Terror-linked CAIR buys Muslims 28 delegate seats to the California Democratic Party (CDP)

l838ew-b78684724z.120100901144321000gppq67un.1The CDP held statewide elections for delegates to represent each of the state’s 80 assembly districts. This distressing achievement was reached with the help of Muslim Brotherhood proxy CAIR-CA PAC, an independent political organization. In an effort to promote American Muslim political engagement, CAIR-CA PAC closely worked with candidates and organized voters to support them.

US5 CAMPAIGN  An elected delegate is able to vote on candidate endorsements, help shape the platform of the CDP, approve the rules by which the CDP functions, vote on resolutions of concern to various communities, and choose CDP representatives to the Democratic National Party. Delegates are also responsible for attending the annual statewide convention. 

The following is the list of Muslim candidates and the results of the recent elections. List does not includes all Muslim candidates.  There were other Muslim candidates that we were not able to contact.