GREENWICH VILLAGE, NYC: Massachusetts man fighting for life after deadly beating by two Muslim savages and four accomplices

kevin-mccarron2Hatem Farsakh, 24, and Sherif Rizk, 22, were both charged with attempted murder, assault and gang assault in connection to a brutal beatdown of Kevin McCarron (photo right). The early Sunday morning street brawl was as barbaric as an any seen along McDougal Street — before it was over, one man was lying in a blood bath, nearly beaten to death.

PIX 11  (h/t NoMuslimaSlave) According to the NYPD one group (Muslims) worked over a Massachusetts man with a tire iron and a bat; along with a flurry of punches and kicks. Onlookers were horrified by the savage attack. “I started screaming for someone to call the police,” said a 25-year-old woman who captured the incident on video. “It was hard to watch.”


The victim is 24-year-old Kevin McCarron, and, according to the criminal complaint, the beatdown by his six assailants left him with a fractured skull. McCarron was bashed with a tire iron, baseball bat and blackjack and stomped repeatedly  in the middle of MacDougal St. early Sunday, police and witnesses said. McCarron’s assailants ran to the trunk of a black car and returned with the motley array of weapons, sources and witnesses said. That’s when all hell broke loose. At least seven men descended on McCarron, beating him unconscious and fracturing his skull, witnesses and court papers allege.


Rizk is born and raised in Brooklyn and recently graduated from Brooklyn College with a double-major in Psychology and Political Science. His father, who immigrated from Egypt, said, “They came to me and they said we just want to talk to him.  We’re going to ask him some questions.” So he gave the NYPD his son’s cell number and arrested Sharif at his job at Metro PCS.

“I was shocked and I was surprised because my son he never did something like that in all his life,” said his father, Ahmed Sharif.  He said he had never been in any fights at school, adding, “He’s a very quiet nice guy.” (HAH!)

While the video depicts a chaotic scene and screams can be heard, Ahmed says that Sharif tells him that what took place on this street early Sunday morning was self-defense, and that it was the victim’s group who instigated the attack. (Double HAH!)

According to Rizk, his son also told him that most of the other guys were very drunk and that there were more than could be seen in the surveillance video.  Rizk said that his son does not drink and never has.


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  1. You do understand they are now teaching West Pointers that you and your ilk are nothing more than another terrorist? The liberals have finally gotten to the cream of the military. And they are effectively being brainwashed in the way of the King.

  2. this kind of assault happens almost every day somewhere in europe,this is the cultural enrichment the left-wing loonatics keep talking about,the so called religion of peace???DONT make the same mistake as europe and dont be misled by islam-loving-fascists.

  3. It’s time for offensive violence against the followers of the religion of peace. I remember that grinning monkey yassar arafat saying”We only want peace”.

  4. Very cool customer, that one that got released on $5000 bond. Says he “hopes the beaten one will be ok”. His attitude tells it all. “I’m Muslim, what you gonna do to me, infidel?”. Yeah. One report says some words were exchanged between the “two groups”, Who are two? And if McCarron did have friends with him, where are they during the beating?? Why is there only one victim? What is the true story here?

  5. It’s always 6 or 7 against one — and attacking an unarmed man with lethal weapons, so typical of Muslims. They are all full of rage.The man from Mass. looks like a great guy — I am praying for his complete recovery. All of the Muslim murderers must be hung by the neck until dead. Rizk should know how to behave if he studied psychology. By the way, psychology is NOT Islamic, Mohammed was against any such ideas, he said all you needed to know was the Koran and follow its rules and regulations, any other knowledge was not needed or wanted. I hope this maniac will never be allowed to practice and will never be allowed to counsel non-Muslims — imagine what he would tell them to do ………….

  6. Drunken jihad? Sure, why not?

    All jihad is glorious. The purpose of jihad is to cast terror into the hearts of the kufaar.

    Welcome to the Moz world, America. More of this to come. Senseless beatings? No, this was JIHAD.

    Time to revise America’s immigration.

    • Can one of our artists do another ‘my jihad’ fake poster” ‘My jihad’ is six islamist moslems beating the snot out of a kuffar, because we can. Holder and Obama have our backs. The MSM (moslem socialist media) will never tell.

      Sorry, I don’t know how to do that.

  7. Here’s some local coverage from the Boston area.

    Andover, where the victim lives, is northwest of Boston and about 10 miles from where I live. MacDougal Street is my old NYC neighborhood. That block is right near NYU and should not be a dangerous place even at 5 in the morning. But look what’s right across the street from Artichoke Pizza:

    Google map 118 MacDougal Street, get the street view, and there it is. Looks like this is where those devout little slaves of Allahoochikoochie were getting sh*faced on kuffar firewater before staggering out into the street ready to bust some infidel head.

  8. Since all muslims are nothing but cowards, they would never try a beat down on an equal number of potential victims. So here is what should be done. Assign a designated “victim’, a person who happens to stumble upon 3 or 4 cowardly muslims.
    The “victim” then says something or looks at them wrong. The cowards will think they have a lone “victim” and will taunt, bully and eventually assault him. Ah, but waiting in the bushes are 6 or 7 of the “victims” associates who proceed to beat the s&%$ out of each and every one of the muslim pieces of s&%$. Police report would say “It was just a bunch of guys coming to the aid of a lone victim”.

    • Agreed. You got there first. That’s like the ‘bait cars’ to catch car thieves in Canada, and the Q ships of WWII to take out German raiders camouflaged as ordinary merchant ships.

      The ‘victim’ could wear a ‘hoody’ like hat with a protective lining and a similar jacket and steel jock strap, but nothing obvious, or could pretend to be drunk.

      Half a dozen well-publicized cases might make those cair-besotted cowards think twice, if they think.

  9. If they had done that in my part of Arizona they would have most likely been shot, all seven of them. Many carrying gun owners here.

  10. Welcome to NYC! Strict gun and soda pop laws……………highest crime rate around! Vacation somewhere else, for cryin’ out loud!

  11. I agree with BNI re gun issue. Whenever something is forbidden, curiosity and desire takes over.

    As to the beating, muslims are cowards. When in a group, they attack. Alone, they cower in their miserable holes.

  12. Here we have an example of what is coming to us under the present administration. It is a must to stop the Islamic migration to our nation. These animals aren’t fit to live in civilized nations. They simply should be eliminated as they will be upon the second coming of Jesus.

    • Can SOMEONE, ACT, ADL, ??? create a database of all these atrocities so that we can have a class action suit against cair, naacp, nbp, splc, msa, isna, whoever, for creating, aiding, abetting, and enabling this crimewave and lawfare attacks against the US?

      We need funds, some good computer programmers and maybe a team of volunteers to enter, cross-reference, and update the mounting evidence.

      I will be glad to contribute to that.

  13. Meanwhile, Kevin Carrol (EDL) was arrested for calling muslims “all phucking backwards savages…” (after seeing photos of the halal slaughter of cows) on his Facebook page. Was he wrong? How can one be arrested for telling the truth?

  14. Ahhhh, just like being on the street in the middle east, BARBARIC! geeeee, and to think had someone had a gun justice could have been served right on the spot! Damn PsOS!!! Why didn’t someone HELP this guy?

      • WHAT??? You turned over your own personal gun to Bloomberg and his fellow-TRAITORS???? Presumably so that you’ll no longer have to worry about his harassing you relative to its registration.

        Make sure now to get proper and ILLEGAL arms – the state should NEVER be trusted other than for the barest possible minimum of ANYTHING!!!! What the state can track, it can take away!!!…

        • Eh, Ms. BNI:

          So what you wrote was “tongue-in-cheek”??? If so, my apologies!!!

          Thanks to my disorders (ADHD being one of them), I’m not readily able to distinguish between the literal truth and any sort of humour… It truly is a TERRIBLE CURSE (and it doesn’t help that I’m all too gullible…)!!!

  15. “He’s a very quiet nice guy.” Ahmed Sharif

    So was muhammad atta. Kinda kid you liked to tousle his hair, and play stone the apostate with.

      • Now you’re starting to think like a Patriot, I wouldn’t have it anyother way myself, and as a matter of fact, all of mine were stolen some time back. Hehehehehehehehehe.

      • annie, Americans will NOT be disarmed no matter what kind of orders the traitor in the WH passes. The black market will be bigger than ever, just like Prohibition days. We are not the British.

        • No wonder that Obama has been ordering such astronomically-HUGE quantities of ammunition (and murder-ammunition at that)!!!! He thinks that he can out-gun every American who’s against him – well, here’s hoping that the American people PROVE HIM WRONG ALL THE WAY!!!!!

      • ” once americans are dis-armed, hey dreamy person, we WILL NEVER be dis-armed, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it, to the death if necessary. I’ll give you one stat for an example, during the year of 2011, latest report, there were 15-million deer hunting licences issued in this Nation, care to guess who the “militia” are? That is not even considering the fact there are 24-million Veterans who swore an Oath to our Constitution, not pimp-jive-you didn’t build that-assed mutt, obama’s bin lyn” to everyone and then there is the other ones, who do not even talk of the armories they have, and you think we are going to be dis-armed, does the history of Lexington and Concord have any meaning to you, it should, it was the “shot heard around the world” as they say, it will be no different this day.

  16. I think it’s time we made vigilante justice a part of our lives when it comes to dealing with muslims . They should find these missing muslims deep in the woods come spring

    • “I started screaming for someone to call the police,” said a 25-year-old woman who captured the incident on video. “It was hard to watch.”

      WTF! Why didn’t SHE call the police?

      Well maybe it’s better we have the video, otherwise the victims will say that the attacking white man deliberately beat his head against the defenseless tire irons, they just happened to be carrying.

      Oh, the humanity! Oh, the tire-irony!

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