Benjamin Netanyahu tells Barack Hussein Obama to ‘kiss my Jewish ass’

images-1The Jew-hating Obama Regime appears to be engaging in a very thinly veiled effort to influence next week’s Knesset election by suggesting to Israelis that voting for right-wing parties will further strain US-Israel relations and isolate the Jewish state.

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79739611Israel Today  On Wednesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu politely suggested that the American administration butt out.“Only the Israeli people will determine who best represents the State of Israel’s vital interests,” Netanyahu said during a tour of the Gaza security fence.

Earlier in the week, Jeffrey Goldberg, national correspondent for theAtlantic, wrote on the Bloomberg network that when Netanyahu recently announced plans to build new Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria in response to provocative Palestinian moves at the UN,  Obama started telling people that “Israel doesn’t know what its own best interests are.”

360_karon_jerusalem_0722Netanyahu on Wednesday added that “over the past four years Israel has withstood tremendous diplomatic pressure [from the White House]. They insisted that we curb our demand for action on Iran; that we withdraw back to the 1967 lines; that we divide Jerusalem – that we stop building in Jerusalem.” It is generally understood that Israelis expect their leaders to be able to both withstand heavy pressure from the White House, while at the same time maintaining strong relations with America. Obama’s strategy seems to be to convince Israelis that Netanyahu is failing this mission, and the prime minister’s political opponents are playing heavily on that theme.

But on this issue, Netanyahu is finding an ally in his top challenger to the right, Naftali Bennett, the new head of the Jewish Home party. Bennett wrote on his Facebook page that “we will listen to the Americans, but we will do what is good for Israel.”


Bennett noted that past prime ministers had succumbed to American pressure with devastating results. For instance, Ehud Barak was convinced by Bill Clinton to meet nearly all of Yasser Arafat’s demands, only to be thanked with the outbreak of the “Second Intifada.”

Under the charismatic Bennett, Jewish Home is expected to win up to 15 seats when Israelis go to the polls next week, and that has Washington worried as Netanyahu may have no choice but to include the nationalist party in his coalition. According to Israel’s Channel 10 News, the Obama Administration is worried that a strong showing by Jewish Home will ultimately bolster Netanyahu’s resolve to continue allowing Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria.

In a meeting with US Ambassador Dan Shapiro on Wednesday, Channel 10 quoted Bennett as telling the envoy, “There is no chance that the projected Netanyahu government will go for any sort of agreement with the Palestinians.”

Obama’s recent threats to Israel are no doubt in part inspired by Naftali Bennett, video below:



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  1. it was actors!!!! on a stage!!! for another example of this deception!! watch the video of barack in Yisrael” you will notice it was on the 22 or 23rd of march!! and they expressed that it was the ‘eve’ of PeSaCh!!!! we all should be pretty well aware that on the western calender system this ‘eve of Pesach’ is on the 25th “03-25-13” why would they lie about it being the ‘eve of Pesach’ the answer is simple! Ha-goyim don’t know when PeSaCh is!!!! they don’t know they didn’t think they needed to know or care!!!!! SheMA’ YiShRAeL!!!!!

  2. Obama can kiss my azz too. I not Jewish, but grafted in the vine. Obama is an evil, non eligible man sitting in our White House. I despise him and his thugs. Long live Israel. These are God’s people. I had rather have Netanyahu for a President than this slag playing President in our White House. In fact Valdimir Putin is a better man than Obama the Nothing. At least Putin is legitimate in his country.

  3. The Israel state has every right to defend itself. Washington needs to either work along with them or get the “F” out of their daily business.

  4. @Alexandros Vulvae, you can stop with the Peace and Love bullcrap. There is no Peace and Love when you are dealing withe the Islamists. When it comes to Israel I think that I can feel the cold winds of hate coming from you. Peace huh I think not.

    • ditto, Teresa! Maybe, he is confusing this site with his jihadist propaganda blogs.Alexander Vulvae(love it), He has shhown disdane and disrespect for “homos’, blacks and the” evil Jews.” How dare they try to survive! LONG LIVE BIBI

  5. In Prophecy it states all nations will oppose Israel it does not say all the people will oppose Israel. So that leaves us to oppose the Governments. Ours included.

  6. Most Americans are against the fraudulent president Obama and what he stands for.
    We have and always will stand behind Israel, our long time friends.
    Why or what Obama is doing is puzzling to say the least.

  7. Financed by the US/EU/UK, global jihadists, Palestinian Authority call for the Murder of All Jews and the Murder of Americans:

    Broadcast from Gaza mosque, Oct 13 2000, Dr. Ahmad Abu Halabiya, on Palestinian Authority TV (transcribed by Memri): “Have no mercy on the Jews, no matter where they are, in any country. Fight them, wherever you are. Wherever you meet them, kill them. Wherever you are, kill those Jews and those Americans who are like them…”

    U.S. leaders must immediately explain to Americans and Jews, why the Palestinian Authority, whose goal is the murder of all Jews and the murder of Americans, are heavily financed, armed, and continually trained by the U.S. and inform Americans how many U.S. trained terrorists are now in America. And explain why U.S. leaders demand that Muslim terrorists are given a terror state inside tiny, vulnerable Israel.

  8. There Never was an Arab country of Palestine. Jerusalem was Never the capital of any Arab or Muslim entity. Jerusalem is mentioned over 700 times in the Jewish Bible, not once in the Koran.

    The inalienable rights of Jews to the Biblical heartland must not be violated! No one is demanding Muslims surrender THEIR top religious areas of Mecca and Medina!

  9. Although I respect PM Netanyahu, I believe it is LONG overdue for Israel to do what needs to be done. NO rubber bullets, no house-to-house looking for terrorists crap, no meetings, NO NOTHING!!!! For each and every stone, bomb, missile, etc, take out thousands of these parasites! Should have been done decades ago before social media, before a muslim potus, before the “arab spring” etc. The world will condemn Israel anyway so who gives a shit. Fuck the world! Better to be feared and respected. I am sick and tired of watching Israel try to figure out how to make peace with savages! Should’ve taken out the garbage long ago!

  10. It’s going to take a decade or two just to straighten out Obummers foreign policy mess that only took him 4 years to create. And he still has another 4 years to go.

    Then there is also the disasterous economic mess to sort out.

    God have mercy on us all.

  11. They don’t know what is good for them: eliminating Islam from the world, which is their only hope of long term survival and short term security.

  12. Israel stay strong and dont bow down hold your ground and beliefs, as an American trust me us citizens hate him and are trying to impeach his criminal ass and have him prosecuted for his crimes. Dont believe or trust Obamas words there all lies. We believe and trust in you Israel stay strong and keep your peopke .

  13. He is a Muslim, plain and simple.! He worships Allah and he loves the “Holy Quran” and he gives planes and tanks to the Muslim Brotherhood. He is the enemy of America and Israel. He chooses Hamas over Israel and yet he believes in same sex marriage and abortion, which is anathema to Muslims. I believe he stole the election with fraud. I just can’t believe there are that many idiots in America. He is the darling of the Communist,Socialist mass media and hedonistic, narcissic Hollywood and he has just been “re-elected” for a second term. GOD HELP US ALL!!!

    • Patricia,
      I’ll bypass the Muslim rhetoric,(amer. gives Israel $4.5 BILLION a yr. EVERY year)The fraud is another story : With about an hour to go, in the voting places, Romney was ahead by 350,000 votes (this web site can verify) with 20 mins. to go ,Obama got THREE MILLION votes Romney got about 250,000 . So what you would say?
      It was nip and tuc the whole nite even in states that favored obama. I smelled a rat but the media “didn’t SEE it” YOU decide……PEACE

  14. How dare Barry Hussein Obama tell the leader of out ally the democratic country, Israel. What the path they should follow if they know what’s good for them. What Chutzpah! That’s a passive agressive threat if I ever heard one.. What our elitist dhimmi in-charge should be saying to all the un-democratic dictatorships we currently support, is that we aren’t giving you a penny more. And certainly not our taxpayers billions until you stop the hate of us Infidels, including your neighbor Israel.

      • Hate? The Muslims do HATE us. As commanded in the Quran and all Islamic teaching. WHY are you telling us?

        Tell the Muslims to stop their hate and demonstrate PEACE!

  15. I am happy that you don’t listen to this failure of a leader in America, He know’s not what’s good for America, so for this failure to think he know’s whats good for your country is just more forked tounge lie’s from the BLACK failure.

  16. Stand your Ground, stay with your convictions, all the people here in the U.S.A., that have a reasonably intelligent mind, distrust obama, and see him for the Islam Muslim that he is, and the traitor and liar that is working with the “Muslim Brotherhood”, to destroy both the “Christian” faction of the U.S.A, and destroy the Jewish interest both in Israel as well as the U.S.A. GOD gave Abraham the land of Israel and the land HE gave him, by blood Covenant was much larger than what is now considered to be Israel. GOD gave Israel this land by Covenant ‘FOREVER”. Don’t give in to traitorous persons, who are cheating the American people and taking payoffs, and lying to us and to you. I stand with you and I stand for you, and GOD will see us both through these dark days. MESSIAH is coming again soon, don’t allow HIM to find you deceived and diminished, but let MESSIAH find you, faithful and doing HIS Will for the JEWISH PEOPLES. GOD bless and keep you always. Rev. Lillie C. Greathouse

    • Yes, The UK and the US have to be destroyed as the historical (UK) and current (US) bastions of Judeo-Christianity, and Israel does as the one and only Jewish state,the apple of God’s eye, all three must be destroyed for and by the anti-christ before he can get any further with his diabolical satanic plans

      • Thank God Almighty that Israel will NEVER AGAIN get destroyed – we have Our Lord’s Blessed Assurance on that (both the Old and New Testaments)!!!

        • While we’re at it:

          LONG LIVE ISRAEL, God’s Chosen People – and may her leaders always love their people and country and work for her GOOD – NEVER EVIL (the way Obama is doing to the USA)!!!!

          Personally, I’m rather upset that Avigdor Lieberman is unable to be involved in the current election because of financial scandals – hopefully he’ll clear his name and be able to contribute again to his country!!!

          Otherwise, DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!! Ceterum censeo delendam esse Islaminem. [Besides, I believe that Islam must be destroyed – paraphrasing Cato Censor.]

        • The AC forces still believe they can win. They will do their best to achieve their goals . of course you are right, only Israel has a hope of surviving , in fact a guarantee although it will suffer, as we know the end of the story ! Israel may well be the safest place to be when all hottens up !

  17. Good for Israel. Never give in to Palestinian demands again. Don’t give up ANY lands and, as an American, I say don’t listen to any American President who tells you that you should give any territory whatsoever to the Palestinians. Push the terrorists back and keep them there. Always. And secure your borders. God bless you.

  18. ^Ditto! How the HELL can Obama assume to know what Israel’s interests should be, better then they do, when He can’t even figure out that the Majority of Americans HATE his policies! His Arrogance is limitless!

    • oh he can figure it out alrite, he just does not care, and thinks just because he is a black asshole that we will not mess with him.

  19. The proverbial pot calling the kettle black. This pot that is bankrupting America, insulting all its allies and kissing ass to all of America’s enemies now tries to run Israel. We can see the results of his clubfooted work in Egypt. It was dummy Obama who threatened the Egyptian Army to let the rebels take over, it was the Muslim-in-Chief who promoted the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi who now turns out to be a Jew hater and American hater – this three dollar bill with a bogus birth certificate who couldn’t run a hot dog stand profitably will tell the world how to run itself. O.K., everybody on the count of three, start laughing loud!

  20. Can Barack explain why he thinks the Palestinians deserve another chance? We have seen their aborted attempt at an ‘intifada’ last year.

  21. Very informative and useful video with two dimensional map of Israel and its borders that should clarify the issues and put them to rest.

  22. Yeah right, the Jew hating nigerian who spent millions to have ALL records of his past sealed, offered up a phony birth certificate, possessor of numerous aliases and phony social security numbers, saudi ring kissing groveler, the president that brought America to financial ruin, shredded our 1st and 2nd amendment rights, lied and cheated his way to the highest office in the land…that barack hussein obama?
    What balls, what absolute chutzpa that this tyrant, this deranged lunatic megalomaniac disgorged from the seventh rung of hell could, with such authority, say that Israel , the only sane and democratic country in the middle east doesn’t know what its best interests are.

  23. (OT Bonni but I know you like to hear about things like this:

    Génération Identitaire files a complaint against First Secretary of the socialist party Jean-Philippe Désir (who prefers to call himself Harlem Désir):

    “Last October, in commenting on our symbolic occupation of the site of the Poitier mosque, Harlem Désir -then newly elected by the socialist party as its fist secretary- did qualify the activists of Génération Identitaire as “violent fanatics”. We at the time announced our intention to pursue him if he persisted in making such attacks.

    On Sunday, Mr Désir considered it unworthy of elected members of the UMP (right party) to participate in the same march as us (held in opposition to same sex marriage and adoption). We are people of our word, which is why as early as Monday our lawyer has filed a complaint against Harlem Désir to the Paris Tribunal de Grande Instance. The First secretary of the socialist party will therefore have to answer for his insulting words from October.

    We will never accept to be insulted, portrayed as something we are not, and treated as second-class citizens.”

  24. And Obama can kiss my ass too, Bibi!

    This Naftali Bennet is one level-headed realist. I hope his political career goes well. Absolutely no sane, tactically and strategically-minded person would ever voluntarilly give up the high ground, especially to a group well-known for it’s propensity for violence, murder and mayhem.

    We’re talking about a people who think nothing of strapping bombs to their own children, for Pete’s sake, and thus have consistantly validated Golda Meir’s famous statement close to 40 years ago.

    • Randy,Naftali is galaxies better for Israel AND the Palestinians .
      He still has (a little ) hate in his heart. If I heard him right,he wants to tolerate the Arabs, buddy thats not the road to real peace. BUT it’s better than where you guys are now. PEACE

      • NO!!!

        ALL those Arabs who don’t to be Israelis and pledge their absolute loyalty to Israel should be expelled to Jordan – that was the country meant for the “Palestinians” even in 1948.

        The term “Palestinian people” and all its derivatives is a Soviet KGB manufacture, which the Commies used in order to endear themselves to the Arabs!!! In fact, I wouldn’t put it past the Arabs to be in secret sympathy with the Russians and the Chinese against the West – which last they openly HATE!!!!

        [Of course, the Moslems (notably those of them who’re Arabs) want the elimination of everybody and everything “un-Islamic” – and every “stratagem of war” is fine with them!!!!]

    • Well you might not be too far off there. I saw where obama raised that dead blonde hair girl back to life in that Sandy Hook hoax. Miraculously a dead hirl caome back to life sitting in his lap. Go figure. Can,t feed the frog anymore he croaked. But now have 8 ball pythons.

  25. The Emperor is once again PROJECTING (sociopaths are good at this, it’s their game and they do it well) Thinking if he says it enough, the sheepie will listen (I mean he worked here with the idiots that voted for him)! Yes, he throws out a lot of “projections!” He’s nothing more than a Narcissistic Sociopath and this man is EVIL and DANGEROUS!
    Good for Benjamin Netanyahu; he’s one that can’t be fooled nor manipulated by this muslime in our WH! He knows!!!

  26. President Obama has never liked working with Netanyahu. At the White House Obama left the Prime Minister and went and had dinner and Netanyahu was wondering where he was at and why he was sitting by himself like an idiot. During a press conference Obama admitted to French President Sarkozy that he didn’t like having to work with him. Obama suggested that Israel needed to retreat to the pre-1967 borders leaving the nation vulnerable to the enemies surrounding it. Obama zombies like Debbie Wassermann Shultz can lie to American Jews and tell them with a straight face that Obama is a great supporter of Israel, but the facts speak otherwise.

    There is growing daylight between Israel and the U.S. and Obama is moving us further away from our traditional American commitment to her people. Obama is now trying to interfere in Israeli politics in an effort to oust Mr. Netanyahu. The arrogance of Obama and his cronies like Wasserman Shultz knows no bounds. Out of all of the nations in the Middle East, Israel is the only one that shares our values. We should be supporting her not trying to foul up their elections.

    • Who does like working with Bibi? The man is a tyrrant. He repeatedly demands meetings with American Presidents , He’s a warmonger, and frankly I think he’s an ass. The growing day light you see is real. D.W. Shultz doesn’t lie to am. Jews. She lies to the Am. people. The tradditional commitment is over-at least till the next Pres. election. What I saw,was a jewish guy giving Romney 90,000,000 dollars to support Israel (my vision) The homos gave Obama enough to win,with the help of am. media.This transfers power to the homos for 4 yrs.

      • What a ridiculous statement! Bibi does not repeatedly demand meetings with American Presidents and NO WAY is Bibi a warmonger! No way! Why do you LIE? Because Bibi is Jewish?

      • alexander: You are the one on here hate filled! “homos”???? Really??? Peace my ass! You hate Israel and all she stands for. The only problem you seem to have with obama, is his homosexual stand!
        I would guess you are a Palestinian state supported? Maybe even, a push them(jews) into the sea promotor.
        here’s an idea: you can kiss both bibis and israel’s ass. Bibi is the statesman ,that we can only dream about. Obama is inferior, thin skinned,inept and jealous of his intellect.

  27. so you read about the plane crash with clinton badly injured and the seal pilot killled on their way to meet ahmad…..pig man. the state department denies and agrees it happened and why clinton was going there . apparently egypt,iran and america are planning their attack on israel soon. makes sense. we are awaiting this. and obamas attack this last one just confirms that america is ready to wipe us out. this is been planned years ago.there are american soldiers for years in the negev.

    unfortunatey the clinton witch stayed alive. shmuel would have prefered the other option, like me. and its been hushsed up. it happened a few days ago.i saw the article last ni ght on the net. maybe she will get the message that god runs the world and not her highness of wickedness. have you seen the photos of her totally out of her mind drunk??

    bibi may win a few points but we here are so dissapointed with him and his flip flops. he has no spine. that is the common view in israel. he talks wonderful but folds under pressure. bibi is capable of being a good leader if he grows some.

    in the meantime we here trust in god more than we do in any stupid politician.bibi is weak and not looking after our interests, but then the rest of the worms are the same. we will survive somehow. god is great.

    and obama i wish i could meet that scum face to face. he is so so so wicked. americans who can get out of the states should be running for their lives. he is going to destroy america adn he says so.

    • Ms. Cohen, Take the hate out of your heart , and I agree with you 110%
      Obama will,in my view,destroy , intentionally,America.
      And yes I did run !
      P.S. If you want to see who’s comming to destroy Israel,look closer .It’s your leaders. PEACE

      • Hate and passion better than passivity, Alexander. 1942 was not that long ago. Maybe if more jews had “hated” and fought back: six million wouldn’t have been exterminated!

    • Pastor Manning did a video on Hillary, according to him she was incarcerated in a mental institution! Would explain the weird behaviour and they way she looked I admit !

      • Thirty five yrs. ago I felt that Israel and its people were the bravest in the world . Sadly,now I see them as bullies and thieves (government) you say “Israel has the right to defend itself”,who can disagree? NO ONE . But when you instigate or start your argument with what the arabs are doing to you,you conveniently omit or ignore the fact of what you did to them to start the whole thing. Over & over. You tell Obama to kiss your ass,tell him to keep his $4.5 bilion every year too! Tell him you don’t want that $700,000,000 airforce base he’s building for Israel’s defense- a defense that uses Cluster- bombs on people throwing rocks ! A defense that kills 30 or 40 innocent people to get 1 ALLEGED TERRORIST . How can the rest of the world accept this? They do not. STOP THE MADNESS . You ,as a people,in my eyes,have gone from the bravest to the despicable. I truly,truly hope & pray that you see the reality of your mistakes and fix them NOW. I wish you all everlasting PEACE

        • AV, unlike the billions the US throws away on the Arabs and gets nothing in return, Israel spends every dime of that money on military weapons, equipment and airplanes made in the USA. It’s as if Obama took that money and gave it to US companies.
          If we are building an air force base in Israel, and I don’t know that we are, it is not for the Israelis, they already have one. It is for the US to use.

          I won’t bother refuting all your other lies, because you will not be posting any more comments here. You are as ignorant as the Palestinian parasites and terrorists.

        • They drop cluster bombs on people throwing rocks?!?! Are you kidding or are you really that naïve…or just selective in what you choose to hear? Missiles being launched into Israel on a daily basis are NOT ROCKS! The people and government of Israel is among the most tolerant of any on this planet. What do you think we in the US would do if say our neighbors in Mexico or Canada were lobbing rockets into neighborhoods near our borders? Do you really thing we’d just sit back with our collective thumbs up our asses? Do you think that the citizens would allow our government to do nothing? Wake up! I’m so sick of the Palestinians (and their sympathizers) whining about what they perceive as ‘theirs’…Israel has belonged to the Jewish people for thousands of years and they just finally had enough and took back what was rightfully theirs. If the Arabs are so upset by the plight of the Palestinians, let them take them into their countries. Oh wait, they won’t do that because it’s not really about the Palestinians, it’s about the destruction of Israel at any cost…and they aren’t using ROCKS!

        • Alexandros, here is a novel idea, you can kiss my half-Jew ass!
          Ahem…that would be my right butt cheek, BTW.


  28. As an American Patriot my clan , my home , my people stand with Israel and its people the whitehouse has no voice in our matters to the heart

  29. If, by some fluke or error, Netanyahu EVER gets invited to dine at the White House I would suggest he take along a food tester for his own safety. After all, our latter-day Cesare Borgia lives there. Almost makes me believe in reincarnation.

  30. I believe that Obama is working for Iran, as the Medes and Persians cast down Babylon, so the USA as spiritual Babylon has fallen to the Muslims and Iranian influence. Today’s wars are waged not with weapons of mass destruction and bullets, but it starts in the minds and teaching of our young, and finds its power in the hegemony and financial pandering for world domination and corrupt men who enter Governments.

    If you train up a child in the way he should go, when he is old he wont soon part from it! If you control the head, you control the body.


    • WAY TO GO BENJAMIN NETANYAHU. I am an American…but do NOT approve of…care for, vote for…or trust Barack obama. HE IS NOT your friend.
      Millions in the USA Love and respet and admire Israel…and would NEVER AGREE WITH THIS MINDLESS MINION when it comes to whats best for Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu has more backbone, integrity, intellect, fortitude, and love for his country than Barack obama could ever attain.
      HE CAN KISS OUR _____S TOO………

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