Muslim child abducted from school by a woman in a burqa, just like the one her mother wears

Unknown-1But nobody checked her out because we know how Muslims whine about being profiled just because they are Muslims. So it serves them right when something like this happens. Burqas have become a popular disguise for kidnappers, robbers, and rapists as no one can tell the gender of the person wearing it. In today’s ‘politically correct’ society, nobody wants to challenge them, for fear of being called ‘racist.’


McCall  A 5-year-old girl kidnapped Monday from a west Philadelphia school by a woman dressed in traditional black Muslim clothing was found alone Tuesday morning tied up to a playground set about three miles from the school.

Nailla was abducted from the Bryant School at 60th Street and Cedar Avenue in Philadelphia about 8:50 a.m. Monday by a woman dressed in Islamic clothing, similar to how Nailla’s mother was dressed in a video interview with the Associated Press.

Authorities said the woman who abducted Nailla was dressed all in black, including black gloves and a face-covering, which based on various descriptions was probably a niqab — an Islamic shoulder-length veil that covers the face and hair but has a slit for the eyes.