Pro-France graffiti found on a French mosque

This graffiti was found on a mosque in Val-de-Reuil (Eure). Muslims demand the perpetrators be beheaded. 

France, love it or leave it.

Long live the Front National (right wing patriot party).

Everything is good in the pig.

mosquee_5H/T Islam vs Europe


25 comments on “Pro-France graffiti found on a French mosque

  1. Never mind the graffiti about pigs,it’s time to baptise each and every mosque,street where these ragheads pray with ham/bacon water (blended ham or bacon with water)and spritzed all over the place by envy one who walks past.If it was done every day,all day they would be so filed that they would fluck off to thei sand hovels in the Middle East. Time for action guys! Bacon water to the rescue,

  2. Forget vandelizing a nice big bulldoozer will sort the ‘mosque’ problem out. The paitriots need to hire a few of them and start the demolition. Im sure many of them would be happy to have a short stint in jail for the pleasure of flatten one of Satans dungeons :)

  3. Good news, especially as this kind of message is NOT so likely to be what Moslems would self-inflict upon themselves!! Bien fait et dit!!!…

  4. A time has come to tell it as it is.If these people cannot leave at peace with the rest of the population,then it is time for them to leave.Period.There is enough room and money for SAUDI ARABIA toaccommodate them.Politicians should be wise enough to face this problem before tensions arise to dangerous levels.

  5. The patriots need to step up their game with the goal of taking down ever mosque in France. They are all nothing but terrorist breeding grounds and indoctrination centers.

  6. C’est une bonne nouvelle. Nous sommes toujours contents quand il y a de la résistance contre ces idiots. (no translation needed for the last word)

  7. The signs are that ordinary French people are losing their temper and speaking out about the apartheid, misogyny and supremacism.

    Apartheid contracts ‘fraternité’ one of the three founding principles of modern France.

  8. Instead of going after the Patriots, the authorities should cut off the heads of the mohommedists. That will stop the Graffitti.

    • italy6966 January 12, 2013 @ 2:29 pm

      “I love the Front National Viv ‘a la’ France, to hell with Islam.”

      There is now a fatwa (short for fat twat) against you for breaching Doggi Whooper’s rule against snivelling dhimmis using allah’s name.

  9. Ha ha! I love it! This needs to happen to all mosques in France and beyond!

    Muslims both within the West and without, need to learn that if they behave like savages, they will be treated savagely.

    The West needs to learn how to act with strength and terrible resolution in ridding themselves of effete leftists and deranged islamotards.

    “Mort à tous les musulmans!”

    • Randy, I disagree. Graffiti after the fact is a waste of time. Stop them from building them in the first place, like we did with the Ground Zero mosque. The idea is not to annoy them but to eliminate their desire to live in our countries.

  10. The French and the World are finally getting the message that islam has been screaming at them for years !! “We are VILE” and now, the world is beginning to believe them !! AND react to that message !!
    Vive La France !!

    • Too bad it may take a bit longer for the U.S to get that same message; there are STILL way too many dhimmi dip libtard pukes in this country, ESPECIALLY in D.C!!….But MAYBE some of them will get the message when the U.S.A is no more OR when it becomes the U.S.I (United States of Islam); by that time, those of us with any sense of propriety whatsoever will be out of here!!……And YES they are damn vile!!………..

  11. The French are becoming more audacious in their graffiti. The Génération Identitaire mouvement seems to be the catalyst for this renewed energy.

  12. More good news. Keep on making the muslims feel unwanted and one day they may decide to leave. That wold be wonderful but will never happen as long as the liberal leftards keep giving them free, tax payer paid benefits. We are in a catch 22 because of the stupidity of our liberals.

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