FRANCE: Tram company cuts service to Muslim areas after molotov cocktail attack by Muslim thugs

When Muslims aren’t setting cars on fire, they are throwing molotov cocktails at public transportation. So, now, one tram company is refusing to go through Muslim neighborhoods at night. Serves ’em right.

Islam vs Europe  This is in Mulhouse, where the Muslims have recently been rampaging big time. The ‘traditional’ wave of New Years Muslim violence led to a significant degradation of public infrastructure. Molotov cocktail attacks on trams, some of which can be seen below, have led the tram and bus company to cut off evening service to some heavily Muslim-colonized areas. The trade union is threatening to cut off all services throughout the city if it does not receive guarantees of driver safety. It’s interesting that the news report describes stones being thrown at the trams as a “daily occurrence” but notes Molotov cocktails are something new.


22 comments on “FRANCE: Tram company cuts service to Muslim areas after molotov cocktail attack by Muslim thugs

  1. Fox, you got ahead of me. Cut the electricity, the heat and the water, it will make them think to go back to their ancestors land. The desert and any other hell on earth.

  2. This is what we in Australia will soon -face if it get’s the go ahead.–‘Neighbours are divided over a proposed ‘Halal housing ‘development in Sydney’s West–Qartaba homes is promoting it’s 145-lot subdivision at Riverstone as Australia’s -‘very first project of it’s kind for the muslim community ‘the Daily Telegraph revealed yesterday-Thursday -10th.January.2013.

    The developer insisted people of any religion were welcome to purchase land,but some residents -feared it would lead to -muslims -taking over ,and others believed it could upset locals who were already-frustrated with -muslim burial practices and not in the community’s best interest as it’s going to create -aggression.

    How are they -intergraiting and becoming assimilated if this is allowed ?it will become like England and the European countries that have no go areas -as sharia law will rule ,all muslims live under that evil law -not the laws of their adopted country and we will have the molotov coctails and all that follows -this proposal must not be tolerated by Australians ,as it will lead to -discrimination and division.

  3. Bonni Cut off all medical services electricity gas food water supplies and watch the vermin back down .Where the military in this matter ? I am sure they would love to pull this shit into line The only thing they understand is force.Why dont they deal with them?.

  4. there is a war going on in France only thing is no one told the french people Patriots know , muslims know the tipping point to liberty is now this day , this hour , this minute , join the Resistance cull the collaborators

  5. Truncate all bus service where Muslim neighborhoods begin ,and lease 30 or 40 camels , some with saddles , some without , for use into the badlands …. All camels will of course be “tagged” or carry a device similar to “LoJack …. Seems a lot cheaper than having @250,000 motor coaches destroyed , and don’t forget the RFID implants on the saddles …. frank k.

  6. Tram service cut to muslim neighbourhood? Good. But the muslim thugs have been doing this for over 30 yrs now; are the French just slow learners, or can they not see into the future any further than about two days?

  7. “The news report describes stones being thrown at the trams as a “daily occurrence” but notes Molotov cocktails are something new.”

    Muslims are OBEYING the Quran to wage violent jihad against hated infidels. The infidels who financially support Muslims via their taxes with free homes and free money.

    Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    It is despicable that French authorities REWARD the Muslims by continuing to provide the Muslims with public transportation. All public transportation should have been cut off as soon as the Muslims started their war against the French people.

    Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

    In a war, you call up the military. Why has France not done that? Why have the Muslim soldiers of Allah not been deported? Why are Muslims ALLOWED to violently attack innocents in our countries? What a wicked betrayal of our non-Muslim people!

  8. Throw stuff at me? So bite me!

    If the local people won’t report the men of violence to the police, they will face the reality that if you’re a transit worker, it isn’t worth dying on the job.

    Transit workers aren’t soldiers or police and are only providing a service to the very moronic thugs that throw things. These workers don’t deserve the abuse of the inbred thoughtless idiots.

  9. Excellent idea that Moslem areas of ANY city, country et al be cut off from ALL services. However, such a cure is only temporary and can endanger non-Moslem areas relative to water, sewage and even transportation services.

    The ONLY REAL SOLUTION is the absolute EXPULSION of ALL Moslems from the given area – and that they NEVER AGAIN be let back in!!!!! The West MUST become Moslem-free for this cure to be optimal!!!

    No exceptions for Saudi royalty, Gulf emirs, sheikhs, muftis or ANYBODY ELSE other than what I’ve described previously (where those people already here have renounced AND BLASPHEMED Islam, accepted a probation term of 15 years, &c.)!!!! Moslem money must be treated as WORTHLESS, Moslem oil must be refused, and so on past the point where ALL ties between the West and the Islamic world are totally non-existent!!!! The segregation must be TOTAL!!!!


    • WHAT WORK? Most of them are on the dole and the way they idle away their time is planning new attacks and fabricating more molotovs!

    • WALK to WORK?? I think you’ll find they are either on the Government teat, or unemployed and involved in drug dealing, racketeering and prostitution/drugging/rape of white kuffar girls ..muslims don’t work , its the infidel who has an obligation to support them, dontcha know?

  10. This is what the muslims want, they want everyone but muslims out of their areas. They don’t want taxies, buses or infidels in that area, they are claiming that as theirs and taking over, thus creating a no-go zone. People need to fight back.. Peace to all non-muslims who know what they are up to.

  11. Damage is about $35,000 U.S.

    So, on top of muslim neighborhoods where the police, fireman and ambulance service won’t venture in unescorted, now, we have the transportation service.

    I also forgot about the mailmen that also hesitate to deliver the mail.

    Of course, the French media doesn’t say ‘immigrants’ or ‘muslim enclaves’…

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