‘Pallywood’ comes to Syria

Looks like the Palestinian (Pallywood) art of faking civilian deaths has been adopted by the Obama-supported Free Syrian ‘Jihadist’ Army.

At the end, you’ll see what the American MSM didn’t show you.


5 comments on “‘Pallywood’ comes to Syria

  1. This child’s faked death is why there are no good Syrian side of the conflict. Obama, is clueless about the Mid-East and without our approval, is arming anti-Israel Turkey with our costly hi-tech military equipment and personnel, and gifting the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood our state of the art US aircraft…guess who they will use it against!? And now O. Hussein Obama picked anti-Semitic, pro-terrrorist Chuck Hagel to be head of the US Defense Department….Benedict Arnold resurrected.

  2. BO can teach them many thing to decieve. Llying comes naturally to him as we. Did you guys see the report on what jobs attract psycopath’s the most?
    CEO, Politicians are the top two.Where does BO fit in this one?

  3. The mythical “palestinians” do this all the time, so the world will think Israel are the aggressors. What a steaming pile of taqiyya.

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