‘Dhimmi’ parish priest is appalled that a French charity is trying to stop Muslims from turning a Catholic Church into a mosque

mosqueerdoganquote1-viLawyer for the Muslims whines, “I thought religion is supposed to promote peace. (It does but Islam does not) How could they stoop so low to insult us like that? They spit in your face just because you are Muslim (Literally?) and treat you like a terrorist.”

As out-of-control Muslim immigration threatens the cultures and economies of many EU nations, and crime associated with Muslims continues to soar, Islam has begun to replace Christianity as the dominant religion in Europe. More and more churches are are being turned into mosques, which increasingly serve not only as religious institutions but also function as the foundational political building blocks for the establishment of separatist Muslim communities in Europe that are based on Islamic Sharia law.


19 comments on “‘Dhimmi’ parish priest is appalled that a French charity is trying to stop Muslims from turning a Catholic Church into a mosque

  1. Every time Muslims take over a church, it is a CONQUEST for Islam.

    In Muslim countries, many churches are attacked by devout Muslims and destroyed. Christians are mass murdered and forced to flee in terror and rendered homeless in Pakistan and other countries.

  2. Father alain needs to be removed because he does not understand that the moon god of the muslim is not the God of the Bible. Likewise the elderly lady does not know the difference between Christians and muslims. Christians believe in the Trinity of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, Three in One. The muslims do not believe that Jesus is the Son of God and so on the differences go. I am thankful that the people are not going to allow the muslims to take over the church. Keep up the good work and keep on saying no to muslims.

  3. Here it is again:
    1- Islam is NOT a religion
    2- The Koran, the “holy” book of Islam teaches, actually encourages extreme violence.
    3= Deception (Talyayya) is the weapon of Islam when they are minority.
    4-“They spit in your face just because you are Muslim (Literally?) and treat you like a terrorist.””
    Spit in your face just because you are Muslim?! I haven’t seen one incident like that, but I am very sorry to say you deserve it when you consider what you people are doing to the Christians all over.
    “and treat you like terrorist” HELLO, you are, if not now, you would be a potential one if you get more pious in your faith.

  4. Just like the Canadian sit com “Little Mosque on the Prairie” about an Anglican priest that shares his church with the local Muslims who use it as a mosque. The episodes detail the conflicts between Christians and Muslims, always with slurs on Christians. Note, though, that not one of the actors was actually Muslim. I found the show hard to swallow as it was “family entertainment” intended to influence our youth and believe me, from what I heard from the kids, it did just that. But it’s over now and another wave of public opinion is hitting the press. Good news.

    • crankywhitewoman

      Must in Europe do not! They have lost their way long ago and refuse to look for it now. THey think secular motivation is the best answer. It is no answer at all as man has no answers.

  5. I’m glad control of the church will go to a charity. It would be better to burn the church down than have it be desecrated by muzzie scum. The muzzies interviewed were using classic taqiya. Their goal is to spread their cult and displace the local religions. When the muzzies buy up Christian churches they are effectively saying “we now dominate you infidel”.

    • Well stated Andrew. You have hit the nail or the muslim on the head with the truth and that ‘outs’ the taqiyya, lies of islam and the musllims

  6. Well, golleeeeeee, a CHINO (CHRISTIAN IN NAME ONLY) priest?!……….Who would have thought?!……He IS a dhimmi dip though some may CALL him a “man of the cloth”!!…………”have much in common”?!……REAL Christians have almost nothing in common with muslimes, and we DO NOT “worship the same god”!!

    • Good for her (Marine Le Pen)!!!! We also need to watch this case and – if necessary – be prepared to give to help the charity reach its target!!!

      Now, if more Frenchmen would REALLY start practising their supposed faith and reject those “Enlightenment” philosophers (particularly Diderot, Marx, Engels, Ljéñin and the rest of those Commies!!!!) who’ve so hurt Christianity so as to bring it into this sorry impasse…

      The entire idea of Moslems building mosques – let alone convert churches for that purpose HAS GOT TO STOP!!!!! [The real cure, of course, is to expel ALL Moslems from the West – and recall all Westerners out of dar al-Islam!!!!]

      • I mention the part about more people in France needing to practise their Christian faith because in the end that’s the ONLY cure to this situation of too many churches otherwise being on the market… Fill them up with Christians – or at least non-Moslems, period!!! Then this problem won’t exist any more!!

  7. It’s probably because paragraph #841 of the Catechism says: “The Church’s
    relationship with Muslims: The plan of salvation also includes those who
    acknowledge the Creator. In the first place amongst whom are the
    Muslims. They profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us
    adore the one, merciful God, mankind’s judge on the last day.” http://www.scborromeo.org/ccc/para/841.htm

    Such ignorance makes me want to cry.

    • I wonder who wrote that particular paragraph in the Romanist Catechism and when?? If it was – as I STRONGLY suspect – done after the Second Vatican Council (where a lot of heretics masquerading as Catholic “clergy” hijacked matters and did GREAT HARM to the Church!!!), then it has absolutely got to be changed so that Moslems won’t be recognised as “first place” any more – for most certainly Moslems are NOT in the first but rather the LAST place!!!! All non-Moslems have a better chance of salvation than a true practising Moslem who literally follows the EVIL Qu’rân and Hadiths, no matter how much they pretend that non-Moslem figures were “Moslems” – which of course THEY WERE NOT!!!!

  8. father krauth is a fool, he should sacked, islam is not a religion of peace, it regurtitated paganism and swisted Bible logic

    • The Church/Brotherhood of Saint Eloi.
      Doesn’t that send shivers down your spine?

      The Eloi = Elohim.

      The Morlocks = moslems.

      Or am I missing something?

      [For younger readers: From H.G.Wells’s “The Time Machine”, 1895]

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