KANSAS: Devout Muslim paedophile in jail for murdering his mother, files $100 million lawsuit against Shawnee County Jail for religious discrimination

Shawnee County Jail inmate Jason W. Hachmeister, who is facing a murder charge in his mother’s death by strangulation, claims he has experienced discrimination and indifference in jail on multiple occasions because of his religious beliefs, and is seeking $100 million from defendants.


CJ Online  The petition said Hachmeister in January 2012 began requesting and receiving a certified religious diet from the jail, which failed on numerous occasions last summer during the Muslim season of Ramadan to provide him with food that properly met the requirements of his Muslim faith.


Hachmeister wrote: “During Ramadan my (certified religious diet) food was messed with, not properly fixed by kitchen staff and administrators, even after repeated requests to do so. I have also listed other instances of food being tampered with and also when I’ve been locked down so Christians can pray or witness and when I’ve requested the same treatment I don’t even get the dignity of a response, let alone the ability for Muslims to do the same.”


He is scheduled to go to a jury trial May 13 on a premeditated first-degree murder charge in the September 2010 slaying of Sheila Hachmeister, his mother, whom he told police he found dead lying on the floor of their southwest Topeka home, where he lived in the basement. Sheila Hachmeister had numerous stab wounds to her hands and head but was determined to have died from strangulation.

Jason Hachmeister faces a second case involving charges on 108 counts of child pornography possession, which authorities said emerged during the investigation into his mother’s death. The jury trial in that case is set for March 11.