GREENWICH VILLAGE, NYC: Massachusetts man fighting for life after deadly beating by two Muslim savages and four accomplices

kevin-mccarron2Hatem Farsakh, 24, and Sherif Rizk, 22, were both charged with attempted murder, assault and gang assault in connection to a brutal beatdown of Kevin McCarron (photo right). The early Sunday morning street brawl was as barbaric as an any seen along McDougal Street — before it was over, one man was lying in a blood bath, nearly beaten to death.

PIX 11  (h/t NoMuslimaSlave) According to the NYPD one group (Muslims) worked over a Massachusetts man with a tire iron and a bat; along with a flurry of punches and kicks. Onlookers were horrified by the savage attack. “I started screaming for someone to call the police,” said a 25-year-old woman who captured the incident on video. “It was hard to watch.”


The victim is 24-year-old Kevin McCarron, and, according to the criminal complaint, the beatdown by his six assailants left him with a fractured skull. McCarron was bashed with a tire iron, baseball bat and blackjack and stomped repeatedly  in the middle of MacDougal St. early Sunday, police and witnesses said. McCarron’s assailants ran to the trunk of a black car and returned with the motley array of weapons, sources and witnesses said. That’s when all hell broke loose. At least seven men descended on McCarron, beating him unconscious and fracturing his skull, witnesses and court papers allege.


Rizk is born and raised in Brooklyn and recently graduated from Brooklyn College with a double-major in Psychology and Political Science. His father, who immigrated from Egypt, said, “They came to me and they said we just want to talk to him.  We’re going to ask him some questions.” So he gave the NYPD his son’s cell number and arrested Sharif at his job at Metro PCS.

“I was shocked and I was surprised because my son he never did something like that in all his life,” said his father, Ahmed Sharif.  He said he had never been in any fights at school, adding, “He’s a very quiet nice guy.” (HAH!)

While the video depicts a chaotic scene and screams can be heard, Ahmed says that Sharif tells him that what took place on this street early Sunday morning was self-defense, and that it was the victim’s group who instigated the attack. (Double HAH!)

According to Rizk, his son also told him that most of the other guys were very drunk and that there were more than could be seen in the surveillance video.  Rizk said that his son does not drink and never has.