“This is war propaganda and you are the target”

Mondoweiss, a mouth-frothing anti-Israel, pro-Muslim sympathizing website run by 2 left wing ‘Judenrats’ (Jewish Nazis) is reporting that Pamela Geller’s latest anti-Islam subway ads have been vandalized again. However, what they fail to recognize is that the vandals (Leftists & Muslims) this time have actually helped make Geller’s point about Islam being in a perpetual state of war with the unbelievers.


Mondoweiss  The latest installment of anti-Muslim advertisements put out by Pamela Geller have gone up in New York City subway stations. But they have quickly received a makeover, just as the last batch did.

Left Wing Loons and/or Muslims plastered stickers over the ads that read: “This is War Propaganda, and You’re the Target.”


Here’s a statement a source sent over explaining why activists took this action:

This evening, concerned (ignorant) New Yorkers came together to respond to a new set of advertisements placed in many of their city’s subway stations by the notoriously chauvinistic “American Freedom Defense Initiative” (AFDI), headed by the right-wing anti-Muslim activist, Pamela Geller.

The new ads, in which Geller’s organization has reportedly invested about $70,000, feature a photo of the World Trade Center exploding in flames next to a quote from the Qur’an. Concerned New Yorkers engaged these ads by labeling them with stickers that resembled bright caution or warning signs reading, “This is War Propaganda, and You’re the Target”.


One participant, who works as a filmmaker, explained, “These ads must be understood as war propaganda that target regular Americans, the public that is exposed to them.” He continued, “Yes, the ads are clearly hateful and racist (What race is Islam?). But the additional thing to realize is that by vilifying and dehumanizing Muslims (Muslims do that by their own behavior), they work to conscript people into supporting the U.S. government’s ongoing covert and overt wars, and the related violence and injustices suffered by Muslims here in the United States.” (Less than 1/5 of the hate crimes suffered by Jews)


A law student added, “Muslim communities in the United States not only endure the everyday experience of humiliating racism (What race is Islam?), but are subjected to expansive and illegitimate government surveillance (necessary and justified), along with egregiously unjust detentions and prosecutions in U.S. prisons and courts (And your proof for that is what? You heard it from your leftist law professor?). These new ads work as propaganda to facilitate and support violence against Muslims in the United States and abroad.” (Just the opposite, it shows the American public what Muslims want to do to them)

Another woman, who is a scholar and an artist, (Gee, where do they find these authorities?) followed, “It’s abominable that these ads exploit the real suffering that fellow New Yorkers bore the day the twin towers burned to continue to incite more violence against more people (Only the people and ideology responsible for 9/11). Rather than allow New York City’s experience of such suffering to generate empathy for the suffering of other people in other cities facing attacks (by Muslim terrorists), whether by U.S. drone strikes or other means (targeting Muslim terrorists), and seek to end such violence, they absurdly conjure Americans as innocent victims who have no choice but to be violent in a violent world.” (Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it, lady?)

A human rights researcher (totally unqualified to have an opinion) concluded, “Over the past eleven years, the U.S. government’s response to the day photographed in these ads has resulted in the killing and maiming of hundreds of thousands of people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, and beyond, along with tens of thousands of Americans (as this so-called “human rights” researcher pulls numbers out of his ass).

The United States has also threatened (but everyone knows Obama doesn’t mean it) the Iranian people with war, and already begun a devastating campaign of sanctions against them that is effectively a war against a people by other means (“devastating sanctions” which have done absolutely nothing to slow the Iranian nuclear bomb program).

As New Yorkers we want to make clear that the particularly vulgar manifestation of vicious racism (What race is Islam?) and militarism (The only militarism in these ads is coming from the holy book of Islam) in these ads is not welcome in our city. But more broadly, we are committed to ending ongoing U.S. wars, both for the sake of people on the receiving end of American belligerence and bombs, and to secure the possibility of a meaningful democracy and livable future for us all.” (As soon as Muslims stop or are stopped from attacking people all around the world, we might agree)