Hey, CAIR! Here’s another word you can pressure U.S. media to stop using

UnknownOh, lookie here! The latest Muslim supremacist attack on freedom and minority rights. A Sultan in Malaysia has issued a fatwa prohibiting non-Muslims from using the word “Allah” because it is a sacred word, reserved exclusively for Muslims. And like Muslims everywhere, these people have WAY too much time on their hands.

Malaysian Insider  The Sultan of the Malaysian state of Selangor, Sharafuddin Idris Shah, issued the prohibition on Tuesday, according to the Lebanon Debate newspaper.


Non-Muslims should drop their demand to use “Allah” for their gods as the Arabic word is fundamental to Islamic belief and therefore exclusive to Muslims, National Fatwa Council former chairman Datuk Dr Ismail Ibrahim was reported saying in a Malay daily.

“Enough is enough, enough with all the other policies, including the ones enshrined in the Constitution that has been claimed for equality, to be granted equal rights… therefore the right to recognise the concept of the divinity in this religion, don’t grab, challenge and manipulate so. The name ‘Allah’ is still something basic and fundamental to Islam.

Malaysian Muslims insist that the word “Allah” should be exclusive to them.

Malaysian Muslims insist that the word “Allah” should be exclusive to them.

“The name ‘Allah’, from a philosophical point, its definition and concept is not equal with the name God, Lord and so on in the usage of other religions,” he was quoted as saying by Sinar Harian in its front-page report today. Ismail was further reported saying those insisting the word “Allah” be allowed for use in Malay bibles should desist due to linguistic and cultural differences.

“The same, therefore, with the use of the name ‘Allah’ that is being attempted to be compared with other languages, especially Arabic, even though this comparison should be understood from a linguistic and cultural angle between Malay and Arabic,” Ismail told the newspaper.


Christians form 9.2 per cent of Malaysia’s 28.3 million-strong population, with many in east Malaysia using the Malay language and the word “Allah” to refer to their God.

A legal tussle over the use of the word “Allah” remains unresolved, with the Catholic Church still barred from publishing the word in its weekly newspaper, despite winning a High Court decision on December 31, 2009.



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  1. I agree with you.My concern is that AMERICA and UK had between them armed these imbeciles in SAUDI ARABIA to the teeth with JET FIGHTERS etc, Predominantly muslim countires should be boycotted. THey are backward and people hating scums.

  2. Once again proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the Allah of Islam is truly not God, the creator redeemer and sanctifier of the cosmos.
    Islam is profane.
    Mohammed is a false prophet.
    The Ummah stands not under the banner of heaven, but at the gates of hell.

  3. I always show my disrespect for the muslim’s head demon, by never using a capital A for the demon’s name and for always using the demon’s full title, namely allah the lunatic moon god. BNI, all ah have to rethink the use of the name and perhaps just call the muslim’s demon, all ah, the lunatic moon god. I am happy that the inbred muslims do not want to associate their lunatic moon all ah with our Lord God. Good ridence to bad rubbish.

  4. Scottsman just leaving the house to go to the local pub,
    “allah, allah, allah way for a pint and a half o’ whisky, al be back soon!!!

  5. I haven’t seen anyone else mention this yet, so I JUST HAVE TO say: ” I love the cartoon with Calvin of the Calvin & Hobbes Comic Strip”!!……THAT expresses quie well how I too feel about using the term ALLAH!!

  6. Why does the word “Allah” look like a phallus with testes sacks?

    Could this sick cult be any more male dominant?

    GOOD RIDDANCE, ALLAH! If I never hear that disgusting word again, I will be sooooo happy.

    So, please, Western media, DO remove “Allah” from our vocabulary. And, while you’re at it, drive this hateful, vicious and violent women-hating cult back into the desert, where it belongs among savages and vipers.

    Imagine what a world that would be, where we didn’t have to worry about these insane religious lunatics threatening us every day, all day long?

  7. Or Red Bull gives me Allahs. They will have to go after Red Bull for this one.

    Que con un Red Bull me salen Allahs. I don’t think a bunch of little Allahs come flying out, or maybe a bunch of little pedophiles grow out of drinking Red Bull.

  8. Don’t worry, I’ve never never never have used that word for anything…. its the most disgusting vile word in all of the world’s languages. Just seeing that word makes me want to vomit.

  9. George Orwell’s ears must be burning. Such an insightful thinker he was. What would Orwell say about these THEOCRATIC FASCISTS if he were with us today? We need the writers and intellectuals to step up to the plate.

  10. Holy Cow! Did you ever notice how that word looks like the chest of an old woman with pendulous breasts, an amputated right arm, (they like to chop off limbs) & a sketchy left arm. Above there is a semblance of a collarbone. No wonder they want censorship! Could be hangover from the pain pills I took last night.

      • Some people have also suggested that the Arabic form of the word Allah actually resembles a scrotal sack as well. It also could represent a wriggling snake. Strange how Islamic words written in Arabic resemble human sexual anatomy and fertility symbols, isn’t it? Is that why Muslims are so sexually uptight?

    • To me, it looks more like an arse in the shitting position, with a little scrotum in front (above), and a tiny erection just above that. Still larger than anything cair can come up with.

      Pity the cartoonist can’t incorporate that into the stream of piss.

      How about it IFTikar Ahmed, urine love with mo, aren’t you?

  11. The muzzies want the people of the world to look and act like one of their cowed-burqa-shroud-women! If we speak out of turn, we’ll get whipped. And we have some of those Black Caucus female fools that think Sharia Law is the way to go. Take our guns and install Sharia Law…seems the way these “elected officials” are trying to drag us!

  12. Hey !!! this is the first time I agree with the islamists, I don`t think the word allah should be used in the Bible, it just leads to confusion.
    Here in Canada 75% of the people I speak to think that allah is just the arabic word for God. We are starting to try and make folk wise to the fact that muslims don`t believe in our God, the trinity. They just follow a pagan god thought up by ancient moon god followers.

  13. It’s a grave mistake to call the God of Israel as allah. allah by the very virtues of muhammad is satan par excellence, the best deceiver.

  14. So we can’t say allah? Allah can kiss my little piggy arse. Allah is a loser, allah is not real, allah makes me sick, allah is going to get his arse kick again, allah, allah, allah, kiss my behind allah..These people are brain dead just like their frickin allah. Peace to all non-muslims who hate the word allah. He is not my god and never will be.

  15. Oh really? Not to worry, that thing’s no god of ours but still, it is a word though so tough luck and guess what: a guy from the Netherlands has just bought the name for commercial purpose -and guess who’s undoubtedly happy about that!?

    That’s a topic which allowed for great play words I tell you, in a creative effort to give the guy suggestions for his business name. Must have been used over 300 times just about 2/3 hours.

    So there!

  16. This is interesting. Christians in Arabic speaking countries when referring to God, out of respect for Muslim majority, and out of convention, refer to God as “Allah” all the time. After all, he is supposed to be the same God as the God of the Jews and Christians, isn’t he? Christians however call God “Allah al Ab” (God the Father) to distinguish their usage from Muslim usage. And the Trinity in Christianity is “Allah al Ab, Allah al Ibn, and Allah al Ruh al Qudus.” (God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.)

    Of course, other words for God exist in Arabic too, many of them borrowed from Aramaic and Hebrew. One commonly used expression for God used in pre-Islamic Arabia was El Elyon. I think this was used in pre Islamic Arabic translation and copies of the Christian and Hebrew scriptures.

    Christians certainly have other words for God no matter what language they speak. In many languages, especially in polytheistic cultures, people often call the Supreme Being, THE GOD, or some equivalent, to distinguish from pagan usage. That is what the Greek “Theos” and Latin “Deus” actually mean, and the Arabic word, “Allah” actually mean. (Allah is actually the two words, Al Illah — meaning The Deity and Illah was the chief deity of the ancient Meccan pantheon.) The Hebrews used the plural for God “Elohim”, meaning technically “the gods”, but then attach a singular definite article after the word to make it singular to represent the One Supreme Being, thus making it “Elohenu”.

    But, the point is, if Muslims say that all Peoples of the Book, as they often call Christians and Jews, worship the same God, the one true God, whom Muslims call Allah, why then should Muslims be upset when Christians, Jews, or other monotheists call God “Allah?”

    Islam is a religion of contradictions and inconsistencies!

    • Islam is a religion of contradictions and inconsistencies!

      1. It is not a religion, but a cult of closed-minded brainwashees.

      2. Take away the contradictions and there is NOTHING left!

  17. Forget allah, they’re right it can never be equal to the name of Jesus, Jesus the name of above all names. Love the cartoon by the way. LOL.

    • When Jesus’ name is said outloud it casts away demons. When Allah’s is screamed during the committing of some crime by a Muslim ( like a murder or rape) it attracts ’em.

      Hmm. Vewy, vewy interesting.

  18. Did anyone ever notice that the squizzle in raghead that is Xed out at the start of the article looks a whole lot like a fourth grade grafitti drawing started on a toilet compartment of the boys room ?
    Just asking. Now I’ll climb out of there so you can float by.

  19. Probably the only reason the “Sultan in Maylaysia has time on his hands is that he ran out of Vaseline.
    I agree with him, though. I always refer to the man Big Mo bangs his head to as “Alley”, as in Alley Snackbar, that the cretins are always hollering when they commit their atrocities. Or maybe he’s trying to elevate their moonbat deity to the level of “He whose name cannot be spoken” in the Harry Potter series. I don’t think the moonbat will ever be that well known though.

  20. Over there he’s a sultan over here in England he ain’t shit just another crazy immigrant who needs a fist down his throat lol

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