. At the very least Republicans in the Senate are obligated to stand their ground against Obama and for the people who elected them to their high offices.
    The oppressive, tyrannical, despotic, evil Obama regime can and will continue to function. He can appoint more Czars to oversee Defense, CIA, State and other Federal responsibilities. He can continue to rule by dictatorial edict – Executive Orders – until he is removed from office by legal means, of course.
    No problem.

  3. ‘… and there is nothing holy or legitimate or Islamic about murdering innocent men, women and children,” Brennan said.’ Got that? Nothing. Nothing at all about murdering INNOCENT menl, women and children. Well, CIA Director Brennan, could you explain to me the conquest of Constantinople, in which the Hagia Sofia was converted to a mosque, and the clergy who did not flee were slaughtered, along with much of the population. Was that a jihad in the name of Allah or Mo or the moongod? Muslims sure think it was, in fact, it is considered one of their greatest JIHAD conquests. Just asking.

    The ignorance, corruption, and deception in our government is machiavellian. History has different outcomes, and great events change things dramatically. Choosing this path of sympathy with the enemy will end badly. It always does.

  4. There’s a video where he is speaking to arabic speaking audience and said something in arabic, saying hopefully no one will know what he said… has that ever been translated??

  5. The evils of nepotism where you invite fools of and with the same mind set to work with you. hagel, brennan and kerry are all puppets and fools for obama’s taqiyya cool aid of lies and deception. If you let the facts of obama’s comments, his heritage and his actions in support of the muslim demon hood speak for themselves a sane person can only come to one real conclusion. b. hussein obama is a muslim in the white house.

  6. What is that? Meeting with a very corrupted Alien species?? Ah yes,the brain parasites did feed the brain. He don’t know anymore what he is speaking about!!!LOL! Appeasement is no a good idea!

  7. Denial. Islam is Mohammed. Mohammed is the problem. Mohammed the pedophile pirate is what causes all the misery.

    Debunk the pedophile pirate and it will end immediately.

    Fighting Islam is useless without IDEOLOGICAL WARFARE against this evil DEATH CULT.

    Brennan’s a total idiot.

  8. WTH!!! I mean WTH!!! They’re all freakin Wacko’s!! What the hell is IT going to take? I’m sure whatever that “it” may be, is coming! YOU can Not appease these savages!

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