ISRAEL: Palestinian savages attack Jewish residents and try to destroy their vineyards in Samaria

130106_eshkodeshAt least 200 rioting Palestinian Arabs rampaged through Jewish vineyards and violently attacked Jewish residents at the Samarian community of Esh Kodesh on Saturday.

Israel Today  Local residents said that after destroying much of the vineyards, the rioters came very close to entering the Jewish community. The local security team fired into the air to hold off the assault until Israeli army forces could arrive and disperse the rioters.


By the end of the melee, 12 local Jews had been injured. Jewish residents said the attack, which had clearly been organized, was so successful because Israeli authorities recently ruled that Palestinians could work a disputed field adjacent to community, despite local protests.

Esh Kodesh is situated near and is part of a bloc with the Jewish settlement of Shilo, which in biblical times served as the capital of Israel for the 369 years prior to the conquest of Jerusalem.


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  1. The local security team fired into the air to hold off the assault until Israeli army forces arrive? They should’ve done what those Palitards would’ve if in their place, shoot them dead. Period.

    • If the Jews had shot the Muslims, not even killing anyone but wounding Muslims, the Jews would have been arrested and jailed. This is how it is in Israel. That is why the Jews fired into the air. Of course, they could have been killed by the Muslims by not taking the proper measures to defend themselves.

  2. i know these people i have been to protests and seen them getting beaten up just like that. and beating up little children who kicked back and hit them hard with all their power. for some reason they have never hit me . i kicked one policeman in the nuts and did him great damage. and then kicked another big shot who was attacking a very famous activist here. i was at hebron where they tore down 2 jewish homes in a jewish area where the baby was killed by the sniper. someone told me that the baby was like a angel when i was saying i had a baby girl who was a total angel who died at 3 months.

    very few people came to the protest and 2000 soldiers came. we were sitting in the houses and they dragged us all out. i was on tv in the russian programme laughing. they pick up the skinny kids and throw them out. they make sure they pull of your clothes so that you are half naked to shame you.

    i always wear pants under a skirt like many of young girls do and bagpack on my back. they also dragged me out. then i was standing at the entrance of a building and saw some soldiers in black, the really heavy weights rushing up and saw the door open and nadia matar of women in green standing there with a look of horror on her face. then they all rushed back down i waited till i saw the leader of the g group and i kicked him hard. he was a wiry small man. he stopped. he was so angry you kicked me he roared with fury. i said nothing and stared at him ready to kick him again. he and his friend grapped me on each arm and pulled me out. i was desparetely holding my skirt so it would not be ripped off and as we walked past the 2000 soldiers i was screaming on the top of my lungs in hebrew

    you are friends of hamas you are doing the work of hamas to the soldiers. it was so unreal. there was this frozen time and my words were floating up and the soldiers were standing looking horrified. they heard the words. i could not figure out why the man did not beat the hell out of me. i have grown up being beaten up a lot in my life so this is not something new to me.

    so i turned to look at him clutching my skirt tightly and he was marching straight ahead with his face fixed in fury he did not hear my words . i was shocked. i looked at the other man. same thing so i kept on screaming all the way to the entrance of the street where they had a bus to throw kids on to blame them. i was the only one who spoke to so many soldiers. no wonder no more came to protest i did it all.

    when we go to the bus i thought they were going to put me on and send me to jail. they let me go. they were like zombies. later someone said with my english accent they thought i was american and everyone thinks i look american and i am israeli, so they were scared to arrest me., lawyer. court case. israelis cheap throw them in jail no protection.

    nadia jumped out of the window and escaped them and then dressed up as a haradi and walked out past the soldiers who were looking for her in her pants and cap.when i told her what i did she roared with laughter

    they train the soldiers to be rough and violent. i have seen terrible things done. i saw soldiers hitting kids and i went crazy in jerusalem. there was this boy they were attacking about 11. a abig burly bully was really freaking him out and hitting him. i was trying to get to the boy to protect him but there was so much chaos. when i did i kicked or hit the man. he gave me a dirty look and i screamed at him he was a nazi pig. i thought he was going to break my head but he cursed and left .i found the boy after that shaking violently . i was holding him and screaming nazis at the police and army . screaming like a wild woman. then the mda came and told me to calm down before i had a heart attack. the boy was afraid to tell his parents. the mda thought i was his mother.they took him in ambulance to treat him. i went to the place where they took him so that maybe i could calm down his father. he was also a cohen. i found him there and he was calm and it looked like his father was not going to make trouble for him. the kid was so scared of his father more than of the police. i konw that feeling. that was my life. being terrified of my sadistic parents,

    its just terrible. i see people i know like a cripple getting beaten viciously and it iis so sad. they beat up the kids. the good kids. the kids who build the land not the kids who take drugs and rape. its terrible. they also beat up the left wing guys too the same way but the left wing dont take their children and babies nor do they have their homes destroyed.

    i get so angry i cant feel any fear – i am so furious when i am there.the kids all know me and they think i am cool . i take my tambourine to the protests and walk around singing and dancing with them.

    i will never forgive them. they have used horses to trample on people. they sexually molest the girls and touch them and pull of their clothes. but we who are samsons are not bothered. if they make us naked or beat us or rape us or destroy our homes we will get back up and kick them and build again. i saw the 10 year old boys and girls kick back and hit and fight like little devils.

    i was also at the kotel when the gush katif people came . we stood and they walked past us. i picked white flowers and was handing them out to them. we all cried. all of us. it was so intense . we were thousands and the people from the rova brought food and drinsk and set up tables. people walked past us families and everyone was crying. and then people started to hug each other. women came up to me and hugged me. men went up and hugged other men. w everyone was crying. i stayed on and worked at the tables and cleaned up just to be there. i did not want to leave. the crowds went home and then there was just a few left i stayed all night.

    it was such a heartbreak.,then just after than my friend miriam and i danced at the kotel. you have to change evil by being happy. we danced for the diaster of gush katif. some sour woman screamed sto p not modest and we danced we were both dressed beautifully and we danced and sang and many women were crying and smiling and they all wanted to dance with us.

    these fools think that if they beat us and break our bones we will give up. hell not the more you beat a man the stronger he becomes. i met the cripple and said i saw him on tv being beaten up and it was so horrible . i was sure he was damaged for life. he smiled and said no it was ok. he recovered from it.

    they cant break our spirit. and we have enough people like me not giving up. we will kick out all the evil ones from israel and only those who love the land will remain. those who kick the police in the nuts. there was also this skinny little woman not religious who was running around the police and they were trying to beat the hell out of her and she kept on going back and back .

    once i put on orange clothes, screaming bright orange and orange hair pieces and ribbons and bought some mish mish. what do you call it in english the little orange fruits and a basket with orange clothes , and went to the protest . the po lice would not let anyone cross the road. i was walkign up to them saying so sweetly. mish mish mish mish look orange and it wont bite you who wants some mish mish. they were all exploding with laughter. i was so delightful. some took the fruit and that skinny woman was running around buzzing around like a bee and i was doing the mish mish thing. i must make a movie with the stunts i have pulled.

    i got the soldiers in hebron to dance with me and sing moshiach including the druzim and arabs, i walk where no one else will walk and stay alive -i dance iwth the tambourine as they are destroying the homes. the dance of judgement .

    never boring here. ever.

      • Bonni, Many people are unaware that patriotic Jews have been viciously persecuted for many years in Israel. They are treated like enemies of the state just like patriotic non-Muslims in Britain and Europe are treated.

        Israeli ruling elites constantly take the side of Muslims who are highly favored by the elites and allowed to commit crimes against Jews just as Muslims are allowed to commit crimes against non-Muslims in Britain and Europe.

        All Muslims have to do is to claim that Jewish land belongs to Muslims and ruling elites immediately and unjustly take the side of Muslims against Jews.

        Israeli rulers join in the jihad against Jews.

    • Ruth, you, and all of the brave Jews who protest in Judea and Samaria (and keep on building after your homes have been destroyed over and over again) you are all wonderful! You are ALL magnificent!

      You fight on the front lines of global jihad for every Jew and EVERY non-Muslim. No innocents on earth should have their homes destroyed and their land seized because non-Muslim innocents don’t worship the death god Muslims call Allah.

      You are the beautiful heroes and heroines of the Free World. You will all be remembered forever!

    • Ruth i am not Jewish but know enough about your first name to know you are fierce of heart tender of soul from the house of David you cary your name well

  3. Israel as only state with jERUSALEM as capital!!!!! …ready and learn with the history, doesnt make the same mistakes!!!!

  4. Do not give an inch, as you did by letting the scum of islam work in an adjacent field. The savages of islam take kindness as weakness. Do not shoot into the air, shoot for the head and take then out so that when the army comes, all they have to do is to bring body bags to mop up. Israel when will you learn that the savages of palestine will only be happy when you are exterminated. It is not about your land of Israel. It is about removing you from the face of the earth. If you feel you must fire warning shots put two into the muslim and then a warning shot over his head.

  5. Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel.And there is only one Jerusalem. Judea and Samaria won’t become judenrein!

    And yes,we need more vineyards and hop cultivation again: Iraq, so-called “Turkey”, Libanon,Iran, Saudi-Arabia,Egypt,Sudan,Pakistan…….

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