OCCUPATION ISRAEL: Palestinian squatters set up shop on site of proposed new Israeli housing

More than 200 Palestinian riff raff with nothing better to do are at it again, this time erecting no less than 50 tents along the E1 corridor connecting Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria. In November, Israel announced that the site is intended for new Jewish homes.


The Blaze  Of course, the Palestinians, who’ve named their outpost Baab al Shams, or Arabic for “sunny gateway,” claim that Jewish community will obstruct the continuity of a future Palestinian state. According to the Associated Press, the demonstrators claim their desire to erect a village in the E1 corridor is to “establish facts on the ground.”

Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, meanwhile, informed the press that the protesters had been served with trespassing documents. Whether or not legal action will be taken remains unclear.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced he would build homes in E-1, situated on a key route linking Palestinian areas of Jerusalem to the West Bank, after the U.N. endorsed a de facto Palestinian state.

While actual construction of the Jewish community is reportedly years away, given the Palestinians successful U.N. bid and their consistent cries of “subjugation,” the plans will no doubt continue to be met with opposition.


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  1. well well well after i put this up we put on tv news and this is the first story. hmm bibi pretending he is going to throw them out and they claiming the court gave them 10 days to stay there. so another fine play going on here.

    bibi cannot see to be giving the land away so easily with the election and the po liticinas waiting to rip him apart. but he can also say alot and do nothing as usual. damn our leadrs.they are traitors.these people ahve to be thrown out this first second. now barak will go and break down some young kids in a caravan to take revenge on the jews and the arabs will take more land. as usual. damn them all.

  2. we have a corrupt governmetn and the arabs know that and get away with murder. the good thing is that israeli public is damn sick of the pathetic politicians. and they are now all infighting to hold onto their seats. the arabs are all the time pulling another stunt. they have to kicked out immediately but it will not happen. not when the witch zoabi was allowed to stay in the whore house knesset after she called for our destruction.,

    its really horrible. we have no right here in our own land as the arabs are given tthe rights to do what they want. its not good for them or for us. but have no fear when its time to kick them out we will . i am sure some are planning a peaceful little visit to the tents .

    its a game and until the jews in israel realize they are losing their homes they will continue to be brainwashed into silence. its so hard to get anyone to join me to fight the pedophiles so how to get someone to throw out the arabs. ???

    guess i wil have to go and dance in the rain again so that the floods of hell wash out their tents. wait for the next new story about a sudden vicious thunderstorm at the tents, mind you its better if i do it there. they are so piss scared of a brave jew, think i will take some youngsters with me and we will dance up a rain storm. and i got the right people in mind. have a note to send to my friends to get this party started/

    they are doing this now as we are facing elections. so they know no one is paying attention and tomorrow they will be moving in here . over my dead body. our area is now full of africans and i dont like it. i saw some nasty asians sittng in the park where the mothers come with their babies eyeing some young girls. i dont like this. i am going to have to go out and start chasing scum out of my area. i do it , i think sometimes i chased away under cover cops hanging around my house.

    we are in such a central location that if scum start collecting we will be swamped. hell i aint having this. we had some really loud drunk americans the other day with such filthy mouths on friday night last week. they asked for a what do you call it in english the steel stick that you open locks with. so i went inside a crowbar, and brought out ours and was slamming it on the steel fence loudly. the guy got so exicited he started riding around with his bicycle around me. he was disgusting and then he started flirting with me. then shmuel came from shul. and the pig cursed me and shmuel got upset and then for some reason they left. and have not seen them since. guess even old morocanns are scary to stupid drunk americans.maybe the crowbar helped him i was ready to hit him and he knew it. he saw it in my eyes. i would have knocked him into next week in a second but the police protect them and not us. they would not even come. even the drunk said that he was mockign us that the police would not come.

  3. Call David, there are Philistines hanging around, taunting Gods people! Instead of rocks, maybe rocket launchers..
    There is something suspicious about a bunch of men in tents!

  4. PS. BNI, I jumped on the related site where sunni blew up over 100 shia in pakistan. As far as the rabble tents, just put in on tank, followed by one bull dozer and this tent hell hole is gone.

  5. I wish that it was 1000 plus. At any rate more good news so now the shia can blast some sunni’s and the 1400 year old war will continue unabatted as it has for centuries. If we left all of the middle east, except for Israel, the hell hole sunni vs shia countries could simply continue to murder each other. Oh happy day.

  6. the jewish community would interrupt ;thje continuity of a new palestineian state ya think? isn;t that the whole prupose?

  7. These Palis might be interested in reading the book “Bulldozers Knock Things (and People) Down” by Rachel Corrie. It was a best seller in 2003.

  8. Tribalism…and idiocy due to inbreeding.
    Since 650 AD, the Arabs have thought of ALL the land north of Arabia as “Shams”, their name for Syria, named after the Assyrians. There was no ‘Palestine’ until the ‘Palestine Protectorate’ in 1920.

    A one-state solution with Arab-language cantons here and there is the only way to solve this. GET ALONG and THINK LIKE MODERN, CIVILIZED PEOPLE…

    … instead of moronic inbred idiots!

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