Terror-linked CAIR’s demand that the media cease and desist from using the word “Islamist,” backfires



TWITCHY  The unindicted terror co-conspirators of CAIR are on a new speech-squelching jihad. Not content to go after conservative talk radio hosts or public officials who use the phrase “Islamic terrorism, the left-wing Muslim grievance-mongering group is now targeting journalists with a proposed New Year’s resolution. Er, edict:

Thou shalt not use the term “Islamist.”

CAIR National@CAIRNational

ISLAM-OPED: Media Urged to Drop Term ‘Islamist’ in New Year…

The VanHook@findthatlamb

CAIR doesn’t want us to say, Islamists. “Islamists.”



USDefenseleague ‏@USDefenseleague

BOO HOO !!! CAIR Bears Whine about Media using the term “Islamist”. OK fine, how about Islamofascist instead ???



Shelley SmithShelley Smith ‏@ShelleyDSmith1

CAIR can kiss my ass


Ɲΐgн̣̣̣̇̇̇ŧ ƒΰяγ̲̣̣̥

Ɲΐgн̣̣̣̇̇̇ŧ ƒΰяγ̲̣̣̥ ‏@NytFury


CAIR thinks we should all stopusing the word Islamist, so,Islamist, Islamist, Islamist, Islamist, Islamist”


Nicki Willis@III_Frogs

We’ll just use it MORE.


Islamist‘ is a political term. Sort of like ‘fascist’. Or ‘terrorist’. SorryCAIR, you crybabies


Matt | Chris | Ed@BodiazRising

 There, I dropped it all over




Joseph Kurt@JosephKurt1

I’m going to start using Islamist the way Bostonians use the f word. CAIR is a bunch of Islamists.


CAIR wants us to stopusing the term “Islamist“? Never use it anyway, since Jihadist & Muslim r correct terms for the enemy & its supporters


Katie Pavlich@KatiePavlich

CAIR thinks we should all stop using the word Islamist, so, Islamist, Islamist, Islamist, Islamist, Islamist


Mike BarrMike Barr ‏@maxnrgmike

I agree with CAIR…We should stop usingIslamist“….Stupid Islamist is more accurate.


sharia unveiledsharia unveiled ‏@shariaunveiled

CAIR Islamist Terrorist Organization Says “Stop Using the Term Islamist


DANEgerusDANEgerus ‏@DANEgerus

The Islamist Islamists of CAIR think we should stopusing the term Islamist? How Islamist of those Islamists.


Bryan FischerBryan Fischer ‏@BryanJFischer

CAIR doesn’t like press using “Islamist.” OK. Let’s use “devout Muslims” or “Islamic fundamentalists.”


Chip WoodsChip Woods ‏@chipwoods

CAIR Demands Media Stop Using Word “Islamist” and Dems hop to it….chop…chop!…


ImChiquitaImChiquita ‏@ImCh1quita

I love this! CAIR thinks we should all stop using the word Islamist, so, IslamistIslamistIslamistIslamistIslamist


Ann Ann @Evilpa

Can we call them terrorists, instead?


Dr. Jake BakerDr. Jake Baker ‏@DrJakeBaker

 A terror linked organization now wants to correct our language. Right


I am John Galt!!I am John Galt!! ‏@dhrxsol1234

 CAIR Asks Journalists to Stop Using the Term ‘Islamist’ means We should use it more..saturate!


Tracy Smith MyersTracy Smith Myers ‏@TracySmithMyers

 Would sh*t for brains work for you?


Mary K. BaggarlyMary K. Baggarly ‏@MKBaggarly



NoPrisoners كافر NoPrisoners كافر @noprisoners1

Just as soon as Islamists stop murdering people