Oh, BOO HOO! Wife of extradited Muslim terrorist whines that U.S. Prison officials are being mean to him

abu_hamzaTerror-linked CAIR waiting to swoop in with a lawsuit as we speak. Wife of accused terrorist ‘Captain Hook,’ better known as Islamic hate preacher Abu Hamza, has attacked American prison authorities for keeping him locked up 23 hours a day and refusing to give him a comb.

UK Express  (h/t Liz) Hamza, 54, was finally extradited to New York last October and is awaiting trial on 11 terrorism-related offences. It took Britain eight years to get rid of him as he fought extradition to the US. The legal and prison bills cost British taxpayers at least £1million.

His wife, Najat, who is still living on welfare benefits in London with some of her seven children, complained on a supporter’s website about his living conditions. She complains he has been denied any face-to-face meetings since his incarceration. Even when he meets with his lawyers he cannot see them because they sit behind a glass screen with a curtain.

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She writes: “All this time he has remained in solitary confinement 23 hours a day in a small room with no window and no sunlight. “For one hour, he is allowed to stretch his legs just next to his cell where there is not even enough room to even do that.” She says she has received few letters from him and he has been allowed to call her just once.

She adds: “Since he’s been there his hair has not been combed due to a comb not being available for him. He doesn’t even know the direction of Mecca [which indicates the direction in which Muslims must pray].” She says he is still praying but is left to guess. It has also been reported he is seldom allowed the use of his hook.

Najat thanks “all those brothers and sisters who have supported my husband for all these years”. She adds: “Your help, love and concern for him has not gone unnoticed. Your reward is with Allah.”

Abu Hamza extradition case

Hamza gained global notoriety for his fanatical sermons outside London’s Finsbury Park mosque after the 9/11 terror attack on New York. He was jailed on terrorism-related charges at high-security Belmarsh Prison in London.

In the US he has denied facilitating violent jihad in Afghanistan and trying to set up a terrorist training camp in Oregon. He has also denied involvement in the 1998 kidnapping of Western tourists in Yemen, in which three Britons and an Australian died.