Oh, GOODIE! Al-Jazeera wants your opinion on CAIR Islamists’ demand that you stop using the word ‘Islamist’


See what other people on Twitter are saying about not using ‘Islamist’ here:


You can give your opinion about terror-linked CAIR’s ‘Islamist’ issue to Al-Jazeera here:

aljazeera comments on ‘Islamist’





30 comments on “Oh, GOODIE! Al-Jazeera wants your opinion on CAIR Islamists’ demand that you stop using the word ‘Islamist’

  1. I will also use that word, because it describe what they are.

    I just got this from Florida family org (their newsmail):

    ” Al Jazeera purchases U.S. television channel Current TV.

    Florida Family Association plans to encourage Corporate America to remove their advertising from this Islamist channel.

    Based upon the number of inquiries Florida Family Association has received regarding Current TV you have most likely already heard, seen or read a news report regarding Al Gore’s unpatriotic, backstabbing success in selling the ultra-left political television channel Current TV to Al Jazeera.

    Al Jazeera is the mouthpiece for the Muslim Brotherhood and Arab Spring. The Muslim Brotherhood is the single largest promoter of the Islamist movement in the world. Nothing less should be expected to come from Al Jazeera’s access to 80% of the cable customers in America through their acquisition of Current TV.

    Please consider the following recent news reports since Al Jazeera purchased Current TV.

    TheBaze.com – Meet Al Jazeera’s Holocaust-Denying Televangelist…Is This What We Can Expect on the New Current TV?

    New York Post – Eliot Spitzer quits Current TV after purchase by Al Jazeera.

    Fox News – Current TV staffers rip Al Gore for sale to Al Jazeera.

    New York Post – Current situation: Staffers talk about first meeting with Al Jazeera – Some wanting to resign.

    If the sale of Current TV to Al Jazeera is this repugnant and alarming to the far left staff at Current TV just imagine how bad it will be for mainstream America.

    Many Florida Family Association supporters have sent emails asking what actions Florida Family Association plans to take regarding Al Jazeera’s purchase of Current TV.

    Al Jazeera plans to take control of Current TV operations in April 2013. Most major cable companies carry Current TV. Approximately 80% of the total number of cable customer households in America already have immediate access to Current TV through their remote.

    Florida Family Association is recording the programs on Current TV for the purpose of identifying advertisers. The Florida Family Association office will use special software to contact and track companies that advertise on Current TV. Initial communications with each advertiser will stress the extreme nature of the new owners of Current TV and encourage them to stop spending their money on the channel. After having given advertisers adequate time to respond, Florida Family Association will initiate email alerts to report the companies that are willing to support the mouthpiece of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    This is truly a very unfortunate event for America. A counter measure by this organization will be in place for many years to come as has been the case for numerous other issues Florida Family Association has challenged during the past 24 years. ”

    Kind of scary I think, that they have bought that chanel

      • Sooner or later they slip up very dramatically. I found if you let them run with a story or an idea they follow logic to a point then out of nowhere they take a hard left or right totally out of context. This is when we strike because they have opened the door for out and out ridicule on the air. This can be accomplished on Air or with blogs. Radio will pummel them if the story gets to them. So we help.

  2. Yeh sure Dougie boy (CAIR) I wont use the word Islamist when Muzrats around the world stop calling us non Muzrats infidels, kaffirs etc and we ALL know that you inbreds wont do that sooooo Islamist, Islamist, Islamist (middle finger to them all).

  3. as far as I’m concerned Muslims islamists and terrorists aqre the same thing. i won’t comment on twitter or al jizera (deliberate misspelling) because i’m trying to cut down on foul language

  4. Newspeak from Orwell’s 1984.

    Their plan is to impose the conditions where only Sharia law may be thought of.

    Their plan is to make people forget Islam is 50% politics.

    60% of Muslims in America want Sharia law to be superior to the constitution.

    CAIR’s purpose is to hide the supremacist agenda.

  5. Never ask either a question or an opinion unless you are willing to hear the answer/opinion.

    We don’t care that islamists don’t like us to call them just that, islamists, and having the nerves to demand that we no longer use that word, islamists, just because those bullies don’t like to be called exactly what they are.

    So cair & co and ilk, that “religion” of yours you practice and don’t suffer anyone to dare criticizing makes you just that: ISLAMISTS. You practice and follow islam? That makes you an islamist, not contortionist penguin, full stop.

    Now keep it up with your bullying tactics, see if we care. Oops, guess what? We don’t!

  6. What do I think?! I believe the term “Islamist” is somewhat more acceptable to most ASSLIFTETRS (my personal number one designation) for the SAVAGES (yet another term, though quite ACCURATE, is definnitely NOT PC)!!…..Hey, Islamist!…YOU ASKED!!

  7. I think that is a fair comment. I accept we stop using the word Islamists, OK, I will comply. I think Muzrat, muzcunt, muzbastard, terrorist, terroslim, raghead, towlhead would be a better fit dont you think?

  8. Islam is Islam. What I mean, CAIR or any other ISLAMIST group cannot change the fact that Islam is violent and criminal. That is why they are after us (the infidel) to accept their deception to make it easy for them to control us (the infidels). As if it is not enough that they manipulate, distort and pervert their own Koran to deceive the uninformed. Sadly, our perfidious press is submitting to our national vicious enemy.

  9. I clicked on their link just for fun, and read: “Remember to tell us your name and where you’re located!”

    Not that they want dissenters to add to their database or anything.

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