[UPDATED!] UK: Leicester ‘Hung Jury’ in trial of man who ripped out the pages of a quran in front of Muslims

UnknownThe regrettable part of this story is that there was not a unanimous decision on a ‘NOT GUILTY’ verdict in the first place. Why is any court in England wasting its time on an action that is the civil right of anyone who does not reside in an Islamic hellhole? Oh, that’s right, I forgot….England will soon be an Islamic state.

Casuals United  An atheist shocked Muslim volunteers at a stall promoting Islam when he ripped out pages from the Koran. Peter James Crawford (52) then threw the holy book onto the ground and told them: “Your religion is a load of bullshit.”


Kamran Qayyum, an employee of the organisation, told the court: “We give out literature to create an awareness of Islam and engage with the public.”

Mr Qayyum said: “He started tearing up pages from a book and they were going on the floor. He wasn’t saying anything. The pages covered a lot of ground, they were everywhere.

dove2“I then noticed Arabic inscriptions and realised it was the Koran. I knelt down and was picking up the papers when he threw the Koran down, just missing me.” Mr Qayyum said: “The Quran is sacred to us and we honour it.” (But WE don’t) “One of the laws of the Koran is it shouldn’t be on the floor, it should be high up and our hands should be clean when it’s touched. I was shocked.” (Who cares?)

Another stall volunteer, Zahid Hussein, said: “I saw him ripping up the book. I was in shock, disgusted. It’s our life, our way of life and we live by that book – it’s very sacred.” (Then go live it in one of your Islamic hellholes, NOT in a Christian country)

This is Leicestershire  The jury in the trial of a man who staged an anti-Islam protest by ripping out pages from the Quran in front of Muslims has been discharged. The eight women and four men on the jury at Leicester Crown Court failed to agree on a verdict.


They sent a note to the judge saying there was no prospect of them reaching either a unanimous or a majority verdict on which at least 10 of them agreed.

Peter James Crawford (52) was said to have torn pages from his own copy of the Quran and thrown the holy book on the ground next to a stall run by the Islamic Information Centre, near the Clock Tower, in Leicester city centre, on the afternoon of May 12.

Why do followers of Islam really want to kill us, what drives them and how to fight back. Click here for details.

Crawford, of  Leicester, denied causing religiously aggravated intentional harassment, alarm or distress by demonstrating hostility based on membership of a particular religious group. The Crown Prosecution Service has 14 days to decide whether or not to proceed with a retrial.

Crawford was released on bail with a condition imposed that he should not to go within half-a-mile of the Clock Tower on Saturday afternoons.

On September 11, 2010, Anti-Islam activists including Randall Terry held a Qur’an tearing protest by four people in front of the White House that gathered local and international news media attention.

On September 11, 2010, Anti-Islam activists including Randall Terry held a Qur’an tearing protest by four people in front of the White House that gathered local and international news media attention. But no court trial.


anmd57978cfa673e556-viLeicester Crown Court drops the ridiculous case against a man who ripped up a quran in front of Muslims.

This is Leicester  A man who was put on trial after staging an anti-religion protest by ripping out pages from the Koran in front of Muslims has had the case against him dropped. A jury at Leicester Crown Court failed to reach a verdict in the case against Peter James Crawford last month. The Crown Prosecution Service reviewed the evidence and a decision was made not to continue with a fresh trial. The case was dropped against Mr Crawford, 52, when the prosecution offered no evidence against him at a hearing – a move described by Mr Crawford’s advocate as “sensible”.


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  1. “Mr Crawford’s defence advocate during the trial, Steven Newcombe, said: “I think the prosecution made a sensible decision not to have a retrial in the light of the jury being deadlocked.

    “There were other ways of dealing with this matter, rather than attempting to prosecute Mr Crawford in a crown court.

    “He has learned a lesson [?] and I’m sure he will conduct himself with a greater degree of sensitivity.”

    Read more: http://legacy.thisisleicestershire.co.uk/Protester-tore-Koran-case-dropped-Leicester-court/story-17819452-detail/story.html#ixzz2w5B25xLT

    I don’t suppose that he can get any money back to pay for his lawyer?
    So the trial is the punishment, just like Canada’s medieval Star Chamber ‘Human Rights’ kangaroo courts.

    “Crawford was released on bail with a condition imposed that he should not to go within half-a-mile of the Clock Tower on Saturday afternoons.”

    Suppose he lives within a quarter mile of that dedicated waqf? I’m guessing the mohammedan snake oil salesmen (excuse the tautology!) are there every weekend, maybe every day, trying to entrap the feeble minded.

  2. i am a muslim and i am proud of it. it is not how you all think about islam. is it te most peacefull religion. those who are terrorist they are not real muslims please let the muslim live in peace with there own live. a real muslim dont hurt anyone just like muhammad (sav). i am sad you think bad about him and us. i hope one day we can accept each other just how we are.

  3. It is not the sex a Muslim does. It is the satanic Korean they follow. The KJV Cambridge ED is perverted. The Korean does not need to be perverted. The devil is -perfectly happy with the deceptions according to Satan exspertly penned to sound like the devil at the tree of knowladge of good and evil. I am not fooled.

    • So am I; however, I’m strongly suspicious that not a few of the jurors were inclined to vote “guilty”.

      I wish to know what were the judge’s directions to the jury – if he directed them to find the accused innocent, good for him AND those who went along; however, if the jurors were instructed to issue a “guilty” verdict, then we can only be grateful to whoever of these jurors refused to go along.

      If the latter scenario were the case, there would be fresh proof of the undemocratic, oligarchic/aristocratic traditional “everybody knows his place” British society that has already been thoroughly corrupted by the Marxists and their Moslem allies – and proving “John” above right. If things continue like that, VERY SOON the UK will terminate all pretences of ever having been a democracy – and when that happens, that country will endure the SUPREME DISGRACE of having been successfully invaded and taken over by truly-hostile forces since 1066 (when William the Conqueror defeated Harold at Hastings Battle)…

  4. The brits have turned into cowardly, dhimmi, muzz bootlickers, and deserve to be overtaken. I really feel sorry for the minority of brave people that still live there.

  5. It would be great if we could find out the ethnicty of the jury members that day as there were likely muslims amongst them .

  6. The Qur’an shown in the picture appears to be the edition on the Almaddiyya movment, rejected by orthodox Muslims. So why are they complaining about tdhe desecration of a heretical Qur’an?

  7. OOP’S that’s where I keep my copy of the UN holy Quran, On the floor, It is covered in it’s second or third layer of dust, and still collecting. Il’ll stab any Muslim in the heart who trys to move or protect it with the swords of my Native American ancesters. Our wepons are built to slide easly through the ribs.

  8. A holy book of LIES is sacred? A holy book of DEATH and destruction with no love is sacred? Hummm seems rather odd on the surface one must examine more closely. What a bunch of crap. Burn them and keep burning them until they are no more.

  9. So -one of the laws is for the koran not to be on the -floor -high up and our hands -clean when we touch it -how come I got one from the -op shop??

  10. Savages? Yes.

    By hesitating, the jury is admitting that all Mozzies are unruly SAVAGES who cannot control themselves and must KILL like crocodiles. The jury says Mozzies are savage animals. The jury is saying Christian blasphemy laws=bad. Islamic blasphemy laws=good.

    The jury is saying, ‘Don’t blame the crocodile, blame the man who tried to pet the crocodile!’

    So…Mozzies are like primitive animals and see kafirs as FOOD for Allah…so don’t provoke them.

    Allah loves human blood and rewards zombie Mozman jihadists for FEEDING HIM!!!!
    Allah rewards his braindead zombies with ETERNAL SEX WITH SLAVES.
    Morons and primitive savages.

  11. Someone could also write a book, “1,001 ways to artistically destroy the Qu’ran” under the pen name, “Infidel Bob”.

    I’m sure a lot of people would do it for free, but be sure to include a chapter of the vile and evil passages in the Qu’ran and pictures of why Islam is not compatible with Western Civilization.

  12. Golly gee, I wonder why an atheist saw fit to take such a dangerous stand against the vicious commands of the koran, since we “don’t believe in anything”. Mr. Crawford must be a great puzzlement to Eric Stakelbeck. I just hope there will be no “retrial” of a case that never should have gone to court in the first place. This is what the Obamullah and his baghead SoS Hellary have in mind for us once they figure out how to get Resolution 1618 around the First Amendment and put the OIC in control of our freedom of speech.

    Do these raghead clowns give out free crap-ans as part of their “literature”? Because I don’t want to have to pay good money for one just to rip it up.


    We really need to start including bacon in our Qu’ran tearings like an Ancient Greek Ritual. We can take a oinochoē of bacon drippings infused holy water, and pour it over a Qu’ran sitting in a phiale. Rather than drinking it, we can let it dry for a month.

    We can then wear our Ya-Ya sisterhood outfits making sure it’s a legitimate burn day, and tear the pieces of the Qu’ran. We can put these pages in a large bowl slightly filled with sand, and tear away the pages of the Qu’ran. Traditionally it’s called a burning bowl ceremony, a way of letting go, but we could redefine it into a separation of Islam from the World. The Earth is letting go of Islam. You could even go as far as chanting something the Charmed Girls would say to vanquish a demon.

    Be sure to film and post highlights on YouTube, calling it “The Art of Qu’ran Burning” From there we can devise thousands, if not millions of ways to burn the Qu’ran. Make sure it’s entertaining, so we spread the message.

    (During the editting stage it would be good to include one of millions of ways the Qu’ran is bad. For example, posting a picture of a little girl who’s face was destroyed with acid, with a saying from the Qu’ran that justifies it…)

  14. The hypocrisy at work.

    I would be happy if the so-called ‘representatives of justice’ rushed to judge every muslim goatfucker who desecrates a HOLY BIBLE or another sacred scripture of non-islamic religions, cause distress to non-muslims, or incite hate towards non-muslims (those are common practices among muslims), as fast they rush to judge everyone who destroys an unholy quran.

    “We give out literature to create an awareness of Islam and engage with the public.”

    This is the crime they should judge. Preaching (spreading) that cancer (islam) should be labeled as a crime against humanity (in fact it is incitement to genocide — IT IS a REAL crime but sadly it’s not punishable by law).

  15. Being a person that both studies The Beatles and keeps up as best is possible with current events, I find that John made the most curiously accurate quote: “Rock and Roll and Christianity will disappear. They will vanish and shrink. We needn’t discuss the matter any further. I’m right and I will be proved right.”

    Now, if we can all just imagine this same trial taking place in the same town in say…2043 or so. I do believe I can picture the defendant getting stoned to death.

    • Unfortunately John Lennon was overrated philosophically and spiritually. He was an enormously talented and inspired musician and lyricist. But inspired by what? The Beatles helped usher in the era of music that basically was striving to do away with Christianity. The Sgt Pepper album has among others, Aleister Crowley on it. Yeah Lennon’s opinion is dead. Like him. Christianity will never die, only get stronger even in the face of the absurd growth of Islam and virtual reach-around the world is giving it.

      • The absurd “growth” of Islam? You’re making a mistake just like many others do…..The growth in Islam is only happening in those countries where the education is minimal and the populations are easily suckered…
        The “growth” story is just another lie to make the unwary THINK Islam is unstoppable and put fear into the unsuspecting…..It’s just another tactic that is employed by the muslim to create fear…..
        There are millions of muslims leaving Islam to try and have a better life. Obviously they keep it secret as to be open about it would mean certain death for many…Just one of the reasons they’re leaving this death cult behind ;-D

        Getting back to the issue…..The UK judiciary should never have let this get to court…It should have been dismissed out of hand….Any police officers or judges that go along with this kind of Nazi jackbooted pro Islamic fascism should be put out of their jobs and those jobs given to people who would DO the job properly…….Orf with their heads 😀

  16. I will, if I chose to do so, tear pages out of of the coran, the muslim cult book anytime I am pleased to do so, because I still have freedom of speech and actions. We revere and worship our Lord Jesus. We revere, but we do not worship the bible. The muslims revere and worship a book. We revere the cross but we do not worship the cross. We worship a living God. The muslims revere and worship a dead prophet. The savage muslims worship a book and they miss the whole point about having a personal relattionship with God. If we burn and tear up enough pages from the coran then perhaps they would get tired of the savagery they do in protest. I do not have to defend Jesus and I do not have to go berserk if some muslim tears up the bible because God lives in us and He does not need defending.

  17. Interesting. The next time he decides to tear the book, he should choose his pages carefully so that the jury would agree with him. Any page with verses of killing or torturing those who don’t submit should do it. He’ll also be educating the jury.

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