ISRAEL: Palestinian savages attack Jewish residents and try to destroy their vineyards in Samaria

130106_eshkodeshAt least 200 rioting Palestinian Arabs rampaged through Jewish vineyards and violently attacked Jewish residents at the Samarian community of Esh Kodesh on Saturday.

Israel Today  Local residents said that after destroying much of the vineyards, the rioters came very close to entering the Jewish community. The local security team fired into the air to hold off the assault until Israeli army forces could arrive and disperse the rioters.


By the end of the melee, 12 local Jews had been injured. Jewish residents said the attack, which had clearly been organized, was so successful because Israeli authorities recently ruled that Palestinians could work a disputed field adjacent to community, despite local protests.

Esh Kodesh is situated near and is part of a bloc with the Jewish settlement of Shilo, which in biblical times served as the capital of Israel for the 369 years prior to the conquest of Jerusalem.

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