CNN’s resident Judenrat dhimmi, Wolf Blitzer, drinks the Koolaid from Egyptian Pharoah Mohammed Morsi

Blitzer gets a long list of demands from Morsi listing all the things he wants the U.S. to give him (in addition to the $$billions of tax dollars and 20 F-16’s he’s already received from Obama) but doesn’t ask him what the U.S. can expect to get from Morsi in return.


16 comments on “CNN’s resident Judenrat dhimmi, Wolf Blitzer, drinks the Koolaid from Egyptian Pharoah Mohammed Morsi

  1. These are not the droids your lookin for. You will bow to allah, you will bow to allah, you will bow to allah.
    Total brain washing by the networks.

  2. what a bunch of schlock what’s been done with the money the US given them. Egypt was a prosperous country until Mubarak was ousted. now he was us to give him more stuff? Turkey gave them a loan.
    besides according to muslims they invented everything. so why should they be given technology?
    we can’t afford to support them

  3. With a name like “Wolf Blitzer” one would expect some hair on his ass. Not so. Maybe he should change his name to Puff Bicker.

    I saw the interview. It took a day to calm down. Morsi is an evil sob.

  4. Mike Royko, a REAL reporter and a REAL American, saw through Blitz Woofer DECADES ago. Pity that he’s not around today to see how right he really was.

  5. did not know blitzer was jewish but of no consequence he was tuned out long ago ! he could have been one of the best but he took the easy path to gutter news and brown nose pay day money

  6. Cat, even better…why are we loaning them $ billions when MOrsi has vowed to take down Israel and the US and create a world calipahate?

    Why is America even allowing this Muslim Brotherhood Nazi into the country? Oh, I forgot, Obama is one of them.

  7. Sand?

    72 virgin camels, an upfront gift from Pharaoh Morsi to Caliph Obumboy.

    Three pyramids and one sphinx to re-cycle.

    Eau-de-Sweetwater-Canal, the Moslem Brotherhood’s finest fragrance; guaranteed to overpower the most acrid abayah, the worst brother’s armpit, groin or feet…

  8. My friends,if one does not see the pattern of end time events that are occuring on a daily basis, it is extremely crucial to read the Word of God if you have not. Start at John 3:16.
    Salvation is free, and it is a gift to US from almighty GOD.
    Please,consider it.

  9. Why are we loaning billions to egypt and giving them billions in jets and tanks when they are not protecting their coptic Christian citizens and so on. We are broke and we must stop lending money and supporting muslim demon hood monsters of isalm.

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