Muslim child abducted from school by a woman in a burqa, just like the one her mother wears

Unknown-1But nobody checked her out because we know how Muslims whine about being profiled just because they are Muslims. So it serves them right when something like this happens. Burqas have become a popular disguise for kidnappers, robbers, and rapists as no one can tell the gender of the person wearing it. In today’s ‘politically correct’ society, nobody wants to challenge them, for fear of being called ‘racist.’


McCall  A 5-year-old girl kidnapped Monday from a west Philadelphia school by a woman dressed in traditional black Muslim clothing was found alone Tuesday morning tied up to a playground set about three miles from the school.

Nailla was abducted from the Bryant School at 60th Street and Cedar Avenue in Philadelphia about 8:50 a.m. Monday by a woman dressed in Islamic clothing, similar to how Nailla’s mother was dressed in a video interview with the Associated Press.

Authorities said the woman who abducted Nailla was dressed all in black, including black gloves and a face-covering, which based on various descriptions was probably a niqab — an Islamic shoulder-length veil that covers the face and hair but has a slit for the eyes.



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  1. The girl was found with only a top on and nothing else. How do they even know a female is under a burka? They can’t tell, not that it would have made any difference here. This woman probably collected the girl for her pedophile brethren. F*ckers need to be strung up.

  2. Police said that woman was “screened to some degree” and told to go to the school’s office. However, police said, she went to the girl’s classroom. That woman allegedly told the substitute teacher on duty that day she was her mother and was taking the girl to breakfast.

    The woman then got confrontational when the substitute teacher challenged her saying, “I signed what I was supposed to sign, I’ve got other appointments and I do not need to put up with your nonsense.”

    Interesting information from a Philly news story. Everyone who had contact with the deceptive abductor will be scapegoated and crucified at the altar of political correctness (sub has been suspended) when the root problem is our society’s appeasement of niqabs and Muslim supremacist attitudes of I’ll-do-exactlywhat-I-want-and-if-you-give-me-a-hard-time-you’ll-be-fired/sued/slandered-for-being-an-Islamophobe.

  3. Instead of focusing on the -burka only -we should be demanding laws that prohibit face and head covering ( balaclava) of any kind ,how?and why?do these women obtain a licence to drive in a burka? you wouldn’t get one if you were wearing a balaclava–the law is an -ass–bowing to -Islam and it’s -evil laws of sharia.

  4. This was obviously an islamophobic crime, some misguided atheist wanted to show the mother what could happen if she didn’t show her face.
    I wish!

    Rickets people!

  5. Yes, I think we know the moslem M/O pretty well, and I smell a stinky plan to get money out of the kuffar. I believe Liz “called it!”

  6. This story raises a multitude of questions.
    1. How do we know that the woman in the security video is not the girl’s mother? A five year old girl would have clues. Did the woman speak in her presence? Was she the same size and shape as the mother? Did her gait match the mother’s? Did she smell like the mother???
    2. If it was not her mother, did the girl recognize her / was she familiar? If not, why did she willingly accompany her out of the classroom without objection???
    3. Why was the child tied to a swing set exposed to public view? Did the abductor want her to be found unharmed in a short time span?
    4. Where did they go and what did they do? Was the child exploited or molested?
    5. Was a ransom demanded or any other contact made?

    Like Liz, I suspect an inside job with a mercenary motive.

    • She was sexually assaulted. I don’t think this is something racist…the disguise was perfect….she dressed like her mother,who doesn’t show her face. She was a pedophile and found an easy way to get a victim. I hope she burns. We need tougher punishment for this kind of scum.

  7. you know what is the best way to criminalise burkha/niqab ? Do more such kidnapping , robberies using these niqabs and people will demand the niqabs be banned ………..and local authorities will have to do it.

    Since the kid was not harmed , it just shows on of the smart kuffars was doing
    what I suggested above. Now don’t let the whole world know our secret , just use such incidents to call for ban of Niqab.

    You need to play smarter than the islamonazis using their own game plan of deception and exaggeration of little events to demand change in law to
    fight back.

    Make the laws that make it more and more difficult for islamonazis to live
    and practise their loony idealogies in civilised societies than rest of them
    will get the message.and not want to come here.

    More welcoming and comfortable you make them feel more they screw
    you and impose their rotten “religion” and “traditions”.and Sharia.

    • I was thinking the same thing. The kidnapper probably knows the school doesn’t require facial i.d. for these muslims or else the kidnapper would never have attempted to take the child. Therefore, there’s a link to the school.

      I’m thinking the mother sent someone else for eventual lawsuit purposes. The child was found unharmed, this just confirms what I think. It could be a set-up, legal and financial jihad.

      It would be great if more crimes occurred with these face masks.

  8. I had heard about this story since I get missing child postings but didn’t realize that the family was Muslim. I blame the school for not demanding the mother show her face even though she would have screamed “racist” as soon as this happened. The kid’s safety is at stake and anyone who picks up the child needs to be recognized. From what I understand the child has been recovered safely.

  9. How come the President has not talked about this as much as he been going after the guns. I think all women & men in the USA should not be allowed to cover ones face while in side a building nor should anyone have their face cover on their driver licenses

  10. i can solve this problem, a total ban on the burqa and all other face coverings, anyone seen wearing one shoot the them, job done

  11. And why did burqua this momma abduct this child? Tied to a plauground set? Little pedo action from the burqua momma’s hubby? Maybe she took the child home as an offering to her hubby!

    I just am not sympathetic to this future jihadi baby mill sorry

  12. Karma’s a bitch! Can’t have it both ways Muztards! You either remove the niqab for identification or you don’t and this happens – and I don’t want to hear your bitching about it if you scream racism for wanting to keep it on when we need to see your FACE!

  13. islam is the perfect cult to allow bank robbers, murderers, bombers and so on to wear a disguise and not be asked to remove it. When all thieves and so on go to the full burka it will make the perfect disguise especially for men dressed up as women. Women should not go into a public washroom if any person wearing a burka is in the washroom because it could be a pervert male dressed up. Let us hope that this happens so much so that we are fully and finally supported to ban the burka.

    • It is the perfect disguise-who wants to be called a racist and vilified by the liberal MSM for demanding a woman (or man or child?) show her face to prove who she is? Burka clad beings have been given carte blanche to rob, kidnap, terrorize, deceive infidels by merely donning the burka for “protected religious reasons”. YOU, Muslim bitch, are not welcome in the west. You and your backwards religion have no place in a modern society. Go back to your hellhole country and dare claim your rights. You deserve what you get submitting to Allah, what a joke.

  14. Koran 33.59 “so you will not be molested”…Allaah doesn’t extend protection to a woman without a veil so they may be ‘molested’ (does that mean ‘raped’…er, yes, it does). Question for Mozzies: “Who are the molesters in this verse?”

    Mozmen killer zombie inbred jihadists ALL know the meaning of K.33.59…heh, heh.

    Do you?

    The veil separates the women who are ‘protected’ from those that are ‘mubaa’ (fair game). What a devious, amoral religion. That’s why convicts love it!

  15. One those days, some terrorist will dress the burqa, go inside any scholl and will detonate a bombe!!!….what will say mr. president about ??????????????

    • I agree with U Susan ! It is really strange and that is what she always should have done when she left and fech he daughter, always !! Then this would never had happend. So she should stop complaining and start use her braicells, if she has any of those.

  16. the young man in CT SHOT way into the school but how was the substitute teacher supposed to know the woman was not the girl’s mother? both women were wearing garbage bags from head to toe.

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