The English Defence League was created by traitors

When the day comes that the need for it ceases to exist, it will be because of English patriots.


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  1. BNI
    This is rampant throughout the world. The politicians are the people creating this New World Order [Caliphate]. WHY? They are being bribed and forced into compliance, by big, big money. On accident I learned, some 12 years ago, that a bank had in it various currencies, 7 TRILLION Dollars, in off-shore accounts. Does make one go Hmmm.
    Then I started to look more closely at what power could possibly be that strong and powerful to force, bribe and cajole all the other governments of the world to play in a game that is rigged. First: GREED, AVARICE, POWER, GLUTTONY, LUST, ENVY, SLOTH, PRIDE, ANGER, FEAR, the promise of women galore. Does this sound familiar? Second: I asked why? Does the USA say they have an energy shortage? I was asking this since 1971, when I learned from an Enco Rep. [Enco is now Exxon] what was about to happen and how the shortage was contrived to get Gov. out of Big oil. In 1976, I learned that we, in the USA, were sitting on enough Oil to continue drilling and using oil at the present (1976) rate, plus an increase of 4% per year for 400 hundred years. That’s right, 400 hundred years. This pissed off the DOD. They said it was for the next war, WWIII, so be quiet. Makes one go Hmmm!
    Remember, OPEC came into existence in the late sixties; Rockefeller divested his holdings in Arab countries to an extent. OPEC was created.
    But this is still not strong enough with enough power to bend the entire world governments to its will. Now we come to the Final Solution! Sounds ominous huh? It is. Now apply the Agenda 21 through the UN and sustainable living to the mix of the desire of big money and luxury, and living as a king etc.
    Now the control factor needs to be addressed! How can the USA be brought under control with its Judeo/Christian background? Along comes the birth control pill and Vietnam, sex, drugs and rock and roll. The Government declares they are the people that know how to raise your children. Senator Lyndon B. Johnson passes a bill out of the Senate to stifle the free speech of Churches and Synagogues so they no longer can advocate a politician they like and denounce those they dislike. Overpopulation becomes paramount and a declaration worldwide is to reduce the number of people by controlling the birth rate to one child per family. China took this to a whole new level with abortion for the sex of the child. We then passed Abortion bills and made a push to reduce the number of children in each house, by scare tactics. You will not be able to afford them, etc. We were also dealing with the Civil rights act and the riots in California and elsewhere, the forced integration in the south. Legislation for race quotas, advocated by the Supreme Court, was deemed to be necessary although they were unconstitutional. The assassinations of the Kennedy’s and King took their toll. We also had to contend with Global Cooling as the world was going into another deep freeze, another Ice age.
    A few years later, we had the ERA Amendment to vote on. It could not pass after nine years, a few additional years were given for its passage and it failed miserably. Then women were told they were second class citizens and needed to stand up for their rights, burn the bra, I am no longer a Mrs. or Miss but Ms.. Then Harvard came up with the program of politically correct speech. The need for breaking down of the American family went into full swing. Europe has the answer, they are so Continental, and new. America is passé and is no longer necessary. Look at Sweden and Switzerland and how progressive they are about marriage, drugs and homosexuality. America should emulate them more. The IRS made it more beneficial to remain un-married than to marry because of the deductions and incentives in the Tax code. The Tax code was also used to move the steel industry [and other companies] from the USA to Japan, then to Taiwan and now to China. Always using tax code incentives and import, export taxes to accomplish moving business where they were told to go. Divorce policies made it advantageous for women to divorce rather than stay married. Then the push to make the male dumb in the eyes of the women. Just look at the Ads on TV today and ask, are your husbands and boyfriends that stupid? If so, look around and find something better before you say I do.
    The part I love is the demeaning of religion. The process of calling them stupid for believing in Creationism and not the Theory of Evolution by Darwin. Evolution does not and cannot exist as it is taught. There are thousands of missing links. The species just don’t follow with the evolutionary pattern, it does promote some changes for light and darkness, but not much. Minor changes, nothing as dramatic as they had/have postulated. Now creation is backed up by watching healers put up a prayer and the person or animal is healed. This kills disease and changes the DNA ever so slightly. So the Creator can make changes to DNA at any level and change People or animals to anything he wants. Next, the universe is only six days old. True from the perspective that GOD, looking from his vantage point, the center and expanding universe. A Jewish Mathematician used algorithms to prove it. My question is, who are the dummies now? Then the rebirth of secularism, the new age movement, Satanism and all the various cults took their toll on Churches. The loss of children in the Churches brought about by the teachings in school of Darwinism and the foolishness of following the myth of GOD. The unions will provide. Now the Churches are coming under fire today from our government for speaking out against BO and his healthcare program, of losing their tax free status.
    All during this period we were in a Cold War with the USSR. I find it amazing that the Ideology of the USSR fell apart on a vote of 1100 something to one. Who had the money to buy them off? How fat are their Swiss accounts?
    Now back to the question: Who has this kind of clout? The G7, G8, G20, the World Bank, The UN, WHO? No single entity has the total power and ability to fix whatever is needed to change governments, wars, famine, too strong of a faith in GOD, Communistic Parliaments, Western Governments that are indebted to someone or thing. The only one that is recognized worldwide as the creator of money – not the US treasury – but the Fed. The Fed is a closed corp. run by a few powerful people that take your money and make it work for them. If they need more, they make more. Why do we pretend that they are just a friendly group of men that work for the USA.
    They are after the New World Government. The governments of the world are being coerced into a New World Government, hence their tolerance for mohommedists and their need to break the bank. This will create chaos and the result will be a New World Order. The Caliphate.
    This chaos is a lack of funds, lack of food, lack of policing, lack of government control on the perpetrators [mohommedists], then the total breakdown of civil society. The demanding of military troops to restore order and make a new economic plan because capitalism did not work, so Communism or Fascism will be the answer with mohommedists in control with their swords, cutting and slashing their way through our societies at their pleasure.
    Your friendly FED. Is not to be trusted nor are your government officials that are for more taxes and spending. The Austrian economic system is the best, pay as you go. Not the Keynesian plan that requires making bubbles and popping them like the real estate and the electronics bubble and the power bubble, the gas shortage bubble, etc. Pay as you go, pray to GOD and may GOD bless you and yours.

  2. if Europeans were smart (which i doubt) they would insist in dissolving the EU Multiculturalism doesn’t work . soon the US will be like this Muslim no go zones because of the stupid leftists

  3. As of 3:48 this afternoon, Gates of Vienna is back online. Looks like it was a glitch @ google which affected several blogs sudden disappearance.

    • Saxons, This kind of provocative headline will make people who hate the EDL think I’ve crossed over to their side. But once they see the video they will know they’ve been had. I love doing stuff like that to the enemy. I work in the advertising business, and know from experience that the most effective ads are the ones that get people talking.

  4. Bonni lass,hope you and yours are well?
    Just found out the reason why i have not been able to post,it was the website bar!
    Missed you and the regulars,but alas for you lot….I’m back!!!

  5. Hey Bevis, Knock off your PROVACATIVE headlines. Your readership is sore enough from all the crap in the world. And I am thankful someone like you takes the time to bring it to our attention. HOWEVER: I would not appreciate the dentist running his drill through my cheek while he is trying to fill a cavity. Don’t be so ridiculous next time. If you were my Postman delivering mail, you don’t have the right to step in my flower bed, or tell provacative jokes to my children. Just deliver the mail. Ooops… I’m sorry if I just smashed YOUR flower. (At least now you know how it feels.)

  6. The muslims aren’t traitors, they’re just being true to their cause. In order to be a traitor, you must first be part of the group. Muslims have never been part of the UK.
    It is the government, and the multicultis that are the traitors. And I hope that one day they pay the ultimate price for their treachery.

  7. Over 50 million Muslims through out Europe. They breed at the rate 5 times to the Europeans, within 10-15 years they’ll be the minority (Europeans).
    The US is lucky, most of the civilians are well armed and I’m sure there’s no way they’ll let it get to the stage where Europe finds itself today, where they have far too many no go zones where even LEO’s dare not tread.

    • The reason Muslims have huge numbers of children in Britain and Europe is because infidel taxpayers are immorally forced to finance Muslim males, their multiple wives and HUGE numbers of children. By this method, UK and European ruling elites are raising up huge Muslim armies inside Europe and Britain so that there is no need for a Muslim MILITARY invasion!

      Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.”

      In all of history there was never such a betrayal by nations’ leaders.

      Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

      One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.”
      – Houari (Mohamed) Boumedienne, President of Algeria, 1965 – 1978, in a 1974 speech at the UN

      Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    • Obama at the UN:“ The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam,”

      Obama has just signed several Executive Orders against guns. Obama and his administration are working on the goal of eventually disarming Americans.

  8. The traitors are the sell-outs to the Saudis who refuse to denounce those 7th century misogynists and tyrants.

    We should not continue to give the Saudis the money with which they can destroy the West.

  9. The screen cap on the video reveals the meaning behind the title. Well done BNI!
    By the way, noticed that Gates of Vienna blog is down, and their twitter feed indicates blogger took them down without explanation. See from which I quote:

    Please, please help. We’ve been removed from Blogger. No message why.

    • wtd, there’s an email address on Twitter. I will contact them and offer a more secure Server if they need it. Looks like they were hacked, unless Blogger suddenly took them down. But Blogger would tell them why I imagine. But maybe not. I used to have a photo storage account with PhotoBucket. When they were bought by Google, suddenly my account was taken down with no explanation. When I tried to find out why, they wouldn’t tell me. They also wouldn’t let me get any of my 2000 pictures back without my getting a court order.

      Google owns Blogger.

      • …………and obama’s bin lyn’ is a bff of google, need anymore explaination?

        Give a big ole’ mean green killing machine ooooooooooooooorah back at Mr.BNI o. k.
        Semper Fi

  10. The end of England and the birth of the satanic cult of islam is at hand in englandstan. The rush is on by the liberal leftards and muslims, to see if England or Sweden is the first country to commit cultural genocide. I fear that england is lost because it is too late to turn back now and the birth rate of the muslims will eventually take over england by birth rate jihad. The queen will be dead and royalty will be no more. Tourism will die and englandstan will become a bombed out country with muslims killing Christians and when they run out of Christians they can simply have the sunni muslims killing the shia muslims and so on. There is never enough blood and death to satisfy the beast of islam.

  11. Absolutely true. The UK government has sold their souls – sold out Britain – VOLUNTARILY SURRENDERED to totalitarian, political Islam – Muslim Islamo Fascists.

    Gatestone Institute: Supporting our Own Demise: Terror Finance by Samuel Westrop January 7, 2013 Successive British governments continue to tolerate the existence of large charities that encourage and provide for Islamist terror groups.

    Today, London is a hub for Islamist and Arabist terror infrastructure. It is a city from which financial and logistical support sustains violent supremacist movements across the world…government is often complicit with their activities…

    Why does the British government flatter and legitimize supporters of terrorism by treating them as statesmen, humanitarians or community leaders?

    By colonizing Britain with millions of devout Muslims-ethnically cleansing Brits-reducing the number of Brits and increasing the number of Muslims and supporting Muslim terrorists, UK leaders have deliberately placed the British people in terrible danger.

    Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

  12. The title is misleading.
    I thought you were selling the bad asses out.
    The video is good but your title makes it look like you joined the bastardization of the EDL club.
    I was relieved.

      • Dear Ms. BNI, may your gambit work!!!!

        Truly, the traitors in “Her Majesty’s Government” – the élitist “nobles”, big-business owners and others taking Saudi and other Moslem bribes have created the need for the English Defence League!!!! By her complete silence upon the issue, it even seems as if “Her Majesty” and her family are no less “on the take” (is that the correct expression?)!!!…

        If the UK is to be cleansed from this combination of money, Marxist propaganda and Moslem villainy, one is starting to think that it will need to be re-created from the bottom up, with the total dispossession of those “nobles” of their estates (unless they prove themselves by openly joining the EDL and fighting in the front lines!!!). A British Republic, where royalty and nobility will be banned for a minimum of 100 years (renewable every 100 years thereafter) – and with a total purge of aristocracy, money and élitists – may be the only solution, where they would write up an American-style constitution which will purify that once-great nation.

        The restoration of the UK, be it in terms of its component states (England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales) or as a whole, won’t occur overnight: this decline has been going on for over 100 years!!! Enough Marxists and Nazis – remember the “Duke of Windsor” stepping down from the British throne as Edward VIII for the sake of marrying a twice-divorced light-headed woman of fashion?? – were already entering the system at the beginning of the twentieth century, such as to become already endemic by the 1930s. World War II got rid of the Nazis but not the Commies, who by now with their Moslem allies and generations born post-1935 have completed their conquest of the UK in all but name…

        It’s the totalitarians that are driving people into the arms of the EDL, and it’s these same totalitarians who no doubt will then crack down and bring back an oligarchic/aristocratic DICTATORSHIP with lots of bloodshed – and only with that bloodshed does the UK have ANY HOPE of purging itself from that accumulated baggage of almost 1,000 years (since the Battle of Hastings in 1066).

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