Let’s see, what is CAIR’s spokesIslamist, ‘Uncle Dougie,’ whining about today?

hooperbaby3vi-viMuslim Brotherhood proxy CAIR’s whiner-in-chief, Ibrahim ‘Dougie’ Hooper strikes out at some of his favorite anti-Islam targets – Jewish Pamela Geller and Christian Usama Dakdok, while taking aim at the Republican party for some of its members’ outspoken anti-CAIR and anti-Sharia positions.

Only CBS-TV gets praise for implying that ‘Islamophobia’ was responsible for a mosque that was burned to the ground in Missouri, even though no suspects have been found.


7 comments on “Let’s see, what is CAIR’s spokesIslamist, ‘Uncle Dougie,’ whining about today?

  1. Islamic Victimology….post-grad level!

    9-11…you made us do it…but we enjoyed doing it…that was you’re fault to.


    Mozzies, you’re DEATH CULT is BONGO CONGO!

  2. I have attended two Usama Dakdok meetings and viewed his DVD, “Freedom or Surrender” at least twice. According to what I have learned he was never a Muslim. Usama, now a US citizen, was born in Egypt and was always a Coptic Christian. Usama is now affiliated with the Baptist Church in America.

    Usama has an Egyptian name and speaks/writes fluent Arabic but has always been a Christian.

    • Yes, it IS!!……So, Dougie and his arselifter pals can NOW sit down and STFU!!… We CIVILIZED citizens of America have heard enough of your demented deceitful BS!!….That sh– just doesn’t fly, Dougie and “PISS TO YOU TOO, DOUGIE””!!

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