NO HIJABS! Finally, Norway stops bending over backwards to accommodate Muslim demands

The Norwegian government has rejected a proposal to allow female police officers to wear a Muslim headbag (hijab) while on duty.


On Islam  (h/t Susan K) “The government…decided that religious symbols would not be allowed to be used in connection with police uniforms,” Culture Minister Hadia Tajik told a press conference cited by The New Age.

A government-appointed commission had proposed to allow female police officers and judges to wear hijab while on duty. “The commission has had a broad mandate,” said Tajik, the first Muslim minister in the Norwegian history. “They have raised the issue of religious symbols and uniforms.”

The commission head Sturla Stalsett has earlier said that the entire 15-member panel believed that the government should allow the hijab to be worn by Muslim women police officers. But the minister said that a similar proposal to allow hijab for policewoman was rejected by the government in 2009. She insisted that she did not envision a change “in the foreseeable future.”

In 2009, the Norwegian government announced plans to allow police women to don the hijab. But the ruling coalition quickly backtracked over opposition from the right wing Progress Party.

Several European countries, including Sweden and Britain, as well as Canada and New York City already allow Muslim female police officers to wear hijabs.

In the UK, not only do they allow Muslim police officers to wear headbags, they force non-Muslim female officers to participate in ‘Empathy’ training where police officers from Sheffield, UK, were ordered to dress up as Muslim women for the day to ‘see how it felt.’


The Opinionator  In an outrageous step that should cause blood to shoot out of your eyes comes the news that what is touted as “political correctness” finds Great Britain’s Somerset and Avon police services permanently issuing color coordinated veils to NON MUSLIM female police officers and community support officers.

Supposedly the veils are to be worn when entering a mosque but one has to wonder just how often non-muslim female police actually have to go inside a mosque or is this a more likely step in a dhimmified police facilitating the Islamisation of Great Britain?


The bragging, dhimwitted Assistant Chief Constable Jackie Roberts swoons over the (not mandated by the Qur’an) veil and states:

“‘Producing head coverings for our officers and staff to wear in places of worship is part of our commitment to engage with all our communities. It recognises and respects the cultural and religious practices of our communities. This is a very positive addition to the Avon and Somerset uniform and one which I’m sure will be a welcome item for many of our officers.”

No surprise that muslim men are exhilarated at the sight of these Islamicized non-muslim females – females who supposedly hold positions of authority.


In Canada, Sun News commentator Ezra Levant had this to say about ‘hijabi’ police officer:

“Imagine you call the police because you believe there’s an honour killing, God forbid, in your neighbourhood — and a police woman shows up with the Toronto Police Service and she’s wearing a hijab.”


“I am critical of radical Islam, and if I had a police woman come to me wearing the hijab trying to arrest me, I would say, ‘You’re not arresting me as a cop. You’re arresting me as Muslim (who probably thinks honor killings are just fine under sharia law) I mean what’s next? A full-face covering niqab? My view is if you are a secular officer of the law, come and enforce the law. If you want to be a priest or a rabbi or an imam, go to your mosque or church or synagogue.”

Unbeknownst to even most of us New Yorkers, NYPD Muslim female police officers are now allowed to wear headbags, approved no doubt by the extreme dhimmi Mayor of NYC, Michael Bloomberg.

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37 comments on “NO HIJABS! Finally, Norway stops bending over backwards to accommodate Muslim demands

  1. Given the generally low esteem that Muslims throughout the western world (in particular) are held, I cannot help but be amazed that ANY Police Department would condone the wearing of ANY form of identity-concealing veil by their female staff members.
    Whether anti-muslim feelings are justifiable or not, is totally irrelevant in this case, as this action will surely amplify any “Anti-Police” feelings that exist within the loony element, and when combined with the “Anti-Muslim” feelings relating to Police Officers wearing these veils, this is certain to produce explosive and unpredictable situations with potentially disasterous affects for the entire Police Department.
    Ohhh how pleased I am, to no longer be a serving Policeman!

  2. In England it’s not correct uniform they can’t say shit coppers can’t arrest people unless wearing correct uniform & I certainly ain’t listening to a moozleem I’d rather stamp on their head

  3. How the hell disd these muslim women become peace officers in the first place ? They must have totally different standards for the ragheaded “ladies” than for working police officers. Are they all meter maids ? Who would want to be directed to do anything by a person wearing a sweaty, louse habitat ? Get rid of them !

  4. Muslim women are not allowed to work in Middle East and yet they are allowed to work in Western World so that Islam can intimate us non-Muslims. A Muslim being allowed in the Police Force is a disgrace. My father was a Police Officer and if he was alive today he would be totally disgusted by what is happening. I grew up always respecting and obeying Police. I will never respect or obey a Muslim Police Officer. If a Muslim Police Offioer threatened me I would treat it as an act of ‘Civil War.’ I would rather die in battle than submit to such ‘Totalitarian Islamofascism.’ The politicians that allow Muslims to join the police force are deemed by the writer as being enemies of the State.

    • I kind understand why u fell this way about Muslims and I don’t blame u because I used to feel the same way about Americans but u know I changed my mind about Americans when I lived here with them and I can’t believe that I used to think that way. I Muslim woman I been living in the USA for 5 yrs I’m a citizen and this yr is my last yr in high school and I want to be a police women because I love America and I will do anything to help people and protect my neighbor and anyone how will need me and I will do anything to protect and serve them like how they did to me even though I’m not liked them and I know they always be there for me if I need them and I will try to do the same. The thing is I’m trying to say not all people are the same and I know that there is a fucking people how is killing other people and they are saying the are Muslims they are not I Learned in my religion to respect everybody and never judge them for things that they didn’t do and I will always help how ever need new and I will never judge them and what they are wearing I will judge them for they are doing. And I still respect ur opinion.

  5. Dear BNI:

    Good for Norway for banning the islamic head coverings for policewomen. Too bad that Great Britain can’t implement the same policies. However, one thing about this story of muslim policewomen in Norway that disturbs me- and I see some menacing consequences in the future.

    In many Western nations- muslims are the majority in not just some urban neighborhoods; but becoming a majority in some cities. When this happens keep this in mind…

    Muslims tend not to participate in the societies that have given them sanctuary- nations that give them free homes, clothing, food, medical care, shelter, education… not just “basics” but from England to Denmark; dhimmis in these nations are eager to give out luxuries to the muslim vermin while the native and/or non-musim citizens do without.

    Despite having all the freebie handouts… muslims do nothing to honor or respect or contribute to their host nations. Muslims are not seen at ethnic European cultural events, museums or festivals. Muslims prefer to live off of welfare payments. Taking jobs only if they can promote sharia law-such as taxi cab drivers or as employees that force businesses or factories to have halal cafeteria food, special fot washing stations, prayer rooms (on compan time) or not having to handle certain products or be respectful to certain customers (Jews, gays, uncovered women, etc).

    Muslims don’t participate in European holidays or honor European veterans of wars past or present. An example is the way Danish muslims had elaborate Eid parties yet refused the cost of a Christmas tree. Then there are the British schoolgirls being attacked for passing out poppies in remembrance of UK war dead.

    Muslims don’t participate in European politics unless its to advance their own agendas- sharia law, halal foods, anti-Semitic policies, Israeli bashing, etc. We see this in muslims elected to office in Belgium, muslims in British Parliament or yet another example the Danish muslims who “denied Christmas” were on a neighborhood/apartment/residential council. To them… the democratic process was to vote for thousands of dollars to celebrate their Eid holiday; while saying no to a simple Christmas tree.

    So the muslims of Europe say a LOUD NO to European arts, holidays, history, culture, business world, politics, etc, etc- NO unless it advances their death-cult. Except two venue- police (law enforcement) and the military. Odd isn’t it.

    Many muslims will attack returning European veterans and desecrate war monuments. Muslims in large numbers will set the police up for deadly ambush. All the while NOT PARTICIPATING IN ANY OTHER ASPECT EUROPEAN SOCIETY; yet when they do participate its as cops or soldiers.

    In Israel there are Christian Arabs and Druze who proudly serve in Israeli law enforcement and in the IDF. There are even a handful of Israeli Arab muslims. Yet I believe THAT is on an individual acceptance basis. However, IF Arab muslims began lining up at IDF recruitment offices (if any exist as for most Israeli Jews YOU AUTOMATICALLY enter the military, so this “recruitment office” I guess is a metaphor). Anyway, if Arab muslims “lined up” if I were an Israeli official I’d be suspicious.

    EUROPE GET SUSPICIOUS!!! Muslims are cops and soldiers, but in every other aspect of society they prefer to remain unemployed and not to participate in European society. MMMmmmm?

    BNI has posted a video of the future where European societies are at civil war due to muslims doing hostile take-overs of European nations. Well is it that far fetched? Europe of the future…

    The RAF send helicopters to Balmoral Castle to rescue the surviving Royals held up there when the muslim personnel on board take over the copters and crash them into the historic building killing dozens….

    Belgian soldiers escort thousands of non-muslims out of the war torn city of Antwerp… when tanks driven by Belgian muslims begin driving into the crowds and muslim soldiers toss grenades at the fleeing refugees…

    Police in Paris surround the Louvre to protect its priceless treasures from muslim rioters that have terrorized the city for weeks… then the muslims cops turn against their fellow police officers who are French… and instead of protecting the Louvre; the muslim cops break ranks and aid their co-religious in burning the Louvre to the ground.


    I am going to make a prediction. Even as muslims of Europe in mass DO NOT participate in any aspects of European society (unless they exploit it like the welfare office)… they flock to enlist in law enforcement and the military. Be wary of Imans who encourage muslims to “speed up” their “acceptance or assimilation” into European society by JOINING THE MILITARY OR THE POLICE ACADEMY. Yet the Imans STILL WILL NOT recommend they visit a European historic site OR learn about European art or music… something will be horribly amiss. Their motives will be sinister. The muslims in European military and police forces ARE PLANTS. They are infiltrators for islam. BE WARY of any call for more muslims in European ranks of police or soldiers. They will be traitors.

      • Dear Bonni:

        I am in 100% agreement that Europe (or any other civilized society) should not let muslims be cops or join the military. Sadly, they do and their are muslims cops in Norway and England; muslims who join the military in France; etc. Yet muslims participate in few other aspects of European society.

        It has been on record that Imans and other muslim “leaders” have said colonizing the West with muslims IS PART OF JIHAD. It is part of an organized plan to take over the West.

        Soooo… whaddya do when your numbers are significant enough in the West- join the police and military (and ignore all other aspects of non-muslims society). Why? Especially if muslims have such distaste for European institutions?

        This is just my opinion; but after the self-admittance by muslims that the wave after wave of immigrant hoardes entering Europe and getting on the dole is for the most part “planned” as part of an eventual muslim take over of Europe…

        Then I believe the increasing numbers of muslims in European law enforcement and militaries is also no accident. I believe their numbers will continue to swell in those fields and when the time is ripe- they will turn traitor and use their status as cops, soldiers, sailors, etc… against the Europeans. Some people may think this is paranoid. I personally think it is a very likely scenario.

        Thank you, for being a voice that believes those professions should be closed to muslims and for sharing the truth as to what this international cult of death and destruction is all about.

        • My opinion doesn’t get anything done. Each country has to stop or severely restrict Muslim immigration and expel everyone who is not a citizen or a tax-paying legal resident.

        • I agree with you. Living in Europe all I can see are problems due to this religion (ideology) Islam. Sometimes it is SCARY!! What can we do. It is not even acknowledged by all!

  6. Empathy training BS gets our guys and Gals killed in Afganistan. How stupid do you to have to be. The truth is there just take your fingers out of your eyes.

  7. Step by step they get what the want. The same did happen with Hitler with the tragic end………….anyone still remember about????

  8. I don’t have a problem with a headscarf, which is worn by women of many religions, including some parts of Orthodox Christianity. My problem is with the full veil, which not only effaces the identity of the wearer but indicates that if she wore less she’d deserve to be raped, thereby also calling each man a potential rapist. It is surely here that we must draw our line.

    • I STRONGLY suspect that those Orthodox wearing head-scarves are doing it out of a habit left over from Moslem days of persecution!!!

      My late mother and grandmother were devout Orthodox who did wear head-scarves in church – but NOWHERE ELSE!!! My mother especially was proud of her hair and didn’t hesitate to flaunt it!!!

      • ADHD, it is the Muslims who stole the idea of women dressing modestly from the Hebrews…although, as they alway do, they perverted the meaning to be covering the everything but the eyes in black garbage bags. Most Orthodox Jewish women wear wigs, not scarves. I think it’s stupid in any case.

        • Oh Weh!!! [Regarding Moslem stealing of Jewish female dressing – I thought it might have been taken from other places of the world. For example, the extreme practise of “purdah” (where women not only have to wear a burqa when going outside but in fact ideally should be COMPLETELY INVISIBLE to ALL strangers (i.e., not going out of the house at all – or else in closed carriages!!) is one I thought could have had a basis in some Indian religion – please pardon my ignorance!!]

          One thing I needed to make clear: in my above posting, I was referring to Orthodox Christians instead of Orthodox Jews. Orthodox Christians, commonly referred to as Eastern Orthodox, share many of the same liturgies, rites and beliefs as the Catholics while rejecting the primacy of the Pope. [In fact, some of these churches – just as acrimonious with each other as some of the Protestant (e.g., Presbyterianism) or Jewish sects – like the Russian Orthodox Church have traditionally downright HATED the Pope (and – most unfortunately!!!! – ALL foreigners, worse still!!!). Still, Orthodox Christians are overall reckoned as closer to Romanism than Protestantism.]

          Mind you, a few Orthodox Churches – e.g., the Orthodox Church of Antioch (Syria) has started a Western-Orthodox initiative modelled closely on the Anglican style of worship. This initiative, competing with the Pope’s Anglicanorum Coetibus, is meant for those Anglicans in the West who can’t abide the theological “innovations” the Western “churches” have accepted and are forcing down the throats of their adherents!!! These ABOMINATIONS comprise “social justice”, same-sex “marriage”, homosexual clergy, “diversity”, “inclusivity” and all those other Marxist shibboleths and other Zeitgeist-related things proscribed by true Christianity!!!

          Sorry that I didn’t make it clear about what kind of Orthodoxy I was referring to: we Christians are nowadays schooled to think of three basic branches of Trinitarian (standard) Christianity: Catholicism (Romanism), Orthodoxy and Protestantism.

  9. Yes. WHY in the name of God Muslims are allowed to have authority over us (the infidels)? Don’t the smart leaders in western countries know that a Muslim should not harm a Muslim, but it is OK, actually, encouraged to harm the infidels. I don’t know how I would react if a Muslim, man or women, stops me for citation.

  10. Taking over so fast…What an insult to men who were in the military or the WW2 veterans still living. Churchill said the muz were the worst..”like a rabid dog” In my opinion humans without normal human emotions with suicide bombers being heroes? A culture to destroy Greek civilization western values.

  11. Refuse in no uncertain terms to have anything to do and in any walk of life with any of that. Since their first and foremost allegiance is to that cult of theirs -and shoving it in your face no less, you can bet your cotton socks that given the choice between properly doing the job they’re paid to do and drop everything for their ass’up session, the latter will win hands up every time.

    We want no more of that in our civilized corners, thus applying reciprocity of our own: REJECT.

  12. Common sense went out the window along with the phrase “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.” How can these dhimmified, P/C fairies even stand to look themselves in the mirror? They’re all sissies! I couldn’t bear the shame of it, and i’ll damned sure not apologise for my civilization to these musloid cretins either! The vitality of the West is going the way of the dinosaur and all by it’s own stupidity.

  13. Good for Norway!!

    As for any “need” for hijab, surely a good old fashioned buzz cut and a police hat will cover any trace of head hair a female Muslim officer wants to conceal …

  14. Why on earth are Muslims — who do not feel constrained to obey mere secular law — allowed to be police officers in the first place? Do they owe their souls to Islam or their integrity to the state laws of Norway (or any other country)? This gets creepier by the day.

    I DK where BNI came from, but am very thankful you are there to tell us these stories. The awakening should have come 15 years ago when Huntington wrote “The Clash of Civilizations”, but it doesn’t come alive until we read of the atrocities committed in the name of Islam, or the P.C. stupidity as related in this post.

  15. you could NOT pay me to take part in the insanity of EMPATHY training!! Bullshit! They should NOT be allowed to wear it..PERIOD!! It’s NOT part of the “uniform!” PERIOD! God, they make me SICK!

    • Shaz, it’s not that they shouldn’t be allowed to wear their stupid head bags of intimidation, how about they should not be allowed anywhere near a police department?????

    • What could we have THEM do as ’empathy’ training?

      How about:

      Eat a ham sandwich.
      Take part in a pig squealing contest.
      Spend a day in the monkey cage (with indigents).
      Guard of honor at a gay wedding.
      Kiss a black dog. [Back off SPCA!]

      BNI readers?

  16. Never obey any commands from a wearer of the headbag. They all have prescribed to the ideology that calls for your conversion or your death. Never visit a doctor that is a Muslim. If unsure, ask and then leave. Same with Thai restaurants. Many are owned by Muzzies. Ask if they serve Halal food. Then, you’ll know…

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