While German officials consider Muslim demands to make anti-Islam backlash a more serious crime…

Germans take to the streets of Munich to protest the presence of anti-Western Turkish Muslim supremacists in Germany.


As hostility toward Turkish Muslims continues to rise in Germany, German leftists refuse to acknowledge the reason for the trend. Instead social scientists like Wilhelm Heitmeyer observes that instead of general hostility to foreigners, resentment was shifting increasingly to Islam. “It’s no longer ‘the Turks’ but ‘the Muslims’,” said the director of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Conflict and Violence Research at the University of Bielefeld. This generalisation leads to an ever greater rejection of Muslims within the population. As a result, the Central Council of Muslims in Germany is demanding that anti-Islamic “racism” must be considered an independent crime. (What race is Islam?)

PI News  “You are here in my country. It is our civilization with our values, our accomplishments and our prosperity. Our parents and grandparents have done this with an enormous rebuilding effort. And not the Turks as they always wrongly claim.

In this video, those who confront the anti-Muslim protesters display behavior that is absolutely typical of Moslems: Threatening actions, aggressively reacting to the information about Islam, and blaring out the usual “Nazi,” “fascist” and “agitation” accusations. The video is in German but the body language and shouts of “Islam” pretty much give you an idea of what is going on:

Turks came only after this perhaps the greatest economic performance in world history. And we were compelled to let them in at the beginning of the 60s because we owed Turkey an obligation as a NATO member since they positioned the NATO rockets against the Soviet Union at that time in the Cold War.

Back then, Germany gave in to US pressure, and thus, Turkey was able to unload a portion of their 30% unemployed on us at the beginning of the 60s. They came as “guest” workers because our government back then hoped that they might sometime leave again. After all, there wasn’t the desire of having workforces with a foreign culture here for the long term. But they stayed, brought their relatives and married partners from Turkey. Thus the disaster of Islamic immigration started on its course.

Muslims try to break up another anti-Islam protest in the streets of Bonn in May, 2012.

One should really expect that the descendants of these guest workers to be thankful and also show us how nice it is to be allowed to live in our prosperous land of milk and honey where one can make himself comfortable in his social hammock at the cost of others. But that by far is the mistake: Many of them are aggressive, and in conformance with the Koran, they see us as inferior beings that are to be fought, subjugated and killed for resistance.

Here, typical Muslim protesters in Germany scream about publication of the book ‘Crimes of Prophet Muhammad.’

When people knuckle under such attempts at intimidation, the Mohammedans always feel more superior and as a result become even more audacious. A bar needs to be shoved across this aggressive behavior. It needs to be made unmistakably clear to them whose land this is, and which rules are to be followed here. As Muslims they are in our eyes still tolerated guests, even if they might have been born here because we consider Islam to be a dangerous, hostile ideology.

And we see our Christian brothers and sisters who are persecuted in islamic countries being discriminated against and killed. Welt online published today: “Islamic Offensive Threatens Christians Worldwide.” 100,000,000 Christians worldwide are being persecuted and 100,000 killed yearly. Among the ten countries with the worst persecution of Christians are nine Islamic countries and one communist country: North Korea. 

Courageous German woman compares Muslims to Hitler: