This is the sharia Muslims in the West never want to tell you about

0This is the sharia you are now seeing on billboards all over America, telling people that  sharia is totally compatible with our Constitutional laws. This is the sharia for which CAIR is spending millions of dollars in court battles against U.S. legislators trying to have it banned in their states. This is the sharia CAIR never talks about in court, because this is the sharia that comes later.


Observers.france24  On January 1, Islamic extremists from the Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa (MUJAO) in Gao broadcast footage they had filmed of two men punished according to the movement’s strict interpretation of Sharia law. One man had his hand amputated, the other was flogged. Our Observer witnessed a similar occurrence just a week earlier.


According to the video, the first man punished by the Islamic extremist group was accused of stealing from “three stores and one woman”. The group claims his name is Argu Ma’isa, that he is a repeat offender, and that he has admitted to his wrongdoings. Accordingly, the men on the video explain, “we will cut his hand off in front of the public”. They proceed to amputate his hand with a knife.


These events happened last week. The video was uploaded on the YouTube channel of a Jihadist group that is calling itself the “as-Asab foundation for media production”. The propaganda video is interspersed with verses from the Koran and calls for Jihad.


Business Insider  With his head bowed, Moctar Toure recalls the day two months ago when hardline Islamists blindfolded him and chopped off his right hand, robbing him of his independence and his livelihood. “It is not our arms they cut off, but our lives which they stole,” says the 25-year old.

He and a fellow truck driver, Souleymane Traore, both suffered the brutal punishment, a result of the harsh interpretation of Islamic law imposed by extremists who have been in control of the north of Mali, a territory the size of France, since June.


Unmarried couples have been stoned to death, smokers and drinkers whipped, and thieves’ arms amputated. Ancient saints’ tombs that have been declared world heritage sites but are considered “idolatrous” by the Islamists have been torn down.


“On that day, the Islamists hid my head in a cover,” Moctar recalled. “A doctor came and gave me an injection. “They blindfolded me and with a knife they cut off my right hand.”

Souleymane, also in his twenties, is still in shock. His amputation took place a week after Moctar’s and he doesn’t want to relive the trauma. He struggles to comprehend the extreme punishment, believing his hand was sold by the Islamists for some sort of “black magic”.

The pair were working in the north of the country when the Islamists arrested them for stealing weapons from the Islamists and trafficking them to government troops.


A driver without two hands is not a driver, they say, and both have to find a way to overcome their new handicap and make a living. “We no longer have a life. It is over for us,” Moctar says as he hides his amputated limb underneath his flowing west African robe.

Despite their misery the two men consider themselves luckier than others who crossed “the barbarians” — as they refer to the Islamists — and lost both a hand and a foot.


Observers.france24  During the thief’s amputation, there were about 20 Islamic extremist soldiers present, some local journalists “invited” for the occasion, and a number of onlookers.

According to the Islamic extremist regime, justice is dealt in the following manner: first, the population indicates a crime to the Islamic police, who are located in the city hall and the police station. Then, a complaint is filed. Mondays and Thursdays are the judgement days. The sentences are carried out on the other days. During the judgement days, the fate of the accused lies with the victims.

Comparison between Man-made Law and Sharia

The “judge” asks the victims whether they are willing to forgive the alleged perpetrators. If the victims refuse to forgive, the sentence is carried out. If the victims are willing to forgive, the sentence is lightened—for instance, an amputation can be transformed into a prison sentence or exile abroad.

The MUJAO continues to promote its version of justice. A journalist friend explained to me that he is regularly called by the MUJAO to visit prisoners. The MUJAO asks him to report what he sees in order to warn the population. He was also “invited” on the day of the amputation; he does not actually have a real choice to turn down this request. But on the day of the amputation only members of the MUJAO were allowed to film. “People here refuse to watch these scenes, it shocks them deeply”


There are very few journalists here. For instance, out of four radio stations, only two are still allowed to broadcast current events. The other two are now dedicated to preaching and reading the Koran. The MUJAO has an iron grip over what is said and knows how to apply pressure so that its version of events is always the one that is aired. Everyone is forced to obey.

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At first, the MUJAO announced publicly when it was applying Sharia law. They wanted everyone to come watch. But people here aren’t like that, these punishments shock them deeply. And youths took advantage of these occasions to display their anger. Since then, the MUJAO has become more discreet, because although they want us to obey their laws, they don’t want to create unnecessary problems with the public.