Is this dangerous Muslim terrorist sympathizer really what you want to head our Defense department?

hagel2-thumb-620x584-110076Chuck Hagel, Barack Hussein Obama’s pick for Secretary of Defense thinks, “Terrorists attack because they lack hope.” Defense nominee claims Palestinians have been ‘chained down for many, many years.’

Klein Online Terrorism is not a belief but instead is a response to despair and a lack of hope, argued Chuck Hagel in unreported remarks during a 2007 senate hearing.

“But when people have no hope, when there’s despair, little else matters,” said Hagel. He continued: “And this is not about terrorists don’t like freedom. Tell that to the Palestinian people who have been chained down for many, many years. Terrorism is not a strategy, it’s a tactic. Terrorism is not a plan. It’s not a belief like democracy or monarchy. It’s a tactic.”

Hagel was speaking during a January 24, 2007 Senate Committee on Foreign Relations hearing on Iraq. Hagel’s views on terrorism are not abnormal for the Obama administration.

John Brennan, President Obama’s counterterror adviser, once defined them term jihad as to “purify oneself or to wage a holy struggle for a moral goal.” Brennan is now Obama’s pick to head the CIA.

Hagel’s moronic comments were captured in this CSPAN video:

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25 comments on “Is this dangerous Muslim terrorist sympathizer really what you want to head our Defense department?

  1. Sorry, I don’t get this post. There are a number of very good points within but they’re all being made by the person your deriding. You don’t actually say what your issue with the comments are assuming that everyone reading it will instinctively know that the comments are ‘moronic’. Can you please explain why you think this as to be they seem very educated and well thought out responses based on knowledge of Islam and current world geopolitics. What are you views based upon?

  2. Chuck Hagel is so anti-Israel; I would not put Treason and Sedition past him! I would suggest that divulging state secrets and blaming it on the Israeli’s. A Big no vote of Hagel.

    • And if the people of America have no hope of justice from “I’ll look after MY people.” Holder, where the NBP get a free pass at voter intimidation, where dead people vote (multiple times), where Americans are killed with Holder enabled smuggled arms, where American troops are murdered by ‘workplace violence’ (not a hate crime), but a sidelong look at a black perambulating tent will call out the FBI AS a hate crime…

      Should the people of America do like Hamas?

  3. America is finished. I told you so. For years I have been saying we will be judged for our national sins, especially the genocide of the unborn. Read Revelation 17 and 18. It’s talking about the United States.

  4. Let ‘s see – Israel is our democratic ally. Hamas is a terrorist entity formed to destroy Israel our only friend in the Mid-East. Islamists, the Infidel haters (us) burn the US and Israel flags while threatening US Embassies and worse. And Obama picks Hagel who supports our Enemies and attacks our Friend Israel! Shame on all the Jews and Christians who voted for this Obama Iscariot, or a brown skinned Benedict Arnold. He is a Pro-Islamic demagogue, who disses Netanyahu and welcomes the garbage head of Afghanistan. With that direction our country is heading in, we will soon be Ameristan.

  5. The ‘GRIEVANCE THEORY’ of Islam is for USEFUL IDIOTS like HAGAN. Mozzies hate us because Allah COMMANDS them to hate us. They hate us ‘for the sake of Allah’ not because of some bogus ‘grievance’…HATRED is a religious duty…it’s a death cult, Mr. Hagan.

    Obummer is consistently NAIVE towards the evil, pedophilic DEATH CULT:

    Appease, Surrender, Abandon, and Get Nothing in Return.

    Mr. President, you are NAIVE about Islam’s intentions.

  6. The “palestinians” have an abundance of hope. They hope to kill all the jews, and take their land and wealth. They hope the dhimmi world will continue to lavish them with foreign aid after they kill all the jews.

  7. I can’t get that video out of my mind. It could have been filmed in 1939 at Hitler’s headquarters. Everything about Herr von Hagel is reminiscent of the Nazis. I hope someone asks him if he would categorize 9/11 as an unplanned tactic out of desperation. Come to think of it, I would like to ask Obama how he would categorize 9/11? Would he call it an incident of workplace violence? It is time for frequent and loud protests in front of the White house by enraged citizens.

  8. Americans have to speak out against the BULLSH*T Obama and his appointees are shoveling.

    Those of us who’ve read the original texts of Islam and early Islamic history know that Islam is JIHAD. All jihad is deceit. Therefore, Islam is deceit.

    The hadiths about ‘inner jihad’ are recognized as late forgeries by heretical Sufis.

  9. Muslim Marxist Obama selecting a terrorist sympathizer? Color me all kinds of shocked. If Dear Leader somehow is denied a third term, then one by one his minions will carry on his agenda.

    I can’t believe these people exist, are taken seriously and given power.

  10. He also made terrible comments about the Armenian genocide. Said something to the effect ‘ Get over it. It’s finished’.

    The guy has no heart nor soul.

  11. The very fact that Obama nominated him reveals the real Obama. We can’t impeach him for being an antisemite but we can for lying about Benghazi and half a dozen other things and if we don’t impeach him soon, he’ll ruin America completely.

  12. No to Chuck Hagel

    Exclusive: Rick Santorum issues warning on Obama’s pick for secretary of defense

    President Obama has nominated former U.S. Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska to be our next secretary of defense. While there are many positions in the administration that would suit Chuck Hagel, his views on national security are repeatedly wrong and, if successful, this nomination would send the wrong message to our enemies and have very dangerous consequences for our country. We must work to defeat him.

    The United States secretary of defense is entrusted with the most critical responsibility of the federal government: to keep Americans safe from threats abroad. And I believe there is no greater threat to our security than Iran, and even more so a nuclear Iran. I oppose Chuck Hagel for the same reason I voted against Robert Gates: Their views on Iran and radical Islam are weaker than the president who nominated them. Both had records of wanting to reach out instead of stopping Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, and Sen. Hagel went so far as to imprudently take essential leverage against Iran, a military strike, off the table, something even the president has been unwilling to do to date. But Hagel will be on the national security team to determine such policy, and the last thing America and our friends in the Middle East need is someone weaker on radical Islam and more hostile to Israel than the already weak and hostile president.

    Unfortunately, Sen. Hagel’s long history of pandering to Iran, supporting further cuts to our military and turning his back on our ally, Israel, are exactly the wrong positions we need in a time of great global instability and emerging deadly threats. The basic question Americans must ask is this: Is Chuck Hagel the right person to keep Americans safe? In my view, the answer is emphatically “no.”

    To begin with, it has been well established that Iran is the primary sponsor of global terrorism and is a growing nuclear threat. The openly anti-American Iranian regime is the greatest single threat to our safety in the world today. Yet time and time again, Chuck Hagel has chosen to ignore this. While a senator in 2007, he voted against an important bill that would have labeled the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps a terrorist organization. This came at a time when the IRGC was providing weapons, training and financing to those killing Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also urged the Bush administration to pursue “direct, unconditional and comprehensive talks with the government of Iran” and repeatedly voted against sanctions. And Hagel has ruled out using military options against Iran. Last week, the Iranian regime welcomed Hagel’s nomination, stating that it could help diplomatic relations. This can only be because he has repeatedly failed to support policies that oppose the threat and nuclear ambition of our top national security threat – the Iranian regime and radical Islam.

    As I wrote in this space last week, the looming cuts to our military are sure to leave our national defense badly weakened and exposed to very frightening and real threats like an EMP attack, for example, that would threaten the lives of many million Americans. Our current secretary of defense, Leon Panetta, has very fervently opposed these cuts. Chuck Hagel, however, supports defense budget cuts and believes in a “pared down Pentagon.” This view is aligned with the position of President Obama, who very clearly wants to continue to cut defense spending as he builds an even bigger, European-like welfare state. This is not the time to cut back on the resources we need to keep America safe, and a defense secretary who will so easily agree to the president’s view is not acceptable.

    Our greatest ally in the unstable and increasingly anti-American Middle East is Israel. It is a strategic defense relationship and one that must be protected – especially now, given what’s happening in Egypt, Syria and Iran. But Chuck Hagel has a long history of turning his back on this ally.

    When Palestinian suicide bombers were blasting Israelis to pieces in 2002, Hagel wrote in an op-ed article that this was the time for Israel to “take steps to show its commitment to peace.” At the beginning of the Palestinian uprising (Second Intifada), in which an estimated 4,000 people died, Hagel refused to sign a letter supporting Israel. In 2006, he made a reference to the “Jewish lobby” and the “dumb things they do,” blatant insensitivity that undermines the fact that Americans of all ethnicities and varied faiths stand behind Israel as a true democracy that enhances our national security. And Hagel has supported direct talks with Hamas, a designated terrorist organization that pledges to destroy the state of Israel. During conflicts between Israel and Hezbollah forces in Lebanon, Hagel refused to write the EU asking it to declare Hezbollah a terrorist organization.

    One of the few areas left of truly bipartisan cooperation is on national security issues related to a nuclear Iran, radical Islamic terrorists and the state of Israel, and it is not because of the “Jewish lobby.” Since 9/11, numerous bills have passed the Senate dealing with the Middle East with members on the left and right as sponsors. I personally sponsored major legislation on Iran and Syria with Barbara Boxer as the lead Democrat sponsor. Talk about an otherwise odd couple. But not on these issues. There was, and is, a broad consensus. Chuck Hagel is, and has been, far outside that consensus.

    I say to my former colleagues: I don’t lightly oppose a Cabinet nominee, but you know this is no ordinary time in the Middle East, and this vote will have more ramifications for our friends and our foes than any vote on any past bill. This vote will send a signal that President Obama has successfully fractured the most enduring, sincere, bipartisan coalition in decades. Don’t put loyalty to party and president in front of your duty to protect our country. Vote no on Hagel.

  13. obama’s truth comes out by his actions. He lied to the Jewish and Christian voters who thought that he would stand up for and speak up for Israel. The taqiyya is now complete. obama hires a fool who hates Israel and stands up for terrorists. His comments are treason and stupid. I hope that hagel’s appointment can be cancelled.

  14. It shows how little he understands. The palestinians alway lob the first attacks on Israel, ALWAYS!! He doesn’t understand that the Muslims are taught that everyone is does not worship Mohammed is an Infidel, esp. in countries that are so illiterate…they are doing what they have been taught to do, their morals are not the same as real Christians.

  15. Hey hagel you don’t have the qualifications for the job of Sec of Defense but you would be perfect for head man of the palestinian charity organization or maybe Code Pink.

    • Someone should MAKE him read OUT LOUD, the Charter of Hamas, then confirm the stupid remarks he made:

      Why did no committee member question him on that? Dhimmicrats all?
      Why do people living in ten times worse conditions not indulge in terrorism?

      An awful lot of planning and infrastructure, AND financing goes into that merely ‘tactical’, ‘not strategic’ planning.

      You sir, are a fucking moron.

      Time to Chuck Hagel.

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