UK Leicester Patriots win! Town says ‘NO’ to Muslim group that wanted to turn an unused scout lodge into an Islamic Indoctrination Center

The scout hut, in Nursery Road, Thurnby Lodge, Leicester, will be handed to residents who have protested against the As-Salaam Trust’s plan for the building since last summer.

thurnby lodge

This is Leicestershire  The protesters, who have formed their own group called the Forgotten Estates Committee, will be given the lease on the scout hut for two-and-a-half years. They have told Leicester City Council they will develop it as a community centre.

The As-Salaam Trust has been told it can have the lease to the Raven Centre, which is next to the Thurnby Lodge Community Centre where it has been meeting (illegally?) for prayers for the past three years. Sir Peter made the announcement after meeting both groups this afternoon. It followed a public consultation in which questionnaires were sent to 7,000 households in Thurnby Lodge and neighbouring Netherhall.

Thurnby Lodge

Thurnby Lodge

Approximately 1,400 responses were returned to the council – a turnout of approximately 20 per cent. Most backed the plan Sir Peter unveiled today. He said: “The results of the consultation show the vast majority of people who responded are in favour of the community taking on responsibility for the former scout hut, and As-Salaam taking on the Raven Centre.


There has been a long-running police operation to make sure the protests outside the community centre, when As-Salaam members were meeting for prayers, remained peaceful after complaints that worshippers felt intimidated.

On Boxing Day a pig’s head was found outside the centre. A 23-year-old man has been charged in connection with the incident and is due to appear in court later this month. Three other people, a woman aged 40 and two men aged 37 and 46, were also arrested on Friday. They have been released on police bail pending further investigations.

Thurnby Lodge pig's head






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  2. The english need to take back their country from the cretinous subhumans that occupy the govt. and implement suicidal policies, destroying their own country, imposing insane laws to disarm the population, bringing in masses of jihadist freeloaders to bankrupt and terrorize the nation, and hand over sovereignty to an even more insane group of vile, viperous sludge, commonly known as the EU.

  3. Poor pig. It would have been better if it were the head of a certain type of fascist-religious-political ideological inbred human….

  4. IT is a win but not reaaly they will relentlessly go on to try to build mosques on every street in the UK sad but true so NO surrender will be for life while we have govenments that appease this is still an appeasement from this council.

    • WELL DONE!!!!!! Just watchout for them looking for another in a spot they know you will not like they have said they wany one on every street. BEWARE!!! In Oldham there is one on every street the poor indigenious have to live with the wailing mosque music playede loud in ever house, drive through and the curry power burns your nostrols this is very true. This is in Lancs in the UK.

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