SWEDEN has a great idea – limit the birth rate for Muslims

Den Antimuslimska MiljnAn outspoken local Sweden Democrat politician has generated headlines and controversy by calling for a law that would cap the fertility rate of Muslims around the world, like China’s ‘one child’ per couple policy.

THE LOCAL (h/t ColinW) Annika Rydh, municipal party secretary in Älmhult, southern Sweden, blogs about her work and often links to Islam-critical articles. Recently, she linked to the  film “Muslim Demographics” that claims Muslims are trying to take over the world one baby at a time.

“It’s a global problem,” Rydh wrote on her blog, according to anti-fascism magazine Expo. “We can’t tackle this locally. The international community needs to act by having some kind of restriction, like the one-child policy in China.”

The anti-immigration party’s spokesperson, Martin Kinnunen, said Rydh’s comments do not represent any official party line on how many children women should have.

Rydh has found herself under fire before. In 2011, she faced flack for saying that the word “negro” was simply descriptive rather than a derogatory term. “It shouldn’t be an insult to be called a negro. There is the red race, the yellow race, and then there’s me, who is of the white race,” Rydh told the regional Smålandsposten newspaper. “A negro is a negro. There is nothing demeaning with that.”

The blog also links to articles on other sites with headlines such as “If it doesn’t suit you, go home”, which complains about asylum seekers’ concerns about conditions at asylum centres in Sweden.

Another link entitled “The mollycoddling is so tiresome” argues that authorities spend too much money on underage asylum seekers who come to Sweden without a parent or a guardian.

In March 2012, Rydh attacked Metro columnist Lisa Magnusson and accused her of heaping blame on rape victims when foreign-born men commit rape. “Yet again it’s the victim’s fault!” exlaims Rydh. Magnusson’s column does not discuss any role of the victim, but instead argues that war-damaged migrants should receive psychological support in order to prevent potential crime.

More on the anti-Muslim movement in Sweden: ANTI-ISLAM SWEDEN


23 comments on “SWEDEN has a great idea – limit the birth rate for Muslims

  1. You have to respect the human rights of muslims,they have the right to produce more children and dominate the west,But human rights only apply in the civilized world..that means non muslims can ask for animal rights in moslem countries.

  2. Advocating a One Child Policy for anything is an abomination. It is as savage and evil as coerced abortion (which a OCP created in China).

    I second the suggestion made by others.
    Limiting the number of dependents for tax deductions will ease the ailing taxpayer and stem the population boom that keeps Islam as the fastest growing religion (Christianity continues to be the fastest by conversion).
    However, limiting dependents will hurt lawful immigrants that assimilate enough and generations of citizens that earned it.

    I know itʻs politically incorrect, but I feel that any limits on dependents in taxation should be racially profiled by national origin and religion.

  3. Just look at history, and you will see what will gonna happen!!!…remember Hitler, and after 100 million deaths, the freedom lovers ge the vitory in hands!!!…..will happen again!!!

    • Although polygamy is illegal in England, Muslim men are granted tax-payer funded welfare for each of their wives and subsequent children. Imagine that, being forced to fund a crime. It would be racist/Islamophobic to think otherwise. Muslims will continue to out breed us, one wife at a time if need be. With current policy at work, we are a stone’s throw away from Sweden’s fate (I fear Obama will speed up that process in America now he has been “re-elected”).

    • Wrong!

      Norwegian Mullah Krekar stated: “We breed like mosquitoes.”

      [It was for merely QUOTING him, that Mark Steyn was hauled before Canada’s notoriously moslem biased ‘Human Rights’ Star Chamber, a pseudo-court with pseudo-judge, and ‘make it up as you go along’ rules of evidence. The process was the punishment; he had to pay his costs, while the smirking moslem bigots who pretended to be offended, did nothing – except lie through their teeth.]

      Question: What does a mosque produce?

      Answer: Mosquitoes.

  4. The race is on to see which country in eurpeanstan beccomes the first country to be taken over by the savage muslims of islam. It looks like a close race between Swedenstan and Englandistan. What lunacy in these countries to allow the stealth jihad take over of their countries. You can not fix stupid.

  5. Not the best of ideas, as Moslems will then use force to get their way – they’ll not tolerate aborting or culling their offspring, who for them are an important weapon in their struggle to Islamise the world!!! In the worst case, they’ll have their offspring illegally in their slums, where they’ll get sick and then flood us with their plagues (which they often already have brought from their countries).

    To boot, MANY people including myself have grave objections to abortion – and if sterilisation is attempted, again the Moslems will riot!!! In fact, in some of their countries (Pakistan, Nigeria), they EMPHATICALLY REJECT vaccinating their offspring due to the very belief that those vaccines contain anti-fertility agents (in addition to their preferring their insane fatalism of letting their “allah’s will” be supreme…)!!!!!

    Nope, the ONLY correct solution is to expel ALL OF THEM: every last single Moslem man, woman and child!!!!!

    • The easiest way is to allow one dependent rate only. Do not reward women for having more than one child. Cut off the welfare benefits and they will have to self-regulate. Let the Lutheran and Catholic charities feed the starving ones.

      • Exactly, stop welfare to immigrants. It’s quite simple. Only self sufficient ones will arrive. And very few muslims are self sufficient. Problem solved.

      • You beat me to it.
        Actually, if there was only welfare for one child – in the form of food & clothing vouchers, that would stem the flow of immigration too. Since so many only arrive in Europe because they have heard that the stupid kufirs pay you to do nothing.

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