Oh, NOES! Graffiti found on Muslim headstone, but what does it say?

Oh, this sucks. CAIR-Chicago is demanding law enforcement consider a possible bias (aka hate crime) motive for graffiti discovered at a Muslim cemetery, but give no indication of what was contained in the graffiti that makes it worthy of an FBI investigation.



CAIR-Chicago  CAIR said an anonymous community member saw the graffiti targeting the main sign of the Muslim Cemetery of Greater Chicago at Parkholm cemetery in La Grange Park, IL, while driving by the cemetery last weekend.  Cemetery officials and the LaGrange Park Police Department verified that they received reports of the graffiti. The graffiti was removed yesterday.  

CAIR Litigation Jihadists are working with the cemetery director on this incident, the second reported attack on a Muslim cemetery in the Chicagoland area within the past six months. 


15 comments on “Oh, NOES! Graffiti found on Muslim headstone, but what does it say?

  1. Agree, Joel. There is a great (99%?) possibility this graffiti was put there by a Muslim. They want to keep their victimhood alive.

  2. Aaaiiiieeeeee ! As a devout muslim man with my head bang mark between my eyes, I can easily recognize the handwriting of a Joooooo.
    Any of the true followers of the baby raping Poppet can tesll it is not just a plain hated infidel because it was not done in pigs blood or written in pig shit.! We are very smart, we muslims !

  3. spot on joel I am sick and tiered of the mussorats getting all there own way we must do all in our power to get them to go back to where they come from

  4. WaaaaawWaaaaaaaa, just get OVER it you asslifting PsOS! Most likely you did it yourselves so you could cry and boohooo and PLAY the pity me game, as always! and of course COMPLAIN that you’re being soooooo freaking mistreated.
    good god, I detest these head bangers!

    • Well, that’s because the graffiti on city structures and non-Mohammedan things is usually done by Black, Hispanic or White NON-Mohammedans who can, by and large, write coherent lettering and actually DRAW pictures.

      The graffiti that shows up on Mohammedan things, I believe, is planted by the Mohammedans, themselves. Almost no one else would desecrate a grave with graffiti.

  5. We should treat these people the same devious lying way trat us and Christians in other lands . We should make them decide to go back where they came from because life here is too hard . Boycott all muslim businesses . UPS hires muslims Fed ex doesn’t appear to . There’s a start . Start reading clothing labels and buy nothing made in a muslim country .

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