INDIA: Muslim misogyny in the largest democracy in the world

After banning women from wearing T-shirts and jeans as well as from singing and dancing at weddings, Muslim leaders in India now have banned women from using cell phones outside their homes.

In other words, when Muslim predators try to sexually harass women and girls in the street, they will no longer be able to call for help.

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15 comments on “INDIA: Muslim misogyny in the largest democracy in the world

  1. One more step for sending Islam to stone age.India’s no 1 women tennis star Sania Mirza is Muslim who was threatened by Islamic extremist for wearing shorts in tennis court and now this one…OK but please don’t rape Hindu girls in Bangladesh or in Pakistan.

  2. The Muslims have always been in India but they are not or ever will be the majority The Hindus will see to that! what they do with there muslim woman is their affair but this does not apply to any Hindus or other sects they know better then that or there villages and towns would be burned down. Believe me I live in India

  3. India is a Hindu state with a western, secular mindset ( I’m referring to most Indian’s here ). India has no place for Islam, while India marches forward into the future. Pakistan is where these backward Islamist’s ( & the Congress Party/followers) need to go. Hindutva & a modern India are what many of us are working forward. A country similar to what the USA was like during its glorious days. May all freedom loving people stand up and destroy Islam and its sympathizers. Jai SARVARKAR!

  4. whast wrong with this world, why are these 10th century minded bigots allowed to exist, but wait we,v got these scum living amongst us,and the bone government are protecting them

  5. How can they have been growing this fast ?? They are pure idiots all of them and so are their womens too. I wish them to drown in what ever their flood is called.

  6. With this kind of EXTREME HATE for one complete half of Mankind (and rape is as HATEFUL an act as any!!!!), I bet that (aside from the Salafists, who hate all Western technology as “un-Islamic”!!!) the Moslems would LOVE to engineer artificial wombs and cloning so they could then completely dispense with women forever…

    Islam is truly THE SICKEST POSSIBLE CULT IMAGINABLE – even Communism doesn’t quite plummet THIS LOW… Islam is most definitely a threat to ALL LIFE upon this entire planet!!!! The only “peace” of Islam is the peace of DEATH!!!!!


    • In fact, I’m now reminded that in the Indian sub-continent, Moslem women ideally were/are NEVER meant to be allowed outside of the home under ANY circumstances where they could be seen by men (even if they’re wearing burqas the female form ALONE is enough to be bad!!!) – they had/have to be put into carriages with curtained windows so that no men can EVER see anything whatsoever of them.

      This is known as the practise of purdah and truly is meant to so debase them as to ensure their early deaths from disease, hard work, total lack of joy and so much else!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

      • If only as punching bags???

        I’d personally love it if the Moslem men suddenly were unable to find one single woman (of ANY race, religion, ethnicity, &c) whosoever in their territories!!!! THEN, I’d like to see what they’d try to do…

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