JERUSALEM: Muslim thugs gang up and harass Orthodox Jews

At least they threw snowballs, not stones. But I’m sure this wasn’t the first time a gang of Muslim delinquents poked, punched, and kicked religious Jews, trying to intimidate them, in the capital of Israel.


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  1. The mudslimes have, indeed, managed to intimidate the Israelis- and right on their (the Israelis) own home turf, the capital, no less! Maybe they should have picked up a snowball or two themselves – and, just maybe, do what we used to do as kids (strictly bad form and not allowed, of course!): Namely, find a very small stone or even a couple of pebbles and wrapped them in a snowball. Those muzzie cowards would have felt them, that’s for sure!

  2. Get the fucking muslim savages out of Israel!!! In the meantime, EVERY Jew should be armed and ready and willing to defend him or herself. Sickening to see these Orthodox men cower. Blow the fuckers away!

  3. This just shows everyone that the BS that the Arabs and Muslims spew about being a religion of peace is just that BS. When youths are in the practice of harassing the helpless, it shows their teachings at home or in the Mosque. So All mohommedists are radical, they just don’t show it all at once.

  4. In general Muslims love the acceptance and tolerance they may be gradually losing (at least in some specific areas) through a combination of sucking welfare payments out of every European state, while failing to integrate into any culture or society other than their own.

    The more rights ceded to them, the more aggressive they become. At the same time, as Susan K. notes above, they are cowards of the first order. They only attack the helpless, and they run at the sight of strength or force. In Gaza and elsewhere, they put the women and children up front, with the men behind — and then whine of unfair terrorism when shells fall upon the women and children.

    A joke after the 1967 seven days war (which Egypt and others started, not Israel), alleged that the fastest thing going across the desert sands, was a barefoot Arab — illustrious and not far from the truth, though it remains that arabs make up only a portion of Islam.

    Do they respect handouts and efforts to “win their hearts and minds”? Absolutely not! They believe that if you and I (and country governments) are so stupid as to believe their lies and to give into their demands, we deserve the resulting burden; further, that our weakness shows for sure we will one day submit to their Islam and their Sharia.

    What do they respect? Force they cannot overcome. What do they fear? Humiliation. What is humiliation in the Islamic world view? Ever heard of the “longest books ever written” list? The list of how to humiliate a Muslim — particularly a man — would make the top 3 for sure.

  5. Makes me sick that the Jews don’t fight back. Ignoring abuse only invites more. Can citizens carry? They needed to pull out a big fucking gun and blow those assholes away. No more getting harassed.

  6. There have been government funded studies on how spiders spin their webs while high on hallucinogens. Aren’t there studies on the effect of Muslim immigration??? The disastrous/fatal results are written in history and can be viewed in daily life in every single country on earth.

  7. I wish that I had been there. I would have helped to stop this outrage. Where are the people to stand up for these men being bullied? This is so hard to watch. Surely there would have been one observer to do something. We know that muslims are cowards and so all anybody had to do was something, anything to support these men being terrorized.

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