EGYPT: Sen. John McCain gives Morsi a pass on his antisemitic “Pigs and Apes” remarks and promises $480 million in US taxpayer funded financial aid

Is this on top of the $1.5 billion aid package and the 200 tanks and 20 F-16 fighter jets that the Muslim-in-Chief Obama gave them last month?


17 comments on “EGYPT: Sen. John McCain gives Morsi a pass on his antisemitic “Pigs and Apes” remarks and promises $480 million in US taxpayer funded financial aid

  1. 480 million dollars MORE approved to send to that sonofabitch Morsi and his Pislamic Sharia ruled Regime?!!…..HELL NO!!….Thanks a lot Sen. McCain you dumbass dhimmi dip!! You and your dhimmi buds in DC have just given me more reason to move myself, my wife AND my money to Taiwan for an extended stay, one year +.!!…….The U.S no longer has a government of by and for the people, BUT rather a government of the asshats, for the asshats, and BY the asshats!!……..

  2. the only people that I like so far was Romney and Ron and Rand Paul, even Marco rubio and alan west. I dont like john mccain anymore he was a puppet im sure to get obama elected as i saw him as a shity candidate…
    Consider Rand Paul for president 2016, when im sure obama will run against him.

  3. Here you have it in the context of Ishaq (Biography of Muhammad): Ishaq:250 “The bestial transformation occurred when Allah turned Jews into apes, despised.”

    No nation on earth has been more hostile to Israel’s survival than the United States. American politicians give lip service to Israel while consistently funding and equipping her enemies. America is the reason Israel didn’t take Cairo, Amman, and Damascus during the Six-Day War. America is the reason Israel gave the Sinai to Egypt, eliminating its most vital buffer zone. America is the reason Israel withdrew from Lebanon, making the nation more vulnerable to terrorist attack. America is the reason Israel gave the PLO autonomy over much of the tiny nation at Oslo. America is the reason Israel abandoned Gaza – narrowing the nation at its waist. And America will be the reason Israel ultimately abandons the “West Bank” and East Jerusalem. The United States has sacrificed Israel to garner favor with crude OPECers… It is no different than what Neville Chamberlain did with Czechoslovakia. To call America Israel’s ally is the equivalent of calling Britain Czechoslovakia’s friend. And all the U.S. and U.K. have to show for all of their betrayal and capitulation, is an avalanche of terror. And yet, here we go again…

  4. you know people, I am begining to start to think this is intentional, maybe, the idea is to get all of these mutts in the same vicinity, and then, booooooooom. Done, problem solved. Could I be wrong?We could then stand tall and call it for what it is “justified killing” Praise the Lord and pass the ammo.

    Semper Fi.

  5. Israelis have said “We’ll judge him by his actions.” That’s a measured response on their part.

    Now Morsi is actually in power, he’ll have to button it. But Morsi is still deep down a very bigoted, supremacist man as are over 60% of Mozzies.

    The US has a President who is almost totally ignorant of the core beliefs of 65% of Mozzies: 1) discriminatory Sharia 2) a global caliphate dictatorship.

    The man at the helm is the 100 times more dangerous than Morsi.

    • I disagree here: Obama knows ALL the core beliefs of the Muzturds, and he’s in 100% AGREEMENT with them!!!! Don’t forget, Obama himself is a Moslem!!!!

      As to John McCain: it seems as if his years in Viet Nam have hurt him mentally at the barest minimum (perhaps also emotionally). Either way, it’s time to throw him out of the Republican party – he’s a “Democrat” in disguise and is a TRAITOR to the USA to boot!!! When the day comes that his rôle in Obama’s election is assessed, it will be obvious that he and Romney were merely “shadow opposition” meant to help that muzturd all the more readily get elected!!!!

  6. Morsi lusts after Jewish annihilation (and Christian) as commanded in the Quran. Obama, McCain and George Soros want to make the Muslim goal a reality.

    The Muslim Middle East is being deliberately de-stabilized and the most radical Muslims placed into power by U.S. leaders. The great nation of America that we once knew is no longer recognizable as America.

  7. Heh, yeah, taken out of context. Riiiiiiiiiiiight.

    Can somebody tell Morsi I’ve a bucket of lincoln logs to sell him if he wants it?

    • Why doesn’t pigface Morsi clearly explain the context so that all American’s can understand, and unequivocally RETRACT them and APOLOGIZE so profusely that his dingbat islamist ‘Brotherhood’ sodomites cannot explain that away as taqiyya.

      Or, refuse to retract, and tell America to keep its filthy satanist money, he’ll get it from the inbred arabian sods instead.

      Whoever raised Cain should drop him right back into the grave, fucking rino.

  8. Yea, give the Hatting muslimes $2 Billion plus, borrowed from commy china, top of the line new weapons – no problem, my Grandchildren and their Children and their’s can pay that Money back and not even know they are doing it, that will make it easy on them, Thanks to the muslime brother in the so called White House. The Damage that he will leave behind is too deep to even try and understand, it gives me nightmares just trying to sort out the trouble that this Country is in from this SCUMBAG.

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