THE GRAND DECEPTION: New film investigates the threat we face from the Muslim Brotherhood

Jihad in America The Grand DeceptionSteve Emerson of The Investigative Project on Terrorism has released a new film about the Muslim Brotherhood and its influence around the world and, particularly, in the United States. BNI readers will find some of our favorite CAIR crybabies and thugs, Ibrahim ‘Uncle Dougie’ Hooper and Nihad Awad in this film.

AMAZON  The Grand Deception, a 70-minute film by the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT), investigates the covert structure and growing influence of the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist groups, masquerading under the false moniker of being apolitical religious groups or civil rights groups in the United States, specifically how they are infiltrating or intimidating major societal institutions from Congress to Hollywood, from the mainstream news media to federal law enforcement, from the publishing industry to museums.


This film includes never-before-seen interviews with courageous Muslim leaders, former FBI agents and federal prosecutors, a prominent Hollywood director, journalists, even a top official of the worldwide Muslim Brotherhood In addition, this documentary includes original Brotherhood documents, unsealed federal documents and most importantly, secretly recorded audio and video of what these Islamist groups say behind closed doors.

The Grand Deception documents the duplicity of the organization, which puts on a moderate face to the Western world and media, while all the while engages in support for terrorism and the totalitarian Muslim supremacist ideology of making America a sharia-compliant, Islamic nation by causing it to crumble from within.


11 comments on “THE GRAND DECEPTION: New film investigates the threat we face from the Muslim Brotherhood

  1. I’ve ordered a copy (out of stock) and shared on Facebook. We must give this post the maximum publicity possible. Boycott all muslime businesses without exception. Do not employ a muslime in any capacity whatsoever. We are at War sides must be taken, never ever support your enemy. Show no mercy! Spread the word, buy the vid and lend it ot all your friends! Thanks as ever Mrs BNI!

  2. The islamist ideologie has the same plane to conquer the power as HITLER, but more clever and under decepcion of religion!!!…..intimidation,rapes, killings, get t in power and after the genocid….!!!! Obama´s is a master piece in all the game!!!

  3. I call it the muslim demonhood. We must all be aware of the threat of the muslim demonhood and out them when ever we see them in action. We can defeat their attempts to take over America by following some basic rules, such as not using any business that is owned by or hires muslims. Refuse to ride in cabs driven by muslims and so on. Recently I had an occasion to do some business with a man who looked like he could be muslim. Before using his services, I asked him a couple of simple questions to determine his religious affiliation. It was obvious that he was a muslim and I told him that I would not need his services. No further explanations are needed. Do not hire or have any economical activities with muslims for any reason.

  4. The Muslim Brotherhood invasion/infiltration paid for, defended and welcomed by Obama, who tells the public they are ‘largely secular’ and not a threat. He loves them enough to hire them for key positions in the White House and the Defense Department! Who better to advise the US on how to train/defend against terrorists than the grandfather to Hamas and al qaeda who’s existence is to destroy the evil US from the inside out? What could go wrong? The MB have been making steady progress in the west for awhile, but Obama is speeding along their power and influence in the Middle East and America like no other. It is simply breathtaking. Treason? YES.

  5. When Saud conquered the Hijaz to create Saudi Arabia, he depended on the support of al-Ikhwan al-Muslimeen: the “Muslim Brotherhood”, a group of zealous clerics with zealous congregants who were willing and able to do Allah’s wet work. They did the King’s wet work, too, in exchange for being given control over the standard of Islam set by the Kingdom.

    Islam is the enemy, all else is diversionary. Do not play the name game! There is nothing special about the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, HAMAS, Hizbollah, or any other group of three or more zealous Muslims with an eye on the Caliph’s throne.

    For Chrissake, read the Goddamn Qur’an & Jihad hadith!!! See for yourself what Islam is and believers do according to the standard set by Moe and his companions.

    The conquest does not end when you eliminate Usama. Terrorism does not end when you eliminate al-Qaeda. Even if you defeat each and every one of the hundreds of terrorist groups, the terror war continues because you did not eliminate the source of terrorism: Islam. Not radical Islam. Not extreme Islam. Not Islamism. Not Islamofascism. Goddamn Islam, God damn it!!!!

    That is neither extreme nor radical, that is normative Islam as Moe preached and practiced it. The Shari’ah of Jihad is based upon the damnable doctrines and practices therein enshrined and exemplified. Read the relevant Islamic law and obtain a God blessed clue for Chrissake!!!!

    Last but not least, turn to the oldest extant Sira to see what Moe did; to see the Qur’an exemplified & confirmed. Begin by examining the Table of Contents, with the multiple iterations of raid, ghazwat, conquest, battle & sariya etc. Islamic history is one of battles and conquests, offensive, not defensive, since 623, before MB, al-Qaeda and their offshoots & rivals. “Its Islam, stupid!”

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