This is the sharia Muslims in the West never want to tell you about

0This is the sharia you are now seeing on billboards all over America, telling people that  sharia is totally compatible with our Constitutional laws. This is the sharia for which CAIR is spending millions of dollars in court battles against U.S. legislators trying to have it banned in their states. This is the sharia CAIR never talks about in court, because this is the sharia that comes later.


Observers.france24  On January 1, Islamic extremists from the Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa (MUJAO) in Gao broadcast footage they had filmed of two men punished according to the movement’s strict interpretation of Sharia law. One man had his hand amputated, the other was flogged. Our Observer witnessed a similar occurrence just a week earlier.


According to the video, the first man punished by the Islamic extremist group was accused of stealing from “three stores and one woman”. The group claims his name is Argu Ma’isa, that he is a repeat offender, and that he has admitted to his wrongdoings. Accordingly, the men on the video explain, “we will cut his hand off in front of the public”. They proceed to amputate his hand with a knife.


These events happened last week. The video was uploaded on the YouTube channel of a Jihadist group that is calling itself the “as-Asab foundation for media production”. The propaganda video is interspersed with verses from the Koran and calls for Jihad.


Business Insider  With his head bowed, Moctar Toure recalls the day two months ago when hardline Islamists blindfolded him and chopped off his right hand, robbing him of his independence and his livelihood. “It is not our arms they cut off, but our lives which they stole,” says the 25-year old.

He and a fellow truck driver, Souleymane Traore, both suffered the brutal punishment, a result of the harsh interpretation of Islamic law imposed by extremists who have been in control of the north of Mali, a territory the size of France, since June.


Unmarried couples have been stoned to death, smokers and drinkers whipped, and thieves’ arms amputated. Ancient saints’ tombs that have been declared world heritage sites but are considered “idolatrous” by the Islamists have been torn down.


“On that day, the Islamists hid my head in a cover,” Moctar recalled. “A doctor came and gave me an injection. “They blindfolded me and with a knife they cut off my right hand.”

Souleymane, also in his twenties, is still in shock. His amputation took place a week after Moctar’s and he doesn’t want to relive the trauma. He struggles to comprehend the extreme punishment, believing his hand was sold by the Islamists for some sort of “black magic”.

The pair were working in the north of the country when the Islamists arrested them for stealing weapons from the Islamists and trafficking them to government troops.


A driver without two hands is not a driver, they say, and both have to find a way to overcome their new handicap and make a living. “We no longer have a life. It is over for us,” Moctar says as he hides his amputated limb underneath his flowing west African robe.

Despite their misery the two men consider themselves luckier than others who crossed “the barbarians” — as they refer to the Islamists — and lost both a hand and a foot.


Observers.france24  During the thief’s amputation, there were about 20 Islamic extremist soldiers present, some local journalists “invited” for the occasion, and a number of onlookers.

According to the Islamic extremist regime, justice is dealt in the following manner: first, the population indicates a crime to the Islamic police, who are located in the city hall and the police station. Then, a complaint is filed. Mondays and Thursdays are the judgement days. The sentences are carried out on the other days. During the judgement days, the fate of the accused lies with the victims.

Comparison between Man-made Law and Sharia

The “judge” asks the victims whether they are willing to forgive the alleged perpetrators. If the victims refuse to forgive, the sentence is carried out. If the victims are willing to forgive, the sentence is lightened—for instance, an amputation can be transformed into a prison sentence or exile abroad.

The MUJAO continues to promote its version of justice. A journalist friend explained to me that he is regularly called by the MUJAO to visit prisoners. The MUJAO asks him to report what he sees in order to warn the population. He was also “invited” on the day of the amputation; he does not actually have a real choice to turn down this request. But on the day of the amputation only members of the MUJAO were allowed to film. “People here refuse to watch these scenes, it shocks them deeply”


There are very few journalists here. For instance, out of four radio stations, only two are still allowed to broadcast current events. The other two are now dedicated to preaching and reading the Koran. The MUJAO has an iron grip over what is said and knows how to apply pressure so that its version of events is always the one that is aired. Everyone is forced to obey.

The threat of Islam is predicted all over the Bible, read Walid Shoebat’s incredible work that explains all. Click here for more information.

At first, the MUJAO announced publicly when it was applying Sharia law. They wanted everyone to come watch. But people here aren’t like that, these punishments shock them deeply. And youths took advantage of these occasions to display their anger. Since then, the MUJAO has become more discreet, because although they want us to obey their laws, they don’t want to create unnecessary problems with the public.



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  1. In the Wild West days of America which in the big picture wasn’t too long ago, this Christian Nation would hang you by the neck for stealing a horse and horses really didn’t cost too much back then. I think the cost of one was equivalent to a new pair of boots. But times change. Can you imagine if they had AK47’s back then?
    That’s the problem with the Mid-East in general. They are 1000 years behind in their logic but have modern day weapons.

  2. Much interesting topic, but the reality, Is that these horrors continues all throughout the year. So words must be put into the efforts of free moral thinkers with opinions connected. Join people, tear down the walls of hate and ignorance.

      • These kind of behaviors are done by goverments which want to have full control on their people. This is not a real islam. the sentences at the begining of this article don’t mean that all the thieve should be cut off by their hands. these are all bullshit. Islam is also the religion of forgiving.

  3. I witnessed am an skinned alive and I asked to have him shot as the hung him by the roas after doing it. I understood the man was one of two that tried to kill the war lord we worked with they got cuaght red handed after running out of ammo and killing several body guards…what I learned in over 5 years of combat in the middle east and some time in Africa these people punish not just the guilty the punish when they have the upper hand. They call themselves religious police but they rape and murder. Even in Suadia Arabia the king has put out police and soldiers to arresta nd curb these religous police who are just people who decide its ok to rape/steal/kill by simple going to the mosque and talking to this group and hanging with them…it assures there power as even police fear them as the attack anyone in the dark of night or when the time is good….they follow women hone in fact in Eygpt,libya and several other countries women can’t leave the house with out being mualed and sexually molested even gang raped by every day Isamis/muslim men and boys…anyone see that french female reporters video she was sexually molest on camera nd by like 250 different males her breast,genetials and rear where so badly bruised she had to seek hospital treatment. She was lucky not to be raped to death by these men like so many others…funny in western nationd women can walk freely.
    In the Netherlands by wife and her sister both where bothered, followed and in one instant attacked violently by islamic/muslim men luckily when my wife was punched the pushed to the ground a passing person stepped in to help her escape. I was bothered every morning by two of these idiots and they had knives so one morning a brought a bat an dbeat them with it when they drew knives again the fourth morning in a row…I got tired of running. I have seen tongues cut our,hands and feet looped of and heads taken off and worse all done by anyone who felt they had a beef against any random person a stoning is one of the worst thing to witness and they do it in public on any street its scary and gets you moving back to your hotel and staying there until its time to leave….know Washingtn i ran by one our whole counry has lost every right becuase or our illustruas leader.Habeas corpus,Mirands rights, Due Process and the right to life has all been taken away by him…look it up today you can be executed becuase our prsident signed a bill that passed through congress taken all your rights away…welcome ot Islam America

  4. I wonder how Muslims feel about Pagans, as we don’t don’t believe in God, Satan, hell…none of it. Mother Earth is our church.

  5. This Is madness In the name of Islam’ Islam is not a savage religion Its a peaceful religion A religion of truth an justice this Is not what Mohammad the prophet brought to the world this Is man In his most savage ways living life worst then beast , weak men who pray on the weak using Islam to justify his madness Only Allah in his own do time can an will bring a end to this madness

    • LIE after LIE after LIE after LIE, one after another!!!!!

      We have read enough of the Qu’rân, the Hadiths and the Sira to know Islam better than all too many Moslems actually know, so your taqiyya and kitman makes ZERO impression upon us super-clean, wise, knowledgeable and discerning “infidels” – in spite of what your EVIL “prophet” Mohammed said!!!!!

      • ALBERT, Either You Don’t Know Your Own Islamic Scripture OR You’re Deliberately Lying (Taqiyya)!
        Have You Read The Article And Saw The Photos, This Is Reality NOT Fiction – Wake Up!
        From The Qur’an, These Are The Word Of Allah:
        [As for] the thief, the male and the female, amputate their hands in recompense for what they committed as a deterrent [punishment] from Allah . And Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise. Qur’an 5:38

        How Can Islam Be Peace? Please explain?

    • Islam teaches that non-Muslims are less than fully human. Muhammad said that Muslims can be put to death for murder, but that a Muslim could never be put to death for killing a non-Muslim.

      The Qur’an never once speaks of Allah’s love for non-Muslims, but it speaks of Allah’s cruelty toward and hatred of non-Muslims more than 500 times.

      Only one sentence in five of the ludicrously flawed, totally ambiguous, double-dealing comic book called the Qur’an makes any sense. That said, that sense would be to a Muslim, so to a Westerner it boils down to zero sense!

    • Excuse me but your prophet raped and beheaded and stole and made and sold slaves. He killed and tortured. Its all in the Quran.

  6. Unfortunately I have to agree with David, Thailand. Here in the UK the Muslim threat is slowly growing and our government seems unable, unwilling or scared to do anything about it, or even worse doesn’t consider it a threat. I’m sorry but I consider Islam as a cancer within the British/World society and I only pray that one day it will be eradicated, or at the very least removed. Time will tell, but somehow I’m concerned for the future.

  7. A Gnostic

    First, they followed a false god and are a false religion. All peoples had been given a chance to follow GOD. As a Gnostic, you understand all things come down to Good or Evil, black and white. The path between good and evil is for man to walk and to choose which way his soul will follow. To compare the CREATOR with the Evil one is to compare apples and oranges. You’re off base with your conclusion. Once children have been poisoned with Evil, as they grow older they will revert to what they learned as a youth. The cleansing process must be carried out. This includes the Youth and all contaminated articles that belonged to the people in question because Evil permeates the items as well, so fire is necessary to eliminate it and purify.
    As far a Buddhism is concerned, they follow gods of various types from times of old. They were the DEMI gods of the bible and were destroyed by GOD The Creator. They have very good historic value. But do not follow all Tenants of the Creator. All the World was given the Ten Commandments at the same time, as 16 secular societies have proven. Only the Israelites were asked to be his chosen people, which they agreed to. So again your facts are skewed.
    The biggest misnomer in your argument is that you forget that Daniel, Meshach, Shadrack and Abednego taught Buddha, but when he died, after his teaching the word for years and his fame was wide spread. The Temples of the old religions, were not faring well and the head priests had to come up with a way in which they could continue to make money. Thus they turned Buddha into a god, and Idol.

  8. I read in the Bible that 1. As we sow, so we reap. 2. Judge ye not..
    Biblical Christians must realize that Islam is from the same God who forced human rights abuse on the Amalekites. Hundreds of thousands of people were massacared on the command of “Yahweh”/”Allah”. How is it ok for Moses and his followers to kill infants in cold blood, and not ok for Muslims to kill/torture their opponents. All religions that lead to Abraham, Moses, Mohammed are ultimately a plague on the Human Soul as they are non-violent. Only Buddhism is objectively free from taint, as it practices non-violence. It is funny to read anti-Islamic rants by Christians.

    • A_Gnostic… The Amalekites attacked Isarel time after time and we are talking centuries! They particularly were cruel to isreali children killing them with relish. These people were absolutely bent on the destruction of the isareli people and nation. Had the children of the Amalekites not been killed they would have as adults turned on isarel as their fathers to kill and destroy Isarel. Remember God has declared he that blesses Isarel will be blessed and he that curses Isarel will be cursed. But the good news is that we are NOW UNDER GRACE FROM A LOVING GOD THROUGH JESUS CHRIST.

  9. Truth cannot COEXIST with a lie it must stand appart from it and contrast it. A war is not what I want but if they continue to bring it to us I am willing to bend an arm until they cry uncle and turn from their wicked religion. Whatever that takes.

    [CONTENT DELETED by BNI] Joe, while we honor and respect all religions (except Islam) here, we do not allow proselytizing for any one religion. Feel free to criticize Islam all you want, but by claiming that your religion is the only true religion, you are doing what Muslims do.

  10. Islam is the death cult to top all death cults. Muslims worship death. Islam is antithetical to life and has no place in the 21st century and actually never had a place in any century. There must be more mainstream education of people about the clear and present danger of Islam. I see more an more people catching on, but I also still see hundreds of complete dhimmi idiots on public posts. Talk it everywhere to everyone. Call Muslims the liars they are on public posts.

  11. The opponent is alive and well in the world, and his minions are at work. The question lies, can you identity the sons of lights, from the sons of darkness…..

    • The sons of light fight to preserve Zion, which gave us law and order, ISRAEL.
      The sons of ignorance are representing Islam and the 57 Islamic States where women, children, gays or other faith ideologies have no rights……

  12. The Creed of Death is built on fear, it kills the truth, it kills hope, it kills the mind and the spirit, eventually it kills the body. All that the creed produces is death and destruction, this alone proves it is unworthy of humanity.

  13. Why do we call these events acts of extremists? When we all know any mohommedist can and will resort to these tacktics sonner or later.
    We have been discussing nominclature in the past few days so let skip the niceities and call them what they are. Typical mohommedists, not radical just normal run of the mill ass hol*s

  14. Our God is the total opposite of Islam’s god. Our God is the HOLY ONE, the Magnificent, Glorious Creator of the Universe.

    Our God is very Precious. A God who Forgives and is Absolutely Good. God’s Lovingkindness is everlasting and His Mercy endures forever.

    God’s MERCIFUL judgment: Bible, Proverbs 6:30-31: Men do not despise a thief if he steals to satisfy himself when he is hungry; but when he is found, he must repay sevenfold.

    God’s eternal LAW (the opposite of Islam): Bible, Exodus 21:16 He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death.

    God’s requirement for all humanity is KINDNESS – the complete opposite of Islam.

    Bible, Micah 6:8 And what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.

  15. Yet another practice by islime which belongs in the seventh century.

    Back then, there was at least some precedent for such a harsh punishment; if you stone from somebody in those days, you could have potentially doomed them to ruin or starvation, although it was comparatively harsh to other methods of punishing the act of theft. And considering most of the islimeists of the era lived in barren lands, victims of thieves often fell on hard times.

    But in this modern day and age, where it is much easier to consume and survive, such a harsh punishment has no place in the modern world. It is a brutal, unacceptable, barbaric practice that belongs in the past in which it originated.

    There is literally no reason to sever a man’s limbs when confinement or forced hard labor of some type is just as, if not a better use of a thief’s punishment and incarceration. Not to mention it will forever force incredible hardship on the victim. I’m not an amputee myself, but considering I once had foot surgery to place pins in my feet (one in each foot) and subsequently had to relearn how to even walk and stand over the next three to four months, I can slightly see how much suffering these amputees go through. Imagine being stuck in a hallway in a wheelchair while trying to get to the bathroom, and nobody can hear you calling for help because they’re all asleep? Imagine not being able to stand, not being able to access doors or stairs, and not being able to bathe or relieve yourself without help?

    I could go on and on, but my point is that this barbarous practice belongs in the past, and the islimeists just further prove how dangerous their belief is to any man, even themselves. The practice originated with their goat-humping pedophile founder, it should stay there.

    • But they do not listen to reason or have any comprehension. While stoning was in the Bible, Biblical law never call for a thief to have a hand cut off. Also, doing some research and reading there seems to be a conclusion that stonings (or death setences) were never that common in the Jewish community. Seeing this stuff is discouraging because our leaders want them to be our
      neighbors. I doubt most regular working people want people that do the above or behead people anywhere near them.

      • You won’t hear an arguement from me on that, I merely said there’s a reason it’s there… never said I agreed with it. :)

        Why should we tolerate people that come into our country, with half of them not working, expecting -us- to give them space and special treatment from anyone else, whereas if we tried that in their homelands we would be arrested and likely railroaded to a horrible death sentence in a kangaroo court? Oh, and not to mention trying to impose their evil laws on us, which is very much illegal?

        Very few muzzies even make an effort to integrate, and it shows. And for good reason; within that political ideology, integrating is seen as paramount to disavowing.

        It’s for this reason that islime will one day be swept from this earth like the sinful pustule of a cult that it is.

        • I wish I could agree with your closing comment, but then we would both be wrong.

          Islam is here to stay. It didn’t get where it is today through weakness. It expanded through stealth, deceit, violence, intimidation, and more important than all the naivete of its victims.

          Our complacency and fear of another religious war has left the West vulnerable to dominance by the dysfunctional ideology. Future generations will scratch their heads in disbelief that the most advanced civilisation in the history of the world so easily succumbed to the most backward, savage, and evil.

          We are leaving a clear choice for those future generations: either submit to Islam, or set aside democratic niceties and Western politeness for long enough to thoroughly and ruthlessly eradicate it from the face of the world, using the very tactics that it has been patenting over the past decades. Sounds great on paper, except for the fact that prosperity has made us fat and lazy, and we no longer have the will to do that, so we justify our cowardice by claiming to cling to the high moral ground.

          Unfortunately, there is nothing moral about compromising the freedoms for which millions before us have sacrificed their lives to preserve, and allowing people to be butchered in random batches by religious thugs, in order to hold the moral high ground.

  16. Let’s welcome sharia like the dhimmi liberals are ok with because thier muslum boss’s tell them. Fat slobs like mike moore and joy behar along with all thier gay hollywood celebrities and journalists would be first on the list for sharia punishment. Thieving thugs and welfare crack whores that all voted for obama would also be on that first for punishing list. JudenRats like soros would be in big trouble and dhimi bloomberg too no matter how much muslum ass he has kissed. Law abiding conservatives would have no problems.

    • @ John – nothing will give me so much joy to see the Muz-ass kissing Liberals/Leftists you mentioned plus all others, be the first to feel the brunt of Sharia. They will be the first ones squealing for help. They can drown in their own stupidity for all I care! There will be zero sympathy from me
      They choose enter the pit of Vipers let them get bitten. Silly Dhimmis its their funeral.

      • Yes, and once the muzzies take care of all the liberal traitors and cowardly collaborators, the patriots can get on with the business of the muscum

  17. This kind of staff must send to all email boxes, in massive just to everyone understand what means the ideology islamofascist!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Islam is at war with freedom of speech.

    “Aslim, taslam” (submit to Islam and you will be spared) is the message.

    It is a lie. If you submit to Sharia, you will be in great danger!

    Americans are hearing the call of the Sirens to shipwreck America on the rocks of discriminatory, totalitarian Sharia.

    CAIR is trying to make it illegal to criticize Islam in America.

    • islam MUST submit unconditionally and absolutely to the Will of Humanity in that we do NOT want it on our world anymore.
      islam’s war on free-speech and other Innate Birth Rights is pointless and will accomplish nothing as it will quite soon start costing them mosques and followers.

      CAIR and it’s subsidiaries had best take the opportunity now to run back to islamic nations as if they do not, they WILL be forcibly Exiled and Banished along with the rest of the muzzies and their sympathizers.

  19. There is NO beauty in sharia, it’s a disgusting scourge on any country where it is being used. Cruel and sadistic brought to you by those who think halal slaughter is
    the way to go. islami s a detestable

  20. gee, maybe this should be sent to Brennan so he can SEE the “beauty & peace” of ISLIME that he loooooooves so much!!! yeah, those are pictures of real beauty eh!

  21. These sons-of-satan are never going to be happy with themsleves until it hurts them twice as much as it does us. This cult, islam, is defined as a cult for many reasons but, their dangerous lack of apthy, or care of opposing opinions, views, values, lifestyle and traditions, is inheritent in all of them, they lack common sense because it is only natural to fight off a threat, which makes them far more dangerous then that of a viper. The viper only knows how to strike with deadly consequences, it does not care for or who their victims are, only to do as a viper does, inflict pain and suffering, its in their nature to strike as a means of self defense, its what they do to preserve their natural impulses. Like a true Patriot, he too can be a deadly effective ( anti-muslim) machine, to what degree is the only exception, however it does little in the cause and effect, or to leave them in peace as they have no intentions for us to remain in peace without their interferences to those( infidels) opposing their efforts. Like the viper he too will strike at anything that endangers his purpose, to remain free from the totalatarian impulses of opposing views. Authority without purpose is nothing but an excuse for bad choices and actions. Bad choices is what these sons-of-satan are making right before our very eyes, and while they appear to think there will be no consequences for those choices, while actually believing their rewards are that of a paradise, they have failed at the one choice between a free-man and a slave, the willingness to react in opposition, by any means, including and up to the use of force wne confronted with choice. That is a mistake only a fool or arrogant person makes, while the Patriot, left with the only choice is to react by responding to the threat it ( these vipers) poses, we too, may fail in our efforts to care very little of their welfare, because of their bad choices forced upon us as a free peoples making what we see as the best of our choices to remain so, difficult at best in living among them.

    Their own insistence to force upon us the sharia, or the laws of satan’s choices to render our God of Moses, Isaac, and Jacob as a false belief should be a reminder and a case study of ” those who refuse to learn from their own history are doomed to repeat it” The creator of the universe clearly gives us the minds to distinguish between good and evil, love over violence, compassion over apathy, or choices as it were, and makes the case for being good verses evil a good one of which we are all to be held to account for our actions, deeds and thoughts. The consequences are not simply a choice, or based upon a particular belief system, much less a disciple of satan own demise as a fasle moral impulse. it is clearly defined as light vrs. darkness or death ( from sins as a hell bound soul) . or life ( everlasting in the here, after) and the sole purpose in this life is to make the choice, in either direction a hard one to choose from. Forcing upon a Godly man/woman the moral choice of hatred over peace is not that of a God of love and peace upon all, but a god of hatred for all mankind, of which is naturally Godly in both mind and spirit. These people, the sons of predition, are not sent upon us other then for the mere choice of ours to chose life or death. They are not our friends not matter how hard they have to deceive, lie or plain try to make equal, because it is not, never designed to be, nor has it ever been so.

    Semper Fi

    • We hold these truths to be creed , there is no “us” and “we” there is only ” us and them ” as long as the four winds blow across this earth . To The God of a Patriot Semper Fidelis

    • Ret. Marine, I agree…as do many others of my acquaintance. The only way to get the message across to muzzies is to play be ‘Chicago Rules’…for every injury they deal to those Clean of islami taint, they need to suffer a retributionary strike just as bad and brutal, and far worse.

      islam and shariah are so biliously vile I doubt even Satan would allow credit for it to be assigned him.
      That should make it clear how I see islam and those following it.

      islam has NO place in the world. islam is not Divine in any genuine way, it is wholely about hatred and perversity compounded with atrocity and insane ‘laws’. islam is a genuine Threat to the world, from Humans on down the ladder.

      • Thank you for the kind response, I’m glad to see/hear of far many more have the same ideas and when it comes form either a man or woman heart it offers the clear choices for all to reconsider, contemplate and reorganize if there is a choice that has to be made by them. Its all worth the effort, and sometimes, the e-mails tossed my way are in no way considered polite or healthy. others offer me the means to my thoughts, expressed by comments I’ve made and continue to make, lets just say the last para you wrote is the sentiments of my mind, I wholely agree, it is what must be done to counter their lies and fairy tales of a allah, i.e. satans design for them. Semper Fi. Regards

        • Never a problem. :-) TY for your reply! Like you I am on the recieving end of nastiness and such from those out there who still buy into the taqqiya and deceit about how dangerous islam really is.
          islam has done some genuine damage to my life and especially to people I care about–I cannot and will not tolerate islam on any level, and will NEVER submit to it. The muzzies have had the Warnings, not they start learning by hard lessons that islam’s days of running rampant and unchallenged are OVER.

    • I left my respose further down the page but that far down noone reads but I wanted you to know I love your comment. In jesus name bless you

    • Ret. Marine
      You said a mouthful when you said Satan’s choices. That is exactly what the people of the world are choosing at this very moment in time. Do they follow GOD’S laws of do the follow Satan?
      All the rest of the smoke and mirrors are just that smoke and mirrors.

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