One thing about the Muslim enemy, when he tells you what he is going to do, BELIEVE HIM!

islam and the westUntil the West decides to put an end to immigration from Muslim countries, to expel Muslims who are not citizens, and ban the building of mosques, the infestation of Islam will continue on its path to the ultimate goal – the destruction of Western culture, law, and democracy.

It happened in Spain before, it is happening in Europe again, and just getting started in  North America. The time to stop it was yesterday. Tomorrow will be too late. Act now.

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17 comments on “One thing about the Muslim enemy, when he tells you what he is going to do, BELIEVE HIM!

  1. I have to laugh at what we call the main stream media. We keep hoping they will finally start to reclaim their place as the Fouth Estate and give up their place as the Fifth Column. But Traitors and Seditionists are hard to change.

    • ” but traitors and seditionists are hard to change”, well not really, but they can be recycled ( changed from useful idiot to nutrients) via a compost/dirt nap.

      Semper Fi

  2. But, the infestation of Muslims in the USA will continue as long as the Muslim-in-Chief is in power. He keeps using the executive order like no tomorrow, We are in a huge trouble. WE THE PEOPLE where are you? What are you waiting for? Where are the patriots? Our country is being sold to the Devil.

    • “He keeps using the executive order like no tomorrow,”

      And hopefully the next president can clear up his mess with a similar bunch of execs: Like jailing Obumboy, Holder, Wright, Ayers, Dohrn, and a few thousand other hypocrite bigot traitors, for life.

  3. Open the book of damnation to 8:39 and read it carefully. It is a fight … until loop with a compound terminal condition. What are the terminal conditions of that loop. How does that comport with the statement in Reliance O9.9 that the caliph fights all other peoples until they become Muslim?

    Islam is a perpetual conquest machine which must be totally dismantled.

    Americans: sign this petition; send it to Congress and Obamination.

    Europeans, Africans & Asians: sign the old petition, send a link to your MP and MEP if you have one. The petition widget is below the Ummat al-Kuffar banner in the right sidebar of‘ .

  4. Moslems ALL realize they have a SACRED DUTY to completely ANNIHILATE the host cultures…just as they have done in Arabia, North Africa, Turkey, Afghastlistan, Pakistan and Persia.

    They do not say to dirty kafirs, but they say it to one another.

    Moslems lie to us about their intentions…our annihilation.

    Islam is jihad. Islam is deceit.

  5. “People are starving.” They looked pretty well fed to me.

    “We are second class citizens.” Oh yeah right, just like the copts in egypt.

    Like communism/socialism, islam is a dysfunctional ideology that destroys civilizations. Once you have forcibly taken the wealth and liberty of every creative, dynamic, inventive culture on the planet and destroyed them, what is left?

    Fortunately, that won’t happen. Thank G-d.

  6. Muslims are commanded by their perverse god to impose Islam and Sharia Law on all infidels by force…their goal is a universe under Islam. They are not permitted to live under a democracy…and yet we import and accommodate them at the expense of our own freedoms. Shameful.

  7. getting good reports from my Albanian missionary freinds – Christiantity is spreading like wildfire even though Islam still out numbers them… and in Iran – the numbers of the underground church is not 2 million but 7 million!! Want to fight Islam? Sponsor missionaries who are in Islamic countries… or the ABN or my friend, Pastor Mark Lori who can be seen here:

    • Kelly is your friend orthodox or Christian Albanian? I hear there are still plenty of non Muzzie Albanians? My mothers side of the family are Albanian but they werent practicing Muzzos at all. My grandad drank alcohol like it was soda, ate pork and thought Muzzos were idiots. However we knew plenty of Albanian Muzzies who were alcoholics and loved to gamble. Major hypocrites. Thats why I hate Muzscum so much because Ive seen first hand from many years ago how evil this cult is.

      My Grandmas first cousin was born in Egypt (but from Albanian decent) but unfortunately was a hypocritical Muzzy. I use to visit her a tolerate her annoying Asslifting breaks when visiting (which the family thought was rude) she had a dirty mind for a 60 something old lady and even I was shocked by it (I dont shock easy). Well the visits stopped in September 2001. Why? this evil bitch turn to me and said ‘the Americans deserves to die’ after 9/11. I looked at her said ‘f**k you and f**k your Allah and your evil religion’. I walked out of her house and have cut all contact with her from that day on.

      As I say people Muzscum are all the same. I just hope more of them wake up and convert from this cruel, hateful cult. Even a now close to being an 80 year old woman that cousin of my Grandma will still have hatred running through evil mind not different to wwhat she had when I last saw her 11 years ago.

  8. They will kill everyone and destroy the earth and turn it into a barren wasteland in the name of their demon god allah and then Jesus will return and they will suffer the wrath of God.

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