If you haven’t yet seen the film ‘Zero Dark Thirty,’ here are several reasons why you might want to

ZeroDarkThirty__121203202757First and foremost, all the anti-counterjihadist as well as leftist websites hated it because it reminded moviegoers exactly why they should still be worried about the Muslim terrorist threat to the West, the stealth jihadist Muslim organizations like CAIR, and the so-called ‘moderate’ Muslims who live in their neighborhoods.

UnknownAccording to the ‘Jewish’ editors of the far left  anti-Israel, Muslim apologist website Mondoweiss, “While the film has obviously found its supporters, backlash against it continues to grow. Yesterday, director Kathryn Bigelow defended her film from charges it promotes torture in an Op-Ed for the Los Angeles Times . Bigelow claimed artistic license writing, “those of us who work in the arts know that depiction is not endorsement.” While this is obviously true, the film goes further than depiction. As Deepa Kumar wrote the film promotes extra judicial killing and the drone warfare that has become the hallmark of the Obama administration’s “war on terror.”



Responses to ‘Zero Dark Thirty’

  1. #PanicMode when two Muslim ladies come in to@ZeroDarkThirty 30 minutes into the movie. #shady
  2. The Muslim behind me constantly reminds me why I loved#ZeroDarkThirty
  3. @ZeroDarkThirty If you’re a woman you need to see this film. If you’re an American you need to see this film. If you’re Muslim, not so much.
  4. That awkward moment when you are sitting next to an entire Muslim family at #ZeroDarkThirty
  5. A woman catching Bin Laden is the biggest F you to the Muslim world #ZeroDarkThirty
  6. Should I be concerned that the Muslim dude in front of me in Psych class is watching a Osama Bin Laden video on his laptop?#zerodarkthirty


NEW BLACKLIST UPDATE: Far Leftists Ed Asner, Martin Sheen want OSCAR Boycott for ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ because it sanctions torture.

Hey, Ed, are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party? Because you sure sound like it!

Now, if only we could see Ed Asner and Martin Sheen getting tortured...

Now, if only we could see Ed Asner and Martin Sheen getting tortured…

Hollywood celebrities will never stop talking about the horrors of the Blacklist, an era when Communist sympathizers within the industry were hounded for their beliefs, losing work and even their freedom in the worst cases.

Yet when stars like Ed Asner and Martin Sheen insist Academy voters boycott a film because it doesn’t align with their worldview, those same Blacklist bashers fall silent. We’ve already seen veteran actor David Clennon declare his intentions to punish the filmZero Dark Thirty this awards season for allegedly promoting torture. READ MORE


15 comments on “If you haven’t yet seen the film ‘Zero Dark Thirty,’ here are several reasons why you might want to

  1. You mean its not about B Hussein Obama single handedly killing his fellow muslim for political gain like he claimed he did?

    FANTASTIC cinema. BRAVO!!
    For sure one of the GREAT directors!! She also did the Hurt Locker. Strong female lead. AWESOME!!
    Booooooooooooo to all the Criminal Bozos who are attempting to derail this story.
    Fargin Iceholes.

  3. I am standing right alongside with you!!! It is absolutely necessary that someone-ANYONE begins to stand up and speak the truth about the US muzzie prez and what the hell is going on with all this promoted blindness and ignorance.
    Censorship is off the charts surreal and the Spout Puppet Propagandists are calling for more restrictions —- REALLY?? Nothing more frustrating than money bags celebrities using their twisted, ill informed influence over those who are lost in demented dreams of grandeur and lies of denial.
    I have been a big movie fan for years but have found myself walking away from and not supporting any corrupt and despicable influence the Hollywood bozos are heaping on the very public who support if not worship their lavish lifestyles.
    And all the while hanging with the criminal bozos in White Castle of Corruption…. deliberately and with intent polluting the minds of people with the disease of darkness and ignorance.
    After reading this article I AM GOING THIS A.M. to see this movie!!
    Good Luck to each and everyone here. KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON!!
    Thanks for being here.

  4. I understand people do not like Hollywood but I think you should give this movie a try as BNI is saying this movie does not show Osama or muslims in a good light. I do not know why muslims are watching this movie though.

  5. sorry no comment, wouldn’t like what I feel about this at all-Pass. Far too many memories of these sorry excuses of humanity and B-would be in trouble if I did so, can’t do that to a fellow Patriot. Remember fellow 2nd Amend. activist, State Capitols today, be there or risk the consequences of your inactions.

  6. The way I see is is that Kathryn Bigelow stuck it to Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House. Haha! They thought she was making a film glorifying the Obama admin but she sure screwed them!

  7. The ‘extremist’ Moslems set off bombs while the ‘moderates’ shelter them, pay their bills and pretend they know nothing.

    The ‘extremists’ do their cruel savagery and vanish among the ‘moderates’ who then hide them.

  8. The truth is the truth. bin nothing monster was taken out by Navy Seals, Yes, some of the dialogue is made up but the truth of the story is real. The muslims are a real threat to the peace of the world and we need to out them at every opportunity. The 25,000 terrorist atrocities done since 9/11, were done by muslims. When we all finally tell the truth that 99% of the terrorists are muslims we will begin to end the lies about islam being the religion of peace. It is time to hear from the moderate muslims but that will never happen because there is no such thing as a moderate muslim. No muslim will say that mohamad was wrong or that muslim sharia law is wrong. The movie Argo is another movie example that outs the atrocities of muslims. (Tonight, I had the pleasure to ignore a muslim cashier with no body in her cash line. Instead, I chose to wait patiently in line for another busy cashier who was so very pleasant. Thankfully, the gesture was not missed by the muslim bag head cashier.)

  9. don’t really care why leftist didn’t like it. golden globes and oscars are a unch of political bs that doesn’t matter anyway.definitely not watching inaguration. be careful of gun grab proposals trying to slip in repeal of 22nd amendment so MUSLIM IN CHIEF CAN BE PRESIDENT FOR LIFE that amendment prevents him for running again

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