Why does UPS continue to hire Muslims?

Unknown-2It seems every time they do, they get sued by the Muslims for one kind of alleged anti-Muslim discrimination or another. Muslims file more lawsuits than any other religious group based on their own interpretation of religious discrimination. Employers should do themselves and their other employees a favor and NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM Reasons #94 – 97.

 JAN. 9, 2013

Of Mice and Muslims: EEOC sues UPS for bias.

meh-ro70511 BMD  The EEOC is suing UPS for race and religious discrimination and retaliation, alleging a Muslim of Jordanian descent working at the company’s San Bruno hub was subjected to physical and verbal harassment, including being called “Dr. Bomb,” “al-Qaida” and “Taliban.” THE EEOC  suit states that Talal Alfaour, a Jordanian Muslim working for UPS in San Francisco since 1995, faced verbal and physical harassment since at least 2004.  Alfaour, who works as a loader and revenue worker, was told by a supervisor that he could never handle hazardous materials because he was a “terrorist” and that he would “blowup the building.”  Other workers referred to Alfaour as “al Qaeda,” “Taliban,” and “Dr. Bomb.” 

He has also been assaulted by co-workers with various implements including bottles, rocks, and tools.  On one occasion, a dead mouse was placed in Alfaour’s lunch.

Alfaour repeatedly reported the harassing conagement to no avail.  Instead of taking effective action to combat the harassment, Alfaour was involuntarily transferred and subjected to enhanced managerial scrutiny at his new position.

July 11, 2012

Muslim UPS worker claims his colleagues and managers routinely humiliated and harassed him – including spying on him while he went to the toilet.


UK Daily Mail  Palestinian-American Ashraf Sarandah, 35, has filed an official complaint against UPS with the Equal Employment Opportunity commission for routinely discriminating against him, including one instance in which his boss followed him to the bathroom to watch him urinate.

images-1Mr Sarandah, who has a bladder and kidney condition, was then questioned for the manner in which he used the toilet, prompting a demonstration by his supervisor in the ‘American’ manner of peeing: standing up at a urinal.  UPS denies that theirs is a ‘hostile work environment’ and maintains that after each incident, proper follow up, discipline and retraining took place.

‘Working for UPS has been extremely humiliating and hurtful,’ Mr Sarandah said to the MailOnline. ‘As though it were not enough that management referred to me as a monkey, associated me with terrorists, and made repeated derogatory remarks against my ethnicity.’

images-2The most heinous instance of harassment was this year, when a manager followed him to the bathroom to watch him use the toilet. Mr Sarandah had been accused of clogging the toilet by his supervisors and he said they wanted to watch him so he wouldn’t do it again. Some Muslims believe that getting urine on one’s body or clothing is a sin, so men will often refrain from using a urinal, opting for a toilet instead. Immune to Mr Sarandah’s religious and personal preference, another supervisor went so far as to pretend to urinate at a urinal in order to show ‘how it’s done in America,’ according to Mr Sarandah.

But the allegations don’t end there. Mr Sarandah said that his manager would repeatedly mock him during his Friday prayers and try to intimidate him. Another time, his boss told him that he subscribed to the Al Jeezera so that Mr Sarandah could ‘keep track of your terrorist boys in Al Qaeda.’

Oct. 20, 2011

UPS sued for demanding Muslim shave beard.

UPSTundra Tabloids  Sweden’s Equality Ombudsman (Diskrimineringsombudsmannen, DO) has filed a lawsuit against parcel delivery company United Parcel Service (UPS) after the company dismissed a Muslim driver who refused to shave his beard. In a lawsuit filed with Sweden’s Labour Court (Arbetsdomstolen) on Monday, the ombudsman argued that the company should pay the man, a resident of Spånga northest of Stockholm, 150,000 kronor ($23,000) in compensation plus 42,000 kronor in lost income, as well as interest on both amounts.

“The rule has no legitimate purpose and is not appropriate and necessary,” wrote Anders Wilhelmsson, the ombudsman office lawyer representing the man, in the filing.

Nov. 19, 2008

Muslim women settle discrimination suit with UPS.

Mississauga Eight Muslim women who filed a human rights complaint against the United Parcel Service (UPS) over the dress code dispute at a Mississauga sorting plant have settled with the company. The women, all devout Muslims, lost their jobs in 2005 because they refused to hike their skirts above the knee over their long pants. They argued that Islam requires them to be fully covered for modesty and alleged discrimination on the basis of religion and gender.

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UPS said the ankle-length skirts were a safety hazard as workers climb ladders up to six metres high. Only “a gap in the process” allowed the women to work there for up to two years without being told their clothing posed a risk, a UPS manager told the tribunal.

The issue grew more complicated when it was revealed that a mosque the women cited as a religious authority was disseminating slurs against Jews and Western society. In a press release after the settlement, Karen Dick of the Workers’ Action Centre in Toronto, which helped the women pursue their complaints, said, “this case sends a signal to temporary workers that they can fight injustice under Canadian and Ontario workplace laws.


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  1. it is very sad to see uneducated and full of hate the commentors are. just because fox news tells you to hate someone . go get aquran @ the library and READ it terrorists are NOT REAL MUSLIMS stop being so hateful

    • bbb, we don’t follow FOX News anymore since the Saudis own 18% of it. FOX is no longer anti-Islam enough for us.

      Most of us have read the quran which is the real reason we hate you so much. Your holy books teach you to hate and kill the unbelievers. Terrorists ARE good Muslims because they are doing the violent jihad that your holy books demand.

  2. Do not hire a muslim. Do not use the services of a muslim. Do not use a business that hires a muslim. KISS. Only a stupid person would hire a muslim. I have no sympathy, now that we know the results of hiring a muslim, for any person or company that does hire a muslim. I was in a truck stop and a muslim was washing his feet in the sink. I told him that was not what a sink was used for. He told me to mind my own business. At that point several other people came into the washroom and they all told him that he was not to use a sink to wash his feet because that is not what they were meant to be used for. The muslim stopped and left the washroom. We do not need to put up with people who inappropriately use washrooms. Do not be afraid to stand up for our rights too.

  3. The American people need to raise hell to the U.S Goverment to quit letting these Moslems come to America, Moslems don’t belong in the west they prevoke a lot of hattered because they say stupid shit to a coworked like degrade women or the U.S and the coworker comes back with you dirty Moslem Fuck and then he suies the company and you lose your job, so never never hire a Fucked up Moslem!!!

  4. Buuuut, we’re told all the time that Muslims have been in America, working alongside with us, for centuries! Indeed, they discovered America, right?

    So, why would anyone suddenly start picking on a Muslim, since they have fit in so well all these centuries? Why is this now a problem, since, according to CAIR, et al., most Muslims have lived in peaceful co-existence, and we’ve hardly noticed them?

    What’s the real story here? Was this guy being a Muslim of the sort above, or was he being a typical DEMANDING PAIN IN THE ASS? I’m betting he was interrupting people to pray, making a mess out of the bathroom (they have to wash their stinking feet five times a day), annoying people with proselytizing and religious artifacts. He was probably talking about how great Osama bin Laden and Nidal Hasan are – if so, who could blame his co-workers?

    He’s probably shaved and changed it all up in order to appear just to be another humble American worker, but I’m betting he was your average annoying Islamosupremacist.

    I sincerely hope that the lawyers for UPS have their heads on straight and find/use this sort of information, rather than capitulating and giving him million$ in a settlement.

    Little doubt CAIR is at work here – possibly even BEFORE this guy was hired. Maybe CAIR Is deliberately setting up these sorts of cases so that they can sue and gain public sympathy and jihadi funding.

    More stealth jihad from the cult of conquest?

      • Precisely, I am retired from USPS (NOT UPS), and I once had a young asslifter, said he was 19, ask me if I thougt he might have a chance of being hired as a city carrier…….THIS after the ignorant sh– had just told me how proud he was of NOT being Christian but a muslime!!…..Also, it was just afternoon on a Friday, right across the street from the local mosque!!…..I responded to his inquiry with : “I think you just might be management material”! No muslimes were working in my unit at that time, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there are a few now, the USPS having Annual “Celebrate Diversity Award Dinners”…..Da– I am GLAD to be out of there!!…..Oh, and I will NEVER EVER hire one of them!!….But THAT you could likely guess!!

  5. I’m sure that most of these allegations fail to hold water. It is very common for Muslims to exaggerate insults or instances of harassment or discrimination when filing nuisance lawsuits. I would not doubt that the man in question had made some sort of comment or statement to the effect that he hated America or something similar. As far as the women being made to hike their skirts- I only wear skirts and would not TAKE a job if I could not perform it in my chosen manner of dress. From my personal experiance most jobs give you a written job description before hiring stating what you will be expected to do. Work at the UPS sorting facility is dirty, very physical and is in no way condusive to wearing a skirt, even a denim or other heavy duty one. Most companies also allow “reasonable accomodation for religious beliefs” including women wearing skirts so this doesn’t hold water either.

  6. I think UPS is caught in a “catch 22″…. if they don’t hire them, they will scream discrimination! The muzzies have the US government behind them…as well as the lawyers of cair (and their propaganda machine). What American company can take on cair, the ACLU and the DOJ at the same time? They know what they are doing. The obama-islam-administration is doing what he said he was going to do…fundamentally change America!

    • Paula, an employer never has to give a reason why he doesn’t hire someone. If asked, he just says, I found someone more qualified. Period. See an obvious Muslim name on an application, throw it in the garbage. Suspect an applicant without a muslim name might be a muslim, don’t hire him/her. Check potential employees’ Facebook/Twitter etc. social network sites which will usually reveal they are muslims, if they are.

      Today there are way more people looking for jobs than there are jobs available. It’s an employers market. The government will not be able to prove you didn’t hire someone because he’s a muslim, with so many job seekers available.

  7. Muslims suffer from a syndrome called ‘GELOTOPHOBIA’.

    This is why one should NEVER consider hiring a muslim. Eventually, gelotophobia takes over and trouble starts.

  8. Let them wear their dresses to their ankles and risk their lives … after they sign a waiver to agree not to sue in the event of injury due to accident and not to sue in the event their colleagues don’t come to their rescue and put their lives also at risk due to the dress violations. See what happens then.

  9. Problem is it is really a lose-lose situation for us, because they sue for discrimination if they are not hired in the first place and mostly win too !

    • hanna, they can only win for not being hired if the employer is dumb enough to admit they didn’t get hired because they were muslim. That’s why employers need to investigate everything possible about a potential employee who may be a muslim. There is Facebook and enough online information to detect that kind of thing even if it is not initially obvious.

  10. As BNI has posted many times ‘# (numeric character) why you should never hire a Muslim’… Should make up a Flyer with the above examples and do a mail drop to as many businesses as possible. Big corporations have too many Dhimmi workplace policies enforced about diversity nonsence and discrimination (all in Lefty speak).

  11. NEVER EVER hire them UNLESS you want a law suit!!! Oh booohoooo, pooooor poooor victim! Ever Ever! Wake up!

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