PAKISTAN: Baghead newsbitch whines about U.S. drone attacks


Want the U.S. to stop killing Islamic militants with our drone strikes? Simple, stop taking $$billions of American tax dollars every year.

After all, it’s only fair that we get something in return for all the money we throw down your sinkhole. Anyway, collateral damage just cuts down on all the unemployed mouths you have to feed.


11 comments on “PAKISTAN: Baghead newsbitch whines about U.S. drone attacks

  1. Why dont the Yanks give them something to moan about with that drone…… why not drop a few packets on mecca, when its busy!?

  2. I really dont get it, well, I do a bit. These whinning buttrisers moan about a few pellets from a drone, but they think nothing of strapping bomb belts on children to go and kill themselves, and others in the name of their sicko profit………(no way is he a prophet) Momo.

  3. Stop harboring terrorists then.. Crapistan. “Most of the victims are civilians”… and most of the insurgents are too!! Love her fake snobby accent! NOT

  4. I agree quit putting your hand out for our money. Then you don’t have to do what we tell you. We own you, and will use drones if we want. After all this president is one of your own.

  5. I love to hear good news. Apparently the US is using the targets to improve their drone’s military competency. Nothing like real targets to hone your skills. Of course part of the muslim taqiyya is to use fake photography of bodies and to arrange children, dressed in bandages and even lying in coffins, to deceive the media. I wish that the US would just walk away from trying to help these inbred idiots. Nothing we can do will ever bring democracy or peace to the savages of islam who have been waging wars for over 1400 years. If they do not have us to hate, then they turn on each other like a shark feeding frenzy of tribal hatred and murderous atrocities as shites murder sunni and so on. The sooner we are out of these unthankful muslim hell holes, the better.

  6. how about stopping your world conquest? and desire to take the world back to the 7th century? maybe they’ll come a day we can say AFTER MO W AS BANNED

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