LONDON: “You are not allowed to dress like that. This is a MUSLIM area.”

Well, well, looks like the Saudi Religious Police are patrolling the streets of London now. Women wearing short skirts or men carrying alcohol are shouted down and ordered to leave the ‘Muslim area’ immediately. Why aren’t the British police arresting these Islamofascist savages for harassment?

When the dhimmis at Youtube take down this video again you can see it the link below:

UK Muslim sharia police 




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  1. I think that the local Brits need to go a little “West Side Story” on them, and show up with a few tough guys of their own.

  2. If a student is failure you can’t blame on University. One should see facts behind the figure and must certify their accuracy. Don’t write Articles to increase jeliousy towards any religion.

  3. Enoch Powell was right all those years ago when he said if we let everyone in from other countries it would be England’s downfall.

  4. I would have thrown my drink in his miserable face! Too bad the local police would not have put a screeching halt to the ridiculous vigilante patrols. At least one woman had the guts to stand up to these bastards. “Not so Greak Britian”? Go back to the hell hole you crawled up out of.

  5. Well, the two vids posted in the article are giving me these messages..

    “This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy of prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten.” lol!!!

    and “this video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.”

    But I went to a source and found the first video (3:36). I can see that it has material showing harrassment, bullying, and threatening behavior – the muslim aggressors are bullying passersby to get them away from “their” sidewalk!

      • Just saw it, BNI…. all I can say is shame, -shame- on the government of the UK for not protecting its citizen against these acts of assault and intimidation. Both the cameraman and his thuggish lackey should be in prison; instead, the British authorities, the spineless, gutless cowards they currently consist of as a whole, choose to remain silent. Why?

        I will not be surprised if civil war breaks out in England.

  6. I saw the video last night and the vid has now been removed. Brits are harrassed by Muslims and informed “This is a Muslim area” and told to get out. One British lady protests “This is Great Britain”. She is again told to get out. Sharia law is proclaimed.

    “This is a Muslim area” is said over and over again to the indigenous Brits who are told to get out. Muslim immigrants believe that they are the true owners of Britain. No doubt, the Muslims believe it is the indigenous Brits who are doing an “Occupation”. Just like in Israel where Jews are accused by Muslims of occupying their own Jewish land.

  7. Re the Muslim video: The Muslims boast: Alcohol is wrong. Whilst Muslim gang rape of non-Muslim children is epedemic. Terrible HATE and inhumanity. And re the alcohol, horrible hypocrisy.

    Bible, Exodus 21:16 He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death.

  8. Coming soon to the U.S. (now playing in Dearborn)
    This will be allowed by the lying, muslim Obama and Hillary, with her muslim brotherhood connected squeeze.
    Our “leaders” would like nothing better than to subject us all to these filthy ragheads as soon as they remove our power of self defense.

  9. Did you notice that this turd only targetted ‘soft’ people? As a result of this video, I think there is going to be some ‘anti-muslim’ police groups being formed, lets see them try that sh*t then!

  10. Does anyone honestly think that the Leftist government of Great Britain does NOT know this is happening? Of course they know it is happening. The Muslims are the shock troops they use to enslave their own citizens. Britain is probably doomed.

  11. The hypocrisy of Muslims never ceases to amaze me. These same Muslims also run child sex rings and prostitution rings and sell illegal drugs and alcohol and they do this while they are chasing down women in short skirts and people drinking alcohol.

    The Muslims have no credibility.

  12. All that really matters is that they are buliding on areas owning parts of Briton expanding outwards making each area more their has they breed.Colonising and have Islambad in each area and enforcing Sharia has much has they dare presently until thier numbers are enough to take us over. The next step in 2015 is to block vote the new Muslim Party in LABOUR they will keep getting their very good pay the least that any mp gets is £65,000 a year so they can fill their coffers and then when this country is Islamised they can all retire esle where millionaires. Simples!

  13. Exactly as the time that Hitler, before the elections that he did win, with nazis patrol that intimidadte people!!!!!!…..The war is coming againt!!!..another genocide will happen one more time, and again because the lefthists ( Who doesn’t know the chamberlain agreement with Hitlet about Juras )….Time to Kill, Time To death

  14. tutt tutt …. aaaanndddd they whine and play victim wondering why they are the most hated and despised scum on this planet (I cant even call them people). Its not just us in the West whom cant stand them, its everywhere else too. Everywhere they raise their inbred heads they piss people off and cause nothing but trouble.

  15. Koran 33.59 is the source of this thinking. Allaah does not protect unveiled women from being raped. (Who are the rapists? Mozmen killer zombies, of course!)

    The Islamic veil is a threat of rape.

    • to-fight-syria

      WHY IS THE US SUPPORTING THESE JIHADI IDIOTS IN SYRIA?” Because obama, the illegal, muslum, communist,”presisdent”, wants it that way. Half the voters in this country are as dumb as dirt and love the peace of shit. He is NOT my representative or President. As far as I’m concerned he should be arrested for treason.

    • And now we’re finding out about Chuck Hagel’s involvement in funding Mahgreb Al Qaeda, that same group that’s holding all these hostages in Algeria at the BP plant.

  16. This video must be given to the police in the UK to ensure that the muslim patrols are shut down and people are not harrassed in the streets for the clothes that they are wearing and so on. This defies belief it one did not actually hear the savage threatening people to get off of the street and not to come back. Shame on England for letting this happen.

    • Anyone enforcing ‘laws’ which do not exist, are breaking the themselves, are they not? If groups of people outside these areas demanded that bearded men shave or leave the area, and don’t come back, wouldn’t they say “I’m ‘British’ [unfortunately, yes, from one point of view], I have a right to walk through here etc.”

      Is there no way to get this in front of police chiefs, moslem lords and ladies [for Christ’s sakes!], politically correct fuckwits? Can they defend this crap? If they would not stand for the example I quoted, why would they allow this?

      I would like to say to any leftard/moslem/islamist [up yours cair]: “You make the rules, I’ll make sure that you stick to them.” If ad hominem attacks are barred, then same for both, if off-topic items are barred, then same for both. The only ‘rules’ not allowed would be like “You can’t say anything negative about mo and his merry men.” You would soon find how quickly they become stumped, when not allowed to change the rules in their favor, then back again against you, then back again to suit them ad infinitum.

      Finally, can some genius explain YouTube’s meaning of “contents designed to harrass, bully or threaten.” Do they think kuffars will be so affected? Or are they worried their mohammedan pals will get upset by this exposé?

  17. yeah, those PsOS probably pushed that person OFF his bike!! God, I hate these asswipes! And yeah, WHY aren’t these MusLIMES being hauled off for Harrassment – what freakin cowards!!! Oh way, then they wouldn’t be PC now would they!! It’s a coming people WAKE UP!!!

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