BIG BRASS ONES! ‘Infidel’ revenge rocks Hunter College in New York City

Super courageous gay guy who advocates for stopping the spread of jihad and Islam in America stands up to the Muslim jihadists at Hunter College who are calling for the Liberation of ‘Palestine.’

See the entire 40-minute video here: Infidel Revenge

Vincent Bruno  (h/t Sharon H)


49 comments on “BIG BRASS ONES! ‘Infidel’ revenge rocks Hunter College in New York City

  1. BRAVO! Vincent. I spent two months at Hunter College before getting out of there…and attending another school. I applaud you Vincent. You have no idea how much I would have loved to have been there with you to verbally annihilate those moslems. You are brave and keep up the great work. Never Ever Surrender!

  2. Muslims believe homosexuals should be killed, and they also believe that any one of them have the right to kill homosexuals. If I was this young man, I would align with othesr of similar thought, because no doubt, those muslims pushing and shouting him down will have their evil eyes on him. If he is legally able to pack, he should.

  3. I believe this kid exercised remarkable restraint in this situation! I guess I’m just a grumpy old “Islamophobe”, but had I been in the same situation, with a bunch of belligerent asslifters yelling at me and getting in my face, I believe I would just HAVE TO open a 55 gallon drum full of INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH WHOOPASS and pour it all over a bunch of maniacal muslimes!!

  4. why am i having a problem posting a comment on his video but i can post on other youtube videos..

    Barenaked: do me a favour and pass this message along to Bruno.

    You should take a look at this. According to Dr Sina, Jihad is represnted 31% of the time in the Sunna which is comprised of the quran, hadith, and suras.
    Good work and keep up the fight

  5. Vincent Bruno Otero…BRAVO for standing up against those that want to destroy us. Please also speak up about how gays are persecuted, tortured, imprisoned and murdered in homophobic Islamic societies. I personally tried to relate the facts about the Homophobic Hate of all us Infidels to a Hunter teacher I know. She was out parading about the terrible plight of those rocket throwing Gazans. Duh !!! Point of information tiny Israel removed all Jewish families living in Gaza in a Land for Peace deal. We know how appreciative that turned out when the Arabs voted in terrorist Hamas with destruction of the Jews in their by-laws.

    Unbelievable brainwashed, demonizing our only ally in the Mid-East… Israel , the victim of thousands of Hamas’s Iranian rockets then raining down on Jewish civilians. Meanwhile she carried her hate – Israel picket sign supporting the Palestinian attackers. Ironically… she is a Gay American-Jewish Woman. Ha Ha! She and her cronies should pack their bags and find out the nightmare of Sharia Life in Islamic theocracies. She has four strikes against her! But the brainwashed dhimmis are clueless. Let these so-called liberal sheep know the facts of what is in the Koran. And is practiced wherever those vermin infiltrate. Vincent you are the voice of SANITY! Keep up the good work. We Love and Admire You!

  6. Quite a difference from the other liberals who claim to be champions of gay rights while defending the Muslims who advocate killing gays.

  7. TO VINCENT BRUNO[THE BEAR] OTERO.Gday from Australia mate,Wish the gays here in Australia had your guts.Us older guys know what islam has in store for us,Vincent be careful mate they will be out to get you.Do you have any gay mates on campus?You have to have some back up while you are confronting them.Do not be afraid of violence or intimidation if you have like minded friends with you Vincenzo i cannot believe this sort of subversive shit is allowed in american universities But when i see the CHOCOLATE JESUS spouting his shit who knows what could happen?.Take care mate,

  8. When those islamofascists and fake feminazis started making verbal threats to you, did you respond with “that’s right…go ahead and say it…prove my point for all to hear!”

    Thank you for your courage, Mr. strong and righteous Big Brass Ones! I live out in the middle of the American West, and I can hear ’em from way out here! “Clank…Clank…CLANK!” That is beautiful music to my ears!

    Infidel Power!

  9. Good for him!!! Factual, correct and appropriately haranguing. He knew to emphasise the dangers to “infidels” and women, which indeed are some of the worst sticking points against Islam. I only worry about how much success will he have had with this kind of battle… here’s hoping that he had a fair amount; particularly given his home-grouping of people!!!

  10. Just listened to a bunch of the link to video, and Vincent Bruno needs to work on his presentation. Basically he seems to have launched a verbal attack on the Hunter College administration and the MSA. I didn’t hear much coming from them or the trotsky-alinsky-leninites. He repeats a lot as he tries to get a response.

    I hope he knows his koran well, chapter and verse, because I am sure that is what the islamists (sue me cair) will demand. Then they will say his translation version is wrong, that he doesn’t understand the nuances of 7th century classical shithead desert caravan raiders’ arabic, that it’s taken out of context, that it’s been abrogated or not, it’s not in the koran/sunna/hadith, it’s an unreliable hadith, and on and on.

    He should wear one of those $50 recording pens or watches to get video of the islamists (flips cair-finger) and their fellow travelers. He should not post anything for say three months, to get a good collection of evidence, which he can then post or take to whatever body will give him a hearing.

    Better yet, go with at least two or three friends, different ones each time, maybe all carrying concealed audio/video recorders, for redundancy or clarity. He should be far less confrontational, because he gives campus security a reason to ask him to leave. I think questions or quiet statements to an individual are better. Then, when the ‘fellow travelers’ stick their oars in, as they do, that will be obvious in the recordings.

    Another possibility is a $5 Thrift Store phone, working or not, to openly ‘record’ the mohammedans mouthing mayhem. Would that satisfy US laws about not recording secretly? Is it wrong to do that? If they then rob the person of his phone, that’s something you can report to security, even if they don’t want to respond.

    I’m sorry I didn’t do some of those things in my confrontations with those puerile, banal man-children.

    • In discussion with him earlier, he directed me to a FB link of the timeline listing what happened and when. Started in Sept 2012, and in just a few shiort months he knows everything you need to know about Islam and has sprung into action. He’s fearless!

    • Good ideas Huck, as far as confrontational is concerned, you are spot on , in a sane world that is, but we dont live in one and often in an unprepared moment, being confrontational is the only way to get listeners, plus the manic lefties provoke confrontation through their sheer insanity and obvious treachery.

  11. Thank You So Much For Your Support!

    It Really Helps To Have Our Cause Up On A Well Trafficked Website Such As Yours! Tons More Work Coming! Hunter College Needs To Be Pushed To Investigate The MSA And Its Activities! We As Infidels Need To Work Together For Our Own Protection! If You Want To Help With The Hunter College Campaign Please Find Us And Our Group On Facebook – Infidel Liberation Front!

    Thanks So Much Again For Posting!
    Vincent Bruno Otero

  12. S I N I S L A M is what I’ve been calling that for years. Equal (?) parts leftist/trotsky/lenin scum like Louis, Drury, Yerevani, Chomsky, Finkelstein, Wright, Bodine, Said, Ryan, Shniad, Mivasair, Layton…and islamist (FY cair) pricks like Elmasry, Morsi, Qaradawi, Ali Sina …

    And some are so both, quintessentially Obumboy itself.

  13. we need more young infidels to stand up and start telling it like it is!! Everyone is too concerned with PC – This is a brave young man indeed!!!

    But you see, he was “invited” into their “mosque” on Hunter college campus to see what it was all about! Well he found out didn’t he!! I love the reaction “WHAAAAAAT” mine would have been WTF!!!
    Yep, this is prime recruiting grounds on college campuses!!
    Thank you Vincent, stay safe !!

  14. Bonni This guy is incredible.This guy may be gay but at least he has a pair.I suspect he may be jewish?If so i think its great that he is standing up for himself and for telling the truth.A pity the politicians cant take a leaf out of this lads book

    • Arthur, we have emailed back and forth and I told him we are happy to support him in any way we can. I hope he gets around to covering how horrific Muslims treat homosexuals in their societies. I doubt that he’s Jewish with a last name ‘Bruno.’ You don’t even realize how much courage it took for him to do a video like this on one of the most liberal college campuses in America. He is now a target for the muslims as well as the leftists.

  15. When the truth is spoken, it’s music to my ears.

    It is peculiar that Muslims do not like it when we know their religion and can cite their holy texts and practices as proof. It drives them wild. But I don’t understand that at all. I would have thought that they’d be proud as peacocks that the practices and teachings of Mohammed are getting notoriety.

    • it makes them crazier when you tell them mohamad was a pedophile ! he was! and when you tell them that their mohamad has bones in the grave but the tomb where Jesus was laid is empty they will want to kill you!! their agenda is to lie to you till you trust them and then they have you and then they betray!! they are dangerous people never ever to be trusted, look at fort hood and our soldiers that train the soldiers in afghanistan are attacked at night by the same peopel they trained all day to defend their people! true fact! heard it first hand from a soldier !

      • Bonni, please do keep in touch with him and let us know how he is. This video absolutely made my day! What a brave and truthful young man. The muslims don’t often get confronted with the truth in this manner. Vincent is an inspiration to us all and in the name of Freedom, I thank him from the bottom of my heart. Shame on Hunter College! Just like Harvard, Columbia, etc they have all caved. G-D bless you Vincent.

  16. Well done and well worth the effort to ‘out the muslim’s true goals’ of jihad. The truth is there for all to see that muslim terrorists have done over 2,500 terrorist atrocities since 9/11 and counting. Only fools would fall for the muslim’s cool aid of lies.

  17. Good man!

    4/5 of the earth DOESN’T want their JIHAD! Why are so few saying that?

    So many people are cowards when there are bullyboys like Hitler’s goons. Mohammedanism uses the same technique of goon squads to silence opposition. Islam is illogical so they can’t use logic to spread it.

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