HUH? U.S. soldiers accused of destroying a minibar inside a mosque at NATO Air Base in Turkey


A minibar in a mosque? Are they serious?

Hurriyet Daily News  The Public Prosecutor’s Office has launched an official investigation into a mosque attack at the NATO İncirlik Air Base in the southern province of Adana, Turkey following claims that the attack was carried out by U.S. soldiers, Doğan News Agency has reported.

Local media in Adana had earlier reported that a number of soldiers at the İncirlik base entered the mosque on New Year’s Eve, destroying its minibar and windows along with the Quran. Turkey’s chief of staff subsequently denied the allegations. Windows in the prayer room were broken by unknown individuals and there was some additional small-scale damage, the chief of staff said in a written statement issued late Jan. 10. 



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    • Good point Silverlady, Ottoman Sultan Selim the Sot, son and heir of Suleyman the Magnificient. He was a total drunk and a total loser. Kemal Ataturk himself died of cirrosis of the liver, though that hardly counts since he was most likely an atheist, not to mention an infinitely more competent leader than Selim the Sot.

  1. The filthy , nasty old alcohol laden thing had to be destroyed by muslims. If they WERE U.S. soldiers, (which I truly doubt) they were also muslims which means that they shouldn’t have been U.S. troops in the first place. There is no place in our armed forces for muslims.

  2. Can’t speak about Turkey but when I was in Bahrain, there were PLENTY of bars… you mean Muslims are HYPOCRITES???? Noooooooo say it isn’t soooooooo!

  3. This is nothing but a rumor. The true rumor is that US troops broke into a mosque and desecrated a Koran.

    That never happened. In fact no US serviceman or woman ever have desecrated a Koran, a Mosque or a minibar. (OK Maybe they drank up the minibar.)

  4. Well, the mini bar has now evolved into a qur’an. There are demonstrations, riots and U.S. flag stomping and burnings in the area… of course they would deflect the mini bar with a qur’an narrative. They have too much to explain.

  5. I think people are confusing “minibar” with “minbar.” an essential element of any mosque, for the minbar, not “minibar,” is a mosque’s pulpit. Essentially, an elevated platform for islamist-supremacist “hate speech” otherwise known as a sermon. I am, however in favor of the wholesale conversions of “minbars” into “minibars,” or is that “minibars” into “minbars?” Oh hell, i’m all manner of confused now, Lol!

    Too much Jack and Coke for me! Lol!

  6. notice there is no m an m bourbon in there ! every well stocked bar has m an m just in case there is some near death people hangin around hurry them on their way,

  7. Stupid muslims go out of their way to find shit. If it indeed happened, my money says a muslim did it as a false flag operation. Turkey needs to be expelled from NATO anyway. Kemalism is dead and now they’re the enemy. Istanbul needs to be taken back from the Turks and given back to the Greeks (at the time known as Rhomanoi or Eastern Romans i.e. Byzantines. Contemporary Ottoman Turks called them Rumeli (Romans). Furthermore, Hagia Sophia’s minarets need to be toppled, her holy icons and mosaics restored, then allow the Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople reconsecrate her for Christian worship as originally intended. Most likely the servicemembers tore up their own minibars in the barracks on New Years Eve rather than a mosque’s minbar, as per your picture above, lol.

    “Θάνατος σε όλους τους μουσουλμάνους!”

  8. Turkey’s national drink is alcoholic Raki anyway, and the Mosque is located on a military base, the Turkish military is known for its secularism.

  9. I thought alcohol was one of the many pleasures that Muslims were forbidden to have? So what’s a bar doing in a Mosque. They should have destroyed the Mosque and talken the bar back to the base. So what the heck are US soldiers doing in Turkey. Are they there working on those missle batteries that Obama denied to Poland?

    • They aren’t forbidden to drink alcohol, but it is suggested they shouldn’t. As for US soldiers in Turkey, that is normal. They are one of NATO’s biggest allies in the region, and the Americans actually have a number of military installations there, and they are not limited to just air force bases.

    • No, but it’s a sure bet that a quran was in the “minbar,” lol. (see my comments below)

      It really belongs in the latrine if you ask me. Toilet paper is getting expensive these days, and all because of the “minbar” in the White House, lol.

  10. Something very fishy here. Alcohol in a mosque? Why would Americans destroy it. They might take it or borrow it. A muslim, however, would be enraged by alcohol anywhere. The Turks under the evil Erdogan are seeking trouble.

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