Next year in ‘white’ Jerusalem?

Global warming, anyone? Many Israelis are seeing snow for the first time in their lives, in Jerusalem!

Photos courtesy of Vosizneias














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  1. I agree mates! Global Warmimg/Climate Change is not man made; climate change is a natural cycle that as yet we humans do not understand that well. The planet has experienced many climate changes hot and cold for millions of years. Unfortunately our inferior thinking backstabbing Australian Puppet Prime Minister Gillard thinks that global warming is man-made. The bitch hit all Australians in July 2012 with a ‘Carbon Tax’ which is financially hurting Australian Industry and all Aussie Battlers. Gillard opened the gates and allows Muslim boat invaders to pour into country. And gives half a billion dollars to Indonesian Muslim schools that teach hatred of all infidel Australians. Gillard is truly an enemy of all Australians.

  2. Snow in jerusalem!!! Going skiing. OOps gone skiing yesrterday. To all my Israeli posder hound friends: Good Shredding. To all my Coptic and Orthodox friends Have a white Christmas, Though a few days late in jerusalem.

  3. shuik is the market place mahana yehuda

    man is pouring poisons into the atmosphere every day, huge damage is being done by man that has never existed before. the damage in japn for instance is huge and spreading to all the world and poisoning many there.

    dont under estimate mans destructive powers.

    there is a spiritual connection i danced in the rain scream ing for hashem to bring destruction on the wicked who protect the pedophles here. and we got this huge wind that was so fierce and the snow and a lot of damage. god heard my prayers. i know it.

    as it is written if your sins are red as blood they will become white as snow. asiah . th is is true. connection. we are spiritual beings not only here for coca cola and a empty plastic life on nothinginess.

    my garden here brings huge energy i created gan eden. a little gan eden . it changed the energy.we affect the world. we can destroy or create with our words and actions.

  4. Man made global warming is, of course, total bollox. Just about everything the left believe in can be classified as total bollox.That said, I wouldn’t mind too much if the mean temperature rose a degree or two, the UK would probably benefit, and a few million muslims might get roasted.

  5. Global warming or climate change as it’s now called is as real as Obama’s Christianity. Scientists were screaming about the dangers of an impending ice age a few decades ago and now the opposite, supported by blatant liberal lies in order to gain more power and money.

  6. Warmer summer , more Ice melting in the arctics , higher sea levels , colder
    winters, snow in Jerusalem are all linked to global warming..

    I can expand on this and the scientific reasons why , but its not worth trying to
    explain or convince anyone who may not want to or incapable of understanding it.

    Its like trying to convince folks that Islam is evil but vast majority is still
    not convinced inspite of mountain loads of evidence.

      • based on what do you make this amazing claim- ihave a perfectly marvelous brain that works just fine and i observe in my lifetime that man is destroying the world as fast as he can.

        anti biotics are pumped into the food industry and we are now facing anti biotic backlashses. we had a brilliant scientist friend in south africa a real genius. he would not have sex with a woman who took anti biotics from the damage that caused . that was not mentioned ever. and that iwas before aids. he knew the damage.

        we are poisoning the world everyday with so many poisons. in our paint, in our walls, in our food. and this does destroys among other things creativity and the brain and sperm. . that is why so many now are so braindead and stupid and robots. and so many vicious brain diseases and depressions. from the garbage we eat. the more colour you eat in your diet, from veggies and fruits the more your brain is creative and works.

        not only is tv and violent video games turning our children into a fat blobs of in-action and the only action is beating and raping other kids. it was so good to play in the snow . we were all playing. like kids. thank god israelis are like kids in so many ways. not so decadent as the west.

        we have killed the weather. you have no idea what the agencies like the cia and army are really up to. the real purpose of their games and exercises. the world is awash with chemicals weapons and evil men ready to destroy millions

        japan has caused huge damage to the entire world. they are dying in japn from the posion and will continue to do so for a long time. they are all poisoned. all of them. and its spreading through the seas to america. just the media shuts up the story.

        so who is doing the damage if its not men, little green men from mars. no we are filthing up our nest all by ourselves. how many times people throw ciagettes into pot plants. why they are wicked and want to kill not only themselves, and their children, and my children, even the plants. even the p lants they want to destroy.

        rabbi kahana said this …. i weep because we have undone the almighty’s creation. we have rejoined darkness and light and created confusion. in the end we undo the heavens and earth. 11 april 1980.

        that is why my little gan eden garden here is so important. recreating eden and many others have done so just because of my garden. taking a few little clippings and making another gan eden. that is the only way to save the world to make gan eden all over in any way you can to fight against the darkness and greed and corruption.

        talking about if man created the damage or not is a waste of time. the earth is going to vomit most of us because we have raped and destroyed her and shed so much blood on her. let the earth speak foolish man and listen to her voice. hurricanes, torandos,floods, fire, not enough to give you a clue of the fury of the earth. we have to tickle her to bring her produce forth and we pour our poisons into her daily to kill our mother the earth.

        so make a tikkun fix the mess, rescue mother earth or we will die together – well not me. i am planning to live forever. many more gardens to make and more art to create the good kind. the beatiful kind. angels and fairies and pretty innocence things to balance the pure filth and vulgar garbage coming out today.

        • Ruth, In the whole universal scheme of things we are but a pimple on a flea. We have been thru ice ages and the total melting thereof, when none of us were around to drive SUVs or dump cigarette butts on the street. Mars is warming now and there are no humans there. So all the disasters you blame on mankind have less than nothing to do with global warming or climate change. Climates change because of the Sun’s influence and there is nothing we can do about it.

          You are very religious, Ruth, and attribute many things that happen on earth, both good and bad to God. So why are you leaving God out of the climate change equation now?

          But you keep planting your flowers and recycling your soda cans, and buying shitty energy efficient cars, that kill more people because they are so light, so you can feel good about yourself that you are somehow helping the environment. I will not. And I take pleasure in not separating my garbage items from plastic bottles and tin. It all goes in one bag which I throw down the garbage shoot in my building, along with all my newspapers that I refuse to leave in the newspaper bin. The only thing I separate is my mail to make sure none of the Green Nazis go thru my trash looking for who didn’t follow the stupid environmentalist/fascist rules. BTW environmentalism is the new Communism.

          After I finish my big plastic bottle of water, I am going out to get me some guns – illegally – because our fascist Mayor makes it nearly impossible to get one in NYC.

        • i am not a liberal or a fool . i do not like the plastic world and do not believe the plastic lies of saving bottles saving the world. nonsense. i do not drive a car. i know what is really going on.,

          yes there are things out of mans control that affect the weather. of course.and gods plans are out of our understanding. for sure.

          however if we dirty our nest we destroy so much not only animals going out of existance. i do my garden because i was born on this land doing this. growing things and vegtablies on moshav habonim. its my fun

          i also have had many hardships in my life and dont do drugs and drink. my way to cope is to grow green plants and heal myself. i hate doctors they have destroyed my health.

    • Maybe you can “expand” on the emails between “scientists” which detailed their collusion in perpetuating this man-made warming myth.
      We are certainly CAPABLE of understanding facts, though we do possess some state of the art bullshit detectors.

      • Pinkcadlac, All-American, American ,
        Ok , let say its not man made . Then whats causing global warming ?
        Or is it global cooling that is making the arctics , the himalayan , the Alps Ice melt faster than never before ?

        And why do you think American are getting sick of diseases that was
        normally spread by insects in tropics ? Is it global cooling ?

        Some data did not tally does not mean everything is perfect..

        And I know the bullsh*it meter was working very well when obama was voted in.

        • Question:
          “What’s causing ‘global warming?'”
          Maybe some of the same processes that precipitated the end of the last ice age…

          How about all the filthy third -world trash that’s washing up on our shores?

          Data? “Not tallying,” and deliberate concealment/misrepresentation of fact, are worlds apart.

          Bullshit meter?
          I said that we at BNI have state of the art bullshit detectors. Everyone KNOWS that 50% of the population in the States, as well as worldwide, is incapable of critical thinking. Hence, the continuing obama disaster.

        • ” Maybe some of the same processes that precipitated the end of the last ice age… ”

          Can you explain what processes ? If you don’t know then you are just shooting in the dark , hoping to explain . That’s not a scientific./ logical explanation.

          And I also noticed you conveniently side stepped answering
          factual position regarding excess melting of Ice in arctics.
          that has not happened since over 100,000 years , so why
          is it happening now ?

          Its based on ground realities and space imaginary. No body
          can fudge this data.

          Any explanation ?

        • I enjoy the pictures. Look I do not claim to be a scientist expert I am not prideful enough to be able to give the the exact date the earth has been around. I can not give you details but we know the earth’s climate has changed in it’s history. The time there was dinosaurs or the time it was cold and we know of animals such as the direwolf, mammoth, etc lived. So to say there is man made glodal warming is a big assumption. The world is also smaller in that diseases wash up from our shores from third world contries Or even foreign animals changing the ecosystem. For example a person in florida wanting a exotic pet and got a burmese python (for example). The snale becomes to big or they getting tired of their burnese python and let it lose and it does not die in the everglades. This can be something expanded on but the Bible does have verses that mention winter and snow.

        • Sujith- No sidestepping here. I don’t need to explain the science of how and why the earth’s climate has, and continues to “CYCLE.” In fact, as I am not an earth sciences major, I could not explain the specifics of the naturally occurring processes which cause our planet to heave up volcanoes, cool, warm, spin and tilt. Nonetheless, these things occur.
          Can YOU detail, without room for doubt, why our planet changes from moment to moment? Just because you don’t understand it, doesn’t mean you should pile onto the lib-tard’s

          “Humans suck, so we’re going to regulate-and-control-you-to -death” wagon.

          Of course, you are free to do so, but be sure to take all-weather attire with you… because the one thing we do know about the weather is…you never know about the weather.

          BNI’s site is about the evils of islam.
          We CAN see the direct correlation between islamic actions and the resulting devastation upon us humans. We have 1400 years of a crystal clear cause/effect relationship, which we can study, teach, and learn from. We CAN do something about islam’s destructive march across the planet.
          There are plenty of sites out there, where you can go to argue for Al Gore’s transparent brand of massive public control and extortion.

    • Hi Pink, they think they are covered if they don’t call it Global Warming anymore but Climate Change, as if that is a rare atmospheric occurrence caused by man. Amazing how many morons buy this crap.

      • Hi B! Yep!
        If the weather is cold and snowy in winter (!) it is because of my car and your cattle.
        If the weather is warm and rainy in the summer(!) it’s a result of using fuel to keep warm during the winter!
        When will they ever just “shaddup” about it?

  7. Dear BNI:

    Whatever part of the world I found myself in- usually the weather was bad (just my kind of luck). I never saw people who would cover/protect their hats in bad weather, but not the rest of themselves. The Hasidic Jewish men who didn’t have umbrellas; but still protected their beloved hats… cool!

    Seeing these Jewish residents of Jerusalem being carefree, enjoying themselves and those wonderful smiles! Loved the Israeli snowman- I think its the first one I’ve ever seen. Thank you, for these images Bonni- they’re great! Jerusalem covered in snow!

    • Fair enough. Will use “sarc off” in case of need. I’d suggest I’m about as far from a loon and as far from left wing as anyone in your blog audience. Also think you are doing a huge service by promulgating this website. Few have the courage — or, for that matter, the knowledge, to do such a thing.

      Incidental re MMGW — one of the greatest reads ever is “KRAKATOA” by Simon Winchester. Anyone who can read this book and still think humans are in charge of the climate, is a rigid ideologue in the middle of a brain freeze.

  8. I recognize that I am the only commenter on this post.

    My comment is clearly sarcastic and an attempt to mock the MMGW enthusiasts, who often find themselves proclaiming that cold weather is due to global warming (admittedly nothing to do with Islam).

    P.S. These photos are great! Gatouno visited Jerusalem the first time in 1952, again in 1967 (3 months after the 7 day war) and again in 1970 (so long ago…), but never saw sights like this. Joyful.

      • Sorry! I thought it was pretty obvious. If the kooks who believe mere humans have anything much to say about the cosmos weren’t so dangerous, they’d be hilarious!

        • gato, we get all kinds of left wing loons here, who do support those ideas. Until people get to know you, it’s a good idea to put (sarc off) after the post so we know it was tongue in cheek.

  9. This can only be explained by man-made global warming. You people who can’t understand that the more global warming there is, the colder Jerusalem gets, just can’t get the basics through your heads. There is no sense in my trying to use logic and science to force you to see the light; but maybe you can at least memorize the formula: MMGW = CJ. How could it be more straightforward??

    • gata, there is no such thing as man made global warning. If you think so, why has there been warming on Mars in the last few years. If you insist on advocating for man made global warming, you are not welcome here. You belong on the Daily Kos.

      • BRAVISSIMA!!!!

        On “Yahoo!”, I’ve been attacked as getting my information and history from “hate sites” – as if the Communist concept of “political correctness” is the “greatest thing since sliced bread”!!!!!

        Too many “Westerners” are more than amply ripe to become true Communists – and enough of them have so become without truly even realising it!!!! There is no question that Islam + Communism will mean THE most totalitarian system imaginable – THE Antichrist of ALL systems…

        Almighty God, PLEASE Deliver us from these days, we beseech thee Good Lord…

        • Right you are, Ms. BNI!!!! Mind you, I don’t think of this Website as a “hate site”: the truth MUST transcend all considerations of nicety!!! When the truth is “ugly”, so be it: that’s what distinguishes us real people from the Moslem Untermenschen and their colleagues in totalitarianism like Stáljin, Hitler, Mao and the rest of that MONSTROUS BUNCH!!!!!

          We know the truth: if it means we must be labelled as “haters” merely because we defend the truth, that in itself shows us what we’re up against – and it makes our cause that much nobler and worth fighting for!!!! All the more reason for us to NEVER, EVER surrender!!!!!

          Keep up the good work as much as ever, and God Be With you and everybody else here who knows the real truth!!!!

  10. oh it was glorious glorious . i was out early and my newly married neighbours came out and where playing like little kids. our area is full of snowmen and children and people walking around with camers and i phones. i took videos and cant get them posted onto my facebook. as soon as i fix the problem you will see my part of the world. it was glorious. i was singing jerusalem of white to the
    tune of jerusalem of gold and people were singing with me in the streets.

    everyone was relaxed and making jokes. and filming – the tree here lost another branch again. tangled up in the electricty . lots of damge with falling trees and many without electricity.

    we went to the shuik and i walked ahead of shmuel. he is such a complainer and it drives me mad . as he walked up to me i pelted him mercilessly with snow balls and told him he has to stop complaining and say thank you for every one. he got hit in his nose and it hurt. every time he whined it hurt i said well keep your nose out of my business and stop whining or i will turn you into breslev and you will dance in the streets if you dont stop whining.that is when he gives up and starts laughing. got great video of us two in the shuik . really funny.

    so we walked around the shuik. some young girls were pelting everyone with snow balls from above on a balcony. everyone had fun. it was just so much fun. everyone was laughing.the yeshiva boys speaking yiddish were making snow wars and the little kids and the big kids. it was glorious , we had so much fun.

    now its all turned into slush very dangerous. i refused to let shmuel go to bet knesset its too dangerous and he has diabetes and not the right shoes, he cannot sit one hour with wet feet that is how they lose their legs. so we went and snuggled up in the warm bed instead, it was heavenly. warm with snow and everyone outside laughing and joking. and a wood fire in the house.

    actually shmuel is very very funny we need to do a act together. he is fast and quick and has amazing word play.; i am always roaring with laughter. he says i make elephants crazy so i got a hat with elephants on it. sigh. jerusalem. the best.

    • I’m mixed with tears of joy and anger for you and Schmuel…I too am glad he did not go and spent that special time with you! It takes sooo little to bring old/young, orthodox/secular of Israel together and happy for just a FEW fleeting moments. Until the ground shakes again to remind you that Israel will always be a target and be watched over by Hashem. Shalom.

  11. Exactly. There’s no global warming. There is a change in the climate worldwide that tends to favor ‘cooling’. Alaska has been cooling. As to heatwaves, notice they always say last record heatwave was registered in the 1950s…

    For Jerusalem, the last time they had snow was twenty years ago. Therefore, climate is a cycle.

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