When they’re in trouble, Muslims welcome Western ‘occupiers’

Now that France is engaged in a mission to free the people of Mali from al-Qaeda jihadists who are implementing sharia law, the people welcome the presence of French forces, wishing they would stay forever. But as what happens in every Muslim country the West assists, in a few years, they’ll hate us again.


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  1. Now they welcome with a smile the french protection from barbaric islam elements. Guess what, aft a few months, they will say, the french are occupiers and they would need compensation for this foreign intervention. These are the kind of people the world deals with. And I’m pretty those who pretend to be on the people’s side are the muslim extremist themselves….

    • Sorry to hear that Liz, we’d much rather it’s Europe that move its ass instead of just “watching”! That the US provide intelligence in their possession, here I say yes and fine. But beyond that, what the hell is that man thinking that he can get away going behind Congress’ back like that again and again!

  2. There is a lot wrong here with this picture and don’t even know where to start, so I’ll only throw a couple of things here, as some comments have already outlined some wrongs.

    Liz has put a finger on a very important point: Mali has called its population to fight those bastards, so what the f***k are those like that guy still doing here?!!!! I’ll tell you what, these are those we really need to sort out, since they always put their nationality of provenance first, usually, but now, all of a sudden, they’re “one of us”. Nothing but contempt for these I’ll tell you.

    Second, for many -and also in answer perhaps to my previous point, I have heard them on medias having the nerves to see it’s our duty to go because….. it used to be our colony!? That’s another thing we are absolutely sick and tired of hearing!!! Decades ago, all these countries wanted their independence, so they had it, with all the responsibilities it entails. Oh but no, being responsible is way to much to ask huh? Time for all those concerned that people -don’t give a rat’s ass about media and politics, have had enough to hear them whine, throw fits , and of course, develop a selective memory when it suits THEM! ENOUGH!!!!

    So if I come across one of those as discussed on those two points above and who doesn’t have the wisdom to keep his mouth shut, that’s another one who’ll get my fist in his face.

    But, pushing aside those as above, and of course NOT speaking about Hollande (whom I’ll never see as my president because I am a Patriot and he’s not) who is so much in trouble here that he is regarding this as a way to gain popularity (HA!), on the moral stand point, when a civil population caught in the hand of these sub-humans, and for whom nobody has lifted a finger to prevent what we see today and that was so predictable, is calling YOU for help, what do you do?

    But in the end, our guys are all I care about right now, so when it comes to these motherf***s in Mali, I say to our guys: shoot to kill and no prisoners!

  3. I personally see it not in this way. Mali was a secular state till now, there was no sharia in this country, and i believe the most of the mali people, dont’t want Sharia. The mali islam is very different to the islam in other countries; even Islam is not the official state religion of islam; 10% are christians and animists.

    Very less women are carrying the hijab; you can not compare Mali with countries like Mauretania, Iran, Yemen, Saudi etc.

    • Be fair logdon, that was January 10, 2010 that President Mousy said those things.

      The real ninny is Obumboy who coughed up DESPITE what shit-for-brains said.
      Is there NO ONE in the dimmicrat party not the least embarrassed by this Soetero sell-out?

  4. So, its desirable to send troops to other countries and smash the islamsists… just not if they are in Israel or in European cities. This makes no sense.

    • Annie: Nihad Awad (aka Josephine Lenin) has a fatwa out with your name on it. You are hereby sentenced to be stoned to death and gang raped for using the word

      I S L A M I S T

      PS I’m not sure about the order in which the rape and stoning take place.

  5. History will repeat itself. Our best option is to let the muslims murder each other and then when the countries are under muslim control, let them go to war against other muslim countries the way it has been going on for 1400 years in muslim controlled countries. Then when the western countries are threatened, and they will be, then simply carpet bomb the savages out of existence. Allow all Christians, Jews and non muslims and so on, to go to democratic countries and then start the bombing runs.

    • Perfectly said, “Alkidya” and “cat”: we should NEVER go into ANY – REPEAT ANY!!!! – Islamic territory, under ANY circumstances!!!!

      To the contrary, let those muzturds enjoy all their Shari’a, kitman, taqiyya and EVERYTHING ELSE until they’ve ALL killed each other. THEN, once they’re gone, it will be time to start COLONISING those places with real Westerners who’ll be on OUR side.

      However, for now, we need to RECALL EVERY last single Western man, woman and child OUT of dar al-Islam – and expel (with VERY FEW and STRICT exceptions!!) every single Moslem out of the West!!!!

      In fact, I’ll go as far as to say that the French are making a HUGE mistake in getting involved with this Malian civil war!!! On the contrary, they should GET OUT IMMEDIATELY and let those wretches deal with each other as they see fit…

      I’ll here apologise to Monsieur Alain and his fellow Frenchmen if he happens to disagree with me; however, I honestly DO believe in TOTAL SEGREGATION of the West and dar al-Islam, with there being categorically NO communications whatsoever between the two!!!!

      • Don’t worry ADHD, I’m not exactly dancing with joy myself either! And anyway, you’ve always been in many ways supportive of us so it’s okay if you disagree on that :-)

  6. The young man who was allright with french involvement and even with re-colonization, looks pretty healthy to me. Why doesn’t he join the army and fight for the freedom of his family and his nation?

  7. So will these otherwise brain-dead members of the Massachusetts family begin to get a clue as to Islam and Muslims. Massachusetts is a really deep blue state that buys any and all of the liberal points, esp. the one that says Islam is a religion of peace.

  8. “Vive La France” for her good intentions, but sadly, I must concur with you BNI, after a short while, the Malians will eventually turn on the French.

  9. Sure, they want the French to occupy Mali now…later, who knows.

    I’m reminded of Somalia when the US went in, on behalf of the UN, to restore order for the people in what was callled “Operation Restore Hope” and, at first the arriving US troops wer welcomed with open arms. Then after a Pakistani unit discovered a cashe of arms belonging to warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid it turned into a bloodbath and after that the US became the hated because they were heading the operation…it ended up in a crashed Blackhawk helicopter and bodies of US Marines being dragged through the streets of Mogadishu.

    There is no sense in helping these Muslim countries. Let them go sharia law. Evacuate as many Christians and other minorities as you can and let the rest go to pot.

    • Corrections, alkidya, they were not Marines, they were special forces, Delta types, and the fight started when we decided to raid a meeting where all known operatives ( of al-queda) of that regime were going to hold a meeting for their actions against the very forces sent there to help in the effort of the U.N. relief, food, persihables and the sort. The fact of the matter is, through comm, we established all orders for the skinnys, as we called them, we spoken in Arabic and were being directed by al-queda forces commanders, they were of al-queda types testing the resolve of the Clinton regime, he fell short as we know and chickened out of the fight. The reason for the initial actions was a helo-crew witnessed a mass shooting of the people ving for food because it was rumored that Ameen and his people ( al-queda) were going to hi-jack and deny the population of the use of those supplies, as they had done in the past, by these same arabs backing the regime of Ameen with .50 caliber machine guns, our interdiction was the cause for their actions as a cause. Facts matter.

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