KANSAS: Devout Muslim paedophile in jail for murdering his mother, files $100 million lawsuit against Shawnee County Jail for religious discrimination

Shawnee County Jail inmate Jason W. Hachmeister, who is facing a murder charge in his mother’s death by strangulation, claims he has experienced discrimination and indifference in jail on multiple occasions because of his religious beliefs, and is seeking $100 million from defendants.


CJ Online  The petition said Hachmeister in January 2012 began requesting and receiving a certified religious diet from the jail, which failed on numerous occasions last summer during the Muslim season of Ramadan to provide him with food that properly met the requirements of his Muslim faith.


Hachmeister wrote: “During Ramadan my (certified religious diet) food was messed with, not properly fixed by kitchen staff and administrators, even after repeated requests to do so. I have also listed other instances of food being tampered with and also when I’ve been locked down so Christians can pray or witness and when I’ve requested the same treatment I don’t even get the dignity of a response, let alone the ability for Muslims to do the same.”


He is scheduled to go to a jury trial May 13 on a premeditated first-degree murder charge in the September 2010 slaying of Sheila Hachmeister, his mother, whom he told police he found dead lying on the floor of their southwest Topeka home, where he lived in the basement. Sheila Hachmeister had numerous stab wounds to her hands and head but was determined to have died from strangulation.

Jason Hachmeister faces a second case involving charges on 108 counts of child pornography possession, which authorities said emerged during the investigation into his mother’s death. The jury trial in that case is set for March 11.


22 comments on “KANSAS: Devout Muslim paedophile in jail for murdering his mother, files $100 million lawsuit against Shawnee County Jail for religious discrimination

  1. If I was a cook at this prison I would be shitting in his halal meals just for complaining. Just like going out to a restaurant, Don’t Ever Complain servers or cooks will spit on your food. Eating out 101, I know I have seen it at the best restaurants.

  2. I’d like to see his head roll down a stairway. A murderer and child molester to boot. I wonder if he is related to these inbred phelps in Topeka. Kind of wears the same wardrobe those fuckers wears.

  3. here’s hoping KANSAS has the death penalty. he’s filed a lawsuit for discrimination who the frak does he think he is?

  4. He doesn’t look all that devout to me. He is lacking the ‘devout” mark on his forehead that comes from banging ones head on the floor in a fit of piety and allegience to the monkey moonbat god Alley. That means that he also lacks the correponding bruise on the frontal lobe of his alleged brain from that part banging into the inside of his skull.
    He appears to be a pretender. Either he can bruise himseslf, or someone should give a marble to bang his head on.

  5. Rights of a prisoner:

    – Right to life
    – Right to faith

    That’s it. And even then, faith does not get you a free pass; you still must serve your sentence like everyone else. I hope God opens this man’s eyes to the evil he’s done and he repents while he can still breathe… and I’m not referring to his so called god of islime, I’m referring to the ONE TRUE GOD.

    Although if he’s put in a prison with the other inmates, I have a feeling he may not live long enough for the pending court proceedings to take hold.

  6. If he does win the lawsuit against the defendants, he won’t live long enough in a Kansas prison as a convicted pedophile and mommy killer, not to mention a muslim, and If he is placed in isolation he will soon wish he was dead.

    Kansas just passed a law, May 2012, basically forbidding Sharia law to dominate in the state’s courts. Supporters of the Ks bill cited a pending case in Sedgwick County in which a man seeking to divorce his wife has asked for property to be divided under a prenuptial agreement in line with Shariah law.

    As far as I am concerned this POS can rot in pig feces!

  7. Oh, poor baby…. how he suffers.
    Might I suggest a better prison environment, more suited to his demanding requirements, where ALL his needs will be enthusiastically met by happy faced prison guards.
    A few suggestion would be appropriate here. Petak Island Prison, Russia or Carandiru Penitentiary in Brazil, Tadmor Prison Syria or, my personal favorite, Camp 22 in North Korea.
    I’m sure he would be much happier eating his hallal rat food and suing for as much money as he could possibly wish for in any of the above :)

  8. According to retired Adm. James A. Lyons, “A recent Wall Street Journal article described the US Army’s final-draft handbook, which instructs if our military personnel hear or witness Afghad soldier sodomizing a young boy, the handbook tells U.S. service members to voice no objection, accept it or ignore it, or they could be killed. If an Afghan beats, rapes or KILLS a woman in the presence of a U.S. serviceman, they are not to interfere or stand up for women’s rights, or else they might be killed. Jan.7 issue of the Washington Times, entitled Draft of new Army handbook must be scrapped. I hope you will all read the article. You won’t believe your eyes!!!

  9. Hey, mohammadans! Why don’t you come crow about how “islam is fastest growing regligion!”

    Here we have yet another fine example of just what caliber of Westerner is attracted to islam: a mom’s basement dwelling kiddy diddling matrecidal killer!

    Why are you supremacists not crowing about how proud you are to belong to the same cult as this human excrement?

  10. Our courts have to stop allowing this type of insanity. Fry the monster. Put him into isolation. Stop wasting money and court times on this type of monster who should have no rights.

  11. They are always such nice people. Who would want to treat them poorly. Stab and strangle your mother. WTF. No ham sandwich today?

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