IslamoFascist ‘Mini Me’ says, “Protect your children from the hellfire of public schools”

“Parents! Enroll your children in Islamic schools (and be sure to get the Western country you are infiltrating to pay for it) so they won’t be exposed to the evils of Western movies, music, and culture.”


17 comments on “IslamoFascist ‘Mini Me’ says, “Protect your children from the hellfire of public schools”

  1. My husband and I make sacrifices to pay for a private school for our five year old daughter. Who knows what will happen when my 19 month old son is school age in a couple of years. I hope these hate filled morons are NOT getting any tax dollars to pay for their kids schools since Christian schools certainly don’t receive any. If they want Muslim schools then they need to PAY for them THEMSELVES. In fact it would be much easier to keep Muslims under surveillance if they were all in one place.

  2. Totally pathetic….i know this sounds harsh, but when these little turds get wasted in places like Afghnistan and Iraq, it does’nt bother me at all.
    They are so polluted with the vile hatred of this demonic cult , there is no saving them.
    I saw it myself when i was in Lebanon in 1985, Hezbollah kids singing songs about the infidels and Jews and how they would burn us to a crisp someday.

    Nope , the collateral damage , when it happens to these kids is poetic justice.

    • You know they are brainwashed FROM BEFORE BIRTH. If there is ANY kind of organizing happening in the fetal brain [some preference for music/voices heard pre-birth] then they get it in spades, with koran recitations.

  3. UK
    Socialist Workers’ Party held ‘sharia-style court’ to exonerate party member accused of raping female ‘comrade’

    SWP exonerated man accused of sexually assaulting female party member
    Party ‘does not have faith in bourgeois court system to deliver justice’
    Accusation was heard by ‘disputes committee’ and not reported to police

    The far-left party heard that instead of reporting the grave accusation to police, a disputes committee heard ‘evidence’ from both the accused and the accuser, before a panel exonerated the man – known as ‘Comrade Delta’ – for the alleged rape.

  4. another idiot spreading hate… my god when will these people wake up and relinquish their 7th century beduin shackles of slavery.

  5. How old is this precocious child? She doesn’t seem mature yet so why is she wearing hijab? To protect her father, brother(s), uncles from her sexual provocation? Too bad. She needs to be taught to think for herself, to be in a school where she is not too afraid of beatings and beheadings to express her views. Women are just as smart as men and need a good, secular education.

  6. Does anyone know if this future suicide bomber is in America or Canada?
    She looks to be about 7 or 8 years old and already, she’s been turned into a mohammazombie.
    In my opinion, without a supernatural visitation from Yahweh Himself, this kid is already gone.

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