KENYA: Obama supporter blames ‘capitalism’ for oppression of women

Now that the Obama-supported (see links below) sharia constitution has been enacted in Kenya, 75% of Muslim women report being beaten and/or raped, and unable to get good jobs, food stamps, or ObamaCare which makes them turn to prostitution from which they get AIDS and STDs. The solution? More Islam.






11 comments on “KENYA: Obama supporter blames ‘capitalism’ for oppression of women

  1. The Muslim woman in the video is totally ignorant and has been brainwashed into believing Islam is the Solution; just like Russian Communists in 1917 were told ‘Communism’ was the solution. The opposite is true, Capitalism through the ‘Free World Democratic Process’ is the only opportunity for women to build a better life. Islam shall always deliver only misery and suffering. It is criminal that the Free World has failed to table the truth.

  2. The Kenyan fiasco is surely one of Barack’s greatest sins; he basicly installed a sharia constitution in a majority Christian nation!

  3. This surprises you WHY? This is exactly where BO, brain damaged HAJI HILLARY, PANETTA and the CZARS are taking this nation. RABID REID is getting ready to push legislating through the Senate just like BO CARE…
    This group wants our guns. WHY? So they can take over this nation and kill all those that oppose them, and their Ideology.
    Get ready for the fight of your live and the World’s. This is going to be a no holds barred war on all sides so make up your mind, men, women and children are going down.

  4. An agenda of Islam is to redistribute wealth from non-Muslims to Muslims.

    ‘This great ĥadīth reveals some important aspects about our religion:

    Muhammad (SAW) was sent with the sword: The Messenger of Allah (SAW) and the mujahidin after him carried the light of Islam to humanity by fighting in Allah’s cause.

    The greatest form of income is that of the spoils of war and the greatest profession is being a soldier in the path of Allah. The income generated from booty taken by force from the enemies of Allah is purer and more virtuous than income generated from being a businessman, an engineer, a physician, or a farmer, simply because that was the source of income that Allah destined for his Messenger Muhammad (SAW). Working as a mujahid is sunnah.

    Eventually all the enemies of the Messenger of Allah (SAW) and his ummah would be shamed and humiliated.

    It is narrated that some of the şaĥābah who moved to the land of al-Sham for jihad began acquiring farms and cultivating them. These were fertile lands with an abundance of water that they were not used to seeing in their native lands of Hijaz. When the khalīfah Umar heard that, he waited until harvest season and right before the şaĥābah started harvesting their land. He then ordered that they be burnt to the ground. He then assembled the şaĥābah and told them: “Farming is the role of the people of book. You should be fighting in the cause of Allah.”[2]Umar did not want the şaĥābah to be tied down to this earth by professions that would hold them back from jihad in the path of Allah.’

    The Ruling on Dispossessing the Disbelievers wealth in Dar al-Harb

    Sounds a lot like Hussein bin Obama. Sounds like Marxism, too.

  5. I want the Mooch-in-Chief, Moochelle, in a loooong, thick, black burkha. Not having to look at her & her wigs would be a blessing.

  6. Islam is perfect and is never to be blamed for anything.

    By seeing that the emperor has no clothes on, Moz women would simply decide to leave the death cult. Nah…it must be ‘capitalism’ that causes rape…not Mohammed.

    If we ban cousin marriage in three Western countries, Islam will go away.

    Morons caused by 50 generations of inbreeding.

    Koran 33.59 gives inbred zombies permission to rape. Unveiled women have it coming to them.

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