Free Syrian ‘Jihadist’ Army explains what will happen to the Christian minority in Syria

images-1In this video, you will see the Free Syrian Army cheering the 9/11 attacks, as well as Senator John McCain endorsing the FSA and calling for air support to help these al-Qaeda linked ‘rebels.’ I guess he supports the FSA agenda for the Christians there, too?

These are the three choices the FSA is offering to Christians who remain in Syria:


1) Convert to Islam

2) Pay the Jizya (non-Muslim tax)

3) Die


12 comments on “Free Syrian ‘Jihadist’ Army explains what will happen to the Christian minority in Syria

  1. thank you so much for this video, it just go,s to show how guilty the media are of cencorship, keep up the good work bni

  2. McCain has often been ‘credited’ with being a centrist, and a pragmatist. I think he’s just down right addled, and confused.

    • Not to mention suffering senile dementia!!…And those “three choices” that Christians in Syria are given are the same three choices that ANY non-muslime is given anywhere in the world that is DOMINATED by the demented satanic Death Cult Pislam!!…..As set forth by their Perv Prophet in the Seventh Century A.D. and their UNHOLY book called Qur’an!!

  3. Thank you for this Bonni…people need to wake up and face reality (McCain & Co. never will). The US is sponsoring AQ & the Brotherhood in North Africa and the Middle East…..then the biggest chutzpa! The import them to the US and infest our neighbourhoods with the vermin.

    • For that matter, anybody who likes things and people “un-Islamic” is AUTOMATICALLY guilty to a muzturd of heresy threatening the public “Islamic-order” at the minimum, apostasy more often – and always worthy of DEATH!!!!!

      I sure hope that the near-extinction of Christianity in the Middle East is a sign of the nearness of Our Lord’s Return!!!!! Of the 3 classical signs: 1) the Gospel surely by now HAS gone out and been preached world-wide; 2) the “great falling-away” has definitely happened in the entire West or is finishing its course – and is almost done in the Middle East with the victory of Islam. Only the third sign – the appearance of THE Antichrist – remains to happen. We already have at least two strong candidates for that rôle: Obama and Pútjin, with Obama seeming considerably the stronger…

      • IT’s just my personal belief, I suspect obama’s bin lyn’ to everyone, is just the first precursor to the real deal, he is known to be a deceiver, but he has yet to deliver to the Israeli’s a ( 7-year) peace deal, they can’t refuse, doubt very much if he is even capable of it even. He’s about as fake as a three-dollar bill, and sadly for him, it is known to almost all who pay attention to what is really happening.

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