Islamic cleric admits, “Muslims stink!”

20Seriously, he is not talking about Muslim ideology or behavior, but rather Muslim hygiene, or should I say the lack thereof.


28 comments on “Islamic cleric admits, “Muslims stink!”

  1. At last a Muslim talking some truth! They do stink in fact they reek. Maybe cos of the filth they call a religion rotting what they have as brains.

  2. It was nice to hear an Imam tell the truth and provide some comic relief.

    I really enjoy the comments posted the way they are said.

    If I think about it long enough it should make sense but I don’t clearly understand the little animation next to this headline. Will someone help me?

  3. And Muzloids have the audascity to accuse pigs of being dirt unclean as Grouchy Fogie says ‘pot calling kettle black’.

  4. Hopefully I will never be close enough to get a whiff of one. Friends have told me they smell weird. Must be that tasty halal meat

    • As someone who used to deliver daily mail to muslimes, take it from me, AND I had the DISPLEASURE of cutting some of their hair when I worked as a barber for 3 years in the Early Eighties!……They also have DOG BREATH!!…..Thank GOD ALMIGHTY I am now retired and DO NOT and WILL NOT deal with muslimes in any capacity on a regular basis!!

  5. Mozzies smell bad because their wives don’t have a legal right to say no under evil Sharia law. Women who don’t submit are ‘hated by the angels’ because they don’t satisfy their STINKY husbands.

  6. 7th century hygiene. The truck drivers are the worst. They will use holes cut into the floors of their trucks. Many mechanics will not work on a truck owned by or driven by a muslim because of the filth under the trucks. Filthy hair and filthy beards but clean feet. This is indeed an evil cult of islam.

  7. My gynecologist once told me how his muslim patients sometimes smell, especially those who wear the black abayas.

    Bengladeshi hospitals ban them because of the germs and bacteria they carry.

  8. Up here in Ontario, Canada, some convenience stores also serve as post offices. I try never to give Muslims my business, but when I need a post office, I don’t always have a choice. Anyway, the closest Mac’s store with a post office has a Muslim male working there who smells so strongly of body odour that the stench has literally made my eyes water. I am not exagegerating! I rarely have to go to the post office, it’s just a few times a year, but that man has smelled terrible each time I have been in there.

  9. This true in some places. The owner of a convenience store near my home in Reno alway smelled of stale sweat. Don’t know why he never bathed or used deoderant.I heard it was cultural in the middle east

      • They don’t actually wash. They rinse. I witnessed it many times. The supremacists who crow (lie) about inventing soap do not use it religiously (pun not intended) like we infidels do.

        At ass-lifting times, dirty sweaty smelly mobots gather round the ritual wash basin and rinse with cold water. Imagine using the same dishes everyday for a week. After using them you rinse them in cold water. After a couple of uses and cold water rinses they’ll be pretty nasty and germ laden. That’s mobots and their delusionally superior hygiene.

        On top of that they are loathe to use deoderant or anti-perspirant. I was once stuck in an airport que between two groups of mobots. One group appeared to be of African origin, and the other group were definitly Arabs, most likely soddy barbarians. The b.o. stench was enough to knock a buzzard off a manure truck.

        I always get a chuckle from the more retarded mobots who throw about the “dirty bottomed Christians” mantra. They don’t quite grasp that unlike them our hands never touch crap, and we wash our “dirty bottoms” quite vigourously every day with *hot* running water AND soap.

        I’d rather be surrouned by “dirty bottomed” infidels, than filthy, stinky mobots who touch crap with hands that are merely rinsed with cold water from a bucket on the floor that other crap covered hands have touched.

        Proper hygiene is beyond mobots as evidenced by rampant communicable diseases in dar al islam. Of course, these delusional monsters think they are hygienically superior.

        Truly, islam and its carriers are a grotesque, black comedy.

        • IC, and yet they call us dirty kuffar. I can’t even imagine how the women must smell in Saudi ARabia in the black shrouds in that stifling heat? Do they all have AC in their homes?

        • BNI you were reading my mind as I read Instanbul Chicks comment, those bagheads would stink for sure and ladies (guys please feel free to stop reading from here, comments to follow is ‘womens stuff’ :) Those Bagheads would smell much more ‘at time of the month’ and I am betting changing their sanitary items would not be done regularly compared to us hygenic people. Ive smelt Bagheads before and they have ‘that smell’ ladies .. urgghhhhh ..nasty!!!

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