In the 20th Century, Muslim Jihadists joined forces with Nazis to eliminate the Jewish problem…

UnknownIn  the 21st Century, Jews join forces with IslamoNazis to eliminate the Counter Jihadist problem…after which the IslamoNazis will try to eliminate the Jewish problem again.

Once again, it pains me to have to report about about a group of Judenrattes (Judenratte was the term given Jews who collaborated with the Nazis so the crocodile would eat them last) against ‘Islamophobia.’ A despicable group called Jews Against Islamophobia is sponsoring a series of seminars aimed at eliminating anti-Muslim hate speech, anti-Islamic terrorism government policies, unfair police surveillance and stop and frisk policies in Muslim communities. the-nazis-and-the-islamonazis-would-have-loved-these-jews-they-still-do


JAI  Last month, the Jews Against Islamophobia Coalition held the first panel in a three-part series of presentations and discussions that we hope will enable further thought, discussion, and meaningful action. We are now excited to learn together with our second panel of speakers as they address this topic.


Jews Against Islamophobia Coalition is composed of Jewish Voice for PeaceJews for Racial and Economic Justice, and Jews Say No! (all of them pro-Obama, anti-Israel, left wing Jewish groups) I imagine they are ignorant of the information below.



CDN The Führer’s Mufti:  Among the Nazis many willing accomplices was Jerusalem Mufti Haj Amin el-Husseini, who fled Palestine after agitating against the British during the Arab Revolt of 1936-39. He found refuge in Iraq – another of Her Majesty’s mandates – where he again topped the British most wanted list after helping pull the strings behind the Iraqi coup of 1941. The revolt in Baghdad was orchestrated by Hitler as part of a strategy to squeeze the region between the pincers of Rommel’s troops in North Africa, German forces in the Caucuses and pro-Nazi forces in Iraq. However, in June 1941 British troops put down the rebellion and the Mufti escaped via Tehran to Italy and eventually to Berlin.

Once in Berlin, the Mufti received an enthusiastic reception by the “Islamische Zentralinstitut” and the whole Islamic community of Germany, which welcomed him as the “Führer of the Arabic world.”


In an introductory speech, he called the Jews the “most fierce enemies of the Muslims” and an “ever corruptive element” in the world. Husseini soon became an honored guest of the Nazi leadership and met on several occasions with Hitler. He personally lobbied the Führer against the plan to let Jews leave Hungary, fearing they would immigrate to Palestine.

He also strongly intervened when Adolf Eichman tried to cut a deal with the British government to exchange German POWs for 5000 Jewish children who also could have fled to Palestine. The Mufti’s protests with the SS were successful, as the children were sent to death camps in Poland instead.


One German officer noted in his journals that the Mufti would liked to have seen the Jews “preferably all killed.” On a visit to Auschwitz, he reportedly admonished the guards running the gas chambers to work more diligently. Throughout the war, he appeared regularly on German radio broadcasts to the Middle East, preaching his pro-Nazi, anti-Semitic message to the Arab masses back home.


To show gratitude towards his hosts, in 1943 the Mufti travelled several times to Bosnia, where on orders of the SS he recruited the notorious “Hanjar troopers,” a special Bosnian Waffen SS company which slaugh-tered 90% of Bosnia’s Jews and burned countless Serbian churches and villages. These Bosnian Muslim recruits rapidly found favor with SS chief Heinrich Himmler, who established a special Mullah Military school in Dresden.


The Arab Embrace of Nazism: Husseini represents the prevalent pro-Nazi posture among the Arab/Muslim world before, during and even after the Holocaust. The Nazi-Arab connection existed even when Adolf Hitler first seized power in Germany in 1933. News of the Nazi takeover was welcomed by the Arab masses with great enthusiasm, as the first congratulatory telegrams Hitler received upon being appointed Chancellor came from the German Consul in Jerusalem, followed by those from several Arab capitals.


The only condition the Mufti set for his help was that after Hitler won the war, the entire Jewish population in Palestine should be liquidated. After the war, Husseini fled to Switzerland and from there escaped via France to Cairo, were he was warmly received. The Mufti used funds received earlier from the Hilter regime to finance the Nazi-inspired Arab Liberation Army that terrorized Jews in Palestine.

The most influential party that emulated the Nazis was “Young Egypt,” which was founded in October 1933. They had storm troopers, torch processions, and literal translations of Nazi slogans – like “One folk, One party, One leader.” Nazi anti-Semitism was replicated, with calls to boycott Jewish businesses and physical attacks on Jews. Britain had a bitter experience with this pro-German mood in Egypt, when the official Egyptian government failed to declare war on the Wehrmacht as German troops were about to conquer Alexandria.


After the war, a member of Young Egypt named Gamal Abdul Nasser was among the officers who led the July 1952 revolution in Egypt. Their first act – following in Hitler’s footsteps – was to outlaw all other parties. Nasser’s Egypt became a safe haven for Nazi war criminals, among them the SS General in charge of the murder of Ukrainian Jewry; he became Nasser’s bodyguard and close comrade. Alois Brunner, another senior Nazi war criminal, found shelter in Damascus, where he served for many years as senior adviser to the Syrian general staff and still resides today.

Sami al-Joundi, one of the founders of the ruling Syrian Ba’ath Party, recalls: “We were racists. We admired the Nazis. We were immersed in reading Nazi literature and books… We were the first who thought of a translation of Mein Kampf. Anyone who lived in Damascus at that time was witness to the Arab inclination toward Nazism.”


These leanings never completely ceased. Hitler’s Mein Kampf currently ranks sixth on the best-seller list among Palestinian Arabs. Luis Al-Haj, translator of the Arabic edition, writes glowingly in the preface about how Hitler’s “ideology” and his “theories of nationalism, dictatorship and race… are advancing especially within our Arabic States.” When Palestinian police first greeted Arafat in the self-rule areas, they offered the infamous Nazi salute – the right arm raised straight and upward.

The PLO and notably Arafat himself do not make a secret of their source of inspiration. The Grand Mufti el-Husseini is venerated as a hero by the PLO. It should be noted, that the PLO’s top figure in east Jerusalem today, Faisal Husseini, is the grandson to the Führer’s Mufti. Arafat also considers the Grand Mufti a respected educator and leader, and in 1985 declared it an honor to follow in his footsteps. Little wonder. In 1951, a close relative of the Mufti named Rahman Abdul Rauf el-Qudwa el-Husseini matriculated to the University of Cairo. The student decided to conceal his true identity and enlisted as “Yasser Arafat.”



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  1. The Republicans and the ignorant hordes of a sheeple population have turned America from an exceptional and progressive country to be proud of into a depraved, rouge and warmongering fascist state in which Atilla the Hun or Genghis Khan would have felt appreciated and completely at home.

  2. Excuse me, i am indonesian muslim, and i am proud to be a muslim. our beliefs is ALLAH is THE ONE, THE CREATOR, and our beliefs is Mose, Jesus and Muhammad are ALLAH’s messangers. I’m really so sorry if our perseption different from yours. it’s not true if we are anti-christ. we beliefs in christ more than you, did you read all of page your bible? like you read a harry potters novels? did you?! and then try our Qur’an. Muhammad PBUH come with peace and true justice. the unbeliever make it worst until now.

  3. WWII to WWIII 1/19/2013

    The only difference between the Nazis and the Progressive Left today is their dress. They stand for exactly the same thing. The Nazis were against Christians, as well as Jews. They had their own Cult Religion of Pagan origin. They needed to take advantage of the breakdown of society to bring their new god-like figure to the fore. Hitler also had a god complex. They even went so far as to enlist Muslims to kill for them. The people of the earth did not learn from history, so we are going to repeat the lesson, so it will stick. This time, mohommedists will be given a larger roll. They are infiltrating throughout the civilized world. When the time is right, the revolution will break out, as necessary, to destroy Western Civilization, as well as the Judeo/Christian value system. Remember, it will only take a small number of people in every nation to overthrow a Government and to enslave the majority. Why? Because the majority does not believe that it can happen. WHY? BECAUSE THEY ARE UNARMED!!!

  4. I have been to this museum of tolerance its a nice place it takes you through nazi germany and then civil rights movement. its ran by jewish people i guess they should add a jihdist area with life like beheadings and all the evil things muslims do.

  5. …..and they are trying again, hell they’ve never stopped trying, it just a renewal of their hatred on display once again. Different time, same hatred.

  6. On Balkan they fought against the Serbs too!Winston Churchill wouldn’t understand the policy of Britain or USA of today anymore!

  7. Also I am thinking we should spam Hagels office with this article? So he can see what he’s dealing with? Then he cannot pretend he was ignorant of these facts?

  8. Wasn’t Arafat a relation of the Grand Mufti? I seem to remember reading this somewhere. A nephew or something. At any rate there was a connection and Arafat did meet or have connections with the Mufti


    The Muslim Brotherhood based itself on Mussolini’s fascism…as did HITLER’S BROWNSHIRTS.

    Mufti Husseini developed a “propaganda barrage” in Arabic through leaflet and radio. Tons of paper, beautifully printed with Koranic texts were distributed. These leaflets were widely distributed to the Arabs of Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, calling on them to attack the ghettos where the Jews lived.

    17 slave labor concentration camps were created with Moslem help in North Africa: 3 Morocco, 3 Algeria, 7 Tunisia, 4 Libya.

    1941, in Mosul, Iraq, pro-Nazi Arab activists continued to propagandize against
    Jews. In Baghdad, when the war film For Freedom showed in cinemas, audiences cheered Hitler and booed Churchill. Leaflets circulated: “Rashid Ali, the Leader of all the Arabs, is returning with ropes and gallows to hang a number of criminal Jews, Christian traitors and other enemies of Islam.

    In May 1943 a letter was sent from Amin Al-Husseini to the German Foreign Minister
    Ribbentrop requesting German intervention in the Balkans especially in Bulgaria to
    prevent an agreement with Britain and the United States to allow Jews to leave for

    High-ranking Nazis sought refuge in Egypt to escape from trials in Europe.

    “Death to the intellect! Long live death!”

    The Muslim Brotherhood is the equivalent of the SS.

  10. Too much stupidity, all I can do is shake my head. Seriously, if they want to kill themselves so badly, a bullet would be faster.

  11. The Mufti and his Muslim Nazi soldiers were so horrifyingly cruel and so extremely barbaric to their Jewish and Serb victims that they shocked the German Nazi soldiers.

      • What do you really think the Bosnian and Serbian conflict a few years ago was REALLY about. It was push back from what their parents and grandparents experienced during WWII. The Serbs knew what they were doing, trying to get the Islamic scouge out of their country. Once the USSR could not interfere any longer the patriots of Serbia got to work. Unfortunately most people don’t bother to really know the history and then you have leftists like Bill Clinton who most likely did know but in order to complete the vision of The New World Order they need Islam to contain and subjugate free people until they can get total control.

  12. Those idiot Jews in bed with Islam remind me of the stupid Christians that joined forces with Muslims and created ‘Chrislam.
    I doubt any of these new traitors have ever bothered to read books about Islam by ex-Muslims. When non-Muslims write a book it is reasonable to question; but when several ex-Muslims write books independently of each other, not knowing each other, all saying the same thing about evil Islam- what does it take to wake people up? Now I know why during the last 1400 years Christians and Jews failed to stop the expansion of Islam- only a minority fought back; the majority tried to make friends until they were forced to submit or be killed. How can we win with so many idiots in bed with Islam?

    • Everything I read here is bullshit, Serbia with the Turkish sultan attacked Bosnia b4 WWI to try and stop Bosnia from ousting the ottoman empire who wanted Serbia under their control. Many Bosnians were murdered brutally long before WWII. It was only natural that not long after that they would join Hitler being that he controlled the former AustroHungarian empire. The only reason the mufti had any say in Bosnia was because of Hitler otherwise the Bosnians would have burried him alive with the Serbs. Serbia was given vast lands from Macedonia and Bosnia for their great contribution to the Ottoman Empire whilst the region was occupied by the Ottomans. Serbia was barely a country until the Turks found them to be very useful for many purposes basically slavery to be more precise. The Bosnians and Macedonians could not be trusted as the grew wiser but sadly too late and Serbia was granted vast lands by the Turks. At the end of the day religion was the last thing on peopled minds.

      • C.C.

        You said…”Everything I read here is bullshit” and then you table an overview history that clearly is not recorded accurately but rather is just an opinion.

        I don’t know the history of Yugoslavia in detail- that would require a specialist study and most people around the world don’t know either. But one thing is accurately clear ‘Hitler & Islam’ were comrades in their absolute hate of the Jews; and the Qur’an does state in Surah’s the Muslim hate of Christians & Jews.

        Jews & Christians defending Islam is ‘Absolute Stupidity’ and that is pragmatic commonsense.

        C.C. You concluded… “At the end of the day religion was the last thing on people’s minds.” That statement is nonsense. The very nature of humans throughout history has always had ‘religion on their minds.’

        In fact during wars ‘Religion becomes deeply positioned in people’s minds’ – conflict increases the clinging of peoples thoughts to religion.

        And all ‘True Muslims’ as instructed in the Koran never let go of their ‘Islamic Belief System.’ The only Muslims that don’t have religion on their minds are the ones that become ‘Atheists.’ Even ex-Muslims converting to Christianity have still had religion on their minds.

        I don’t trust your history comments because clearly you ‘shoot wildly from the hip.’

        C.C. If any bullshit exists… it is in your mind.

  13. Judenrats are the worst of the worst! Evil just does’nt describe them. They may have been born Jewish but they are not Jews. They are cowards and traitors and I will have no sympathy for them when the shit hits the fan. Or for any obama voter for that matter.

  14. History will repeat itself with the appointment of Hagel. However, this two faced moron will only lend credibility to the Biblical Prophecy of Armageddon. Obama is a lose-lose situation and as a Muslim he only wants the destruction of all Jews and Christians. If Obama is not stopped, the previous Holocaust will be completely overshadowed. America is the New Nazi Regime.

  15. It pains me to think about it and to say it but I do believe in mercy killing and when naivete makes people dangerous to themselves and to their cousins they and the world are better off when they are put to sleep.

  16. I have not read this entire article so far but I have books that have this information in them. I can’t stand the sight of anything muslim, mosques, clothes, behavior especially and that “holy” book of theirs is to me satanistic. I believe that islam IS the antichrist.

    • ” I believe that islam IS the anti-Christ”. you are not alone with this thought, sister of freedom. I wholehearedly believe it to be so, it speaks of one world religion, as islam, the deceivers of man, in the book of Revelations Rev: 13.

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