Terror-linked CAIR buys Muslims 28 delegate seats to the California Democratic Party (CDP)

l838ew-b78684724z.120100901144321000gppq67un.1The CDP held statewide elections for delegates to represent each of the state’s 80 assembly districts. This distressing achievement was reached with the help of Muslim Brotherhood proxy CAIR-CA PAC, an independent political organization. In an effort to promote American Muslim political engagement, CAIR-CA PAC closely worked with candidates and organized voters to support them.

US5 CAMPAIGN  An elected delegate is able to vote on candidate endorsements, help shape the platform of the CDP, approve the rules by which the CDP functions, vote on resolutions of concern to various communities, and choose CDP representatives to the Democratic National Party. Delegates are also responsible for attending the annual statewide convention. 

The following is the list of Muslim candidates and the results of the recent elections. List does not includes all Muslim candidates.  There were other Muslim candidates that we were not able to contact.



16 comments on “Terror-linked CAIR buys Muslims 28 delegate seats to the California Democratic Party (CDP)

  1. The biggest mistake the West is making is allowing Muslims to take positions in politics and law and order. Once they hold the majority they can take control. And sadly only ‘Civil War’ can then overthrow them. Our politicians all countries are very foolish backward thinking people.

  2. watch the third jihad….look at all countries in western europe they are crusading in..look at our great allie australia…..wake up america……we are dealing with a monster that it seems is out of a horror book..look at all the damage they are doing with just a small number of people……outlaw sharia law as a few states have already.

  3. And that is why you saw “boos” to keep support of Israel in the D party platform and boos about God… It was full of Muslims

    • We only had a couple of Muslims at our convention. We named Shari’ah as a threat to our country in our state platform. Only one Muslim screamed out “F*** Israel” when we voted on supporting Israel. He was talked to!

  4. ep – We have a system where anyone can go to their county caucus (a fancy word for “meeting”) then from there, they can go to the state convention (of course there is a fee to go) and you represent your district at the state convention. The Republicans and the Democrats do this separately.

    At the state convenention, national delegates are voted on by the delegates. What I have found out as I went to my state Republican convention last year as a delegate for my district, is that if you are not “famous” in the state or in the party or have a BUTTLOAD of money, trying to get 300+ people to vote for you is damn near impossible.

    So I suspect that these Muslim delegates had money OR they played the “diversity” card aka “race” card… even though Muslim is not a race… but don’t confuse Democrats with common sense… anyway…

    The national delegates all sit together and they are the ones who look all crazy and scream for a candidate like they are a rock star… it is really quite sickening idol worship really… and they are the ones who cast their vote for their state for the party’s nominee… which is really just a formality since backroom deals are made and the party favorite is chosen anyway… (and I am not a Ron Pauler) but I saw a lot of disgusting crap at the convention… and BTW, independents don’t have conventions… but maybe they should. takes a lot of money though.

  5. La-La Land, on its way to becoming Hijab Land. I grew up in So. Calif., & what has happened there is truly tragic. The ONLY reason I go back to visit is because my two sons live there & work in the film business. BUT THEY ARE REPUBLICANS!! Almost all my remaining friends there are also Republicans, so there are a few.

  6. These delegate byelections don’t have huge votes. The Muslims are organized, they have studied the weakness of the US party system, and see how easy a dedicated group can land these delegate positions. The belief in Mo and Muslim superiority to the kufar world is highly motivating. It is hard for infidels to believe in fervency but Muslims do. As pointed out many, many places apathy or complacency is fatal eventually, and the West is apathetic and complacent. As concerned as the West is with their economy and personal life, to even point out there is a broad and malevolent scheme by Muslims is to be scorned. Tides turn and greed and lust for power will also lead to the downfall of the Muslims.

  7. Political jihad. Anybody who votes for a muslim or hires a muslim for any job is a fool. We are fast losing our control of our country by the taqiyya stealth birth rate jihad. We are being bought out by muslim arab dollars. We are selling America. We can still turn this around by not hiring muslims or by not using businesses that hire or are owned by muslims. Wake up America. Where is Paul Revere when we need him? The Paul Revere messengers are there in the form of BNI, Atlas Shrugs, Jihad Watch, Geller, Spencer, Bauchmann and so on. The warnings have been given such as 9/11 and the ground zero mosque threat. This is not a false alarm.

  8. how did they get 28 seats.. and what does this really mean.. im not into amaerican politics so a brief overview would be great. thanks

  9. We need laws to prevent foreign-funded campaigns to in effect take over government. With America’s system to open and Americans mostly out to lunch, these Trojan Horses can make frightening headway. Where is the KKK and various militias when they are needed?

  10. The fascisms is returning to western world, after 70 years by hands of lefthists and their fellows the islamofascists!!!!……Why Obama´s wants so much the gun control?????

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