Muslims redefine the old adage ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’

Muslim schoolchildren are subjected to corporal punishment by their teachers for a variety of reasons, the foremost being a child’s failure to do well in Islamic studies.

 If Youtube takes this video down, you can view it HERE

But this kind of child abuse isn’t limited to Muslim countries. An undercover video from last year exposes a teacher beating and kicking his students in a British Islamic school.




19 comments on “Muslims redefine the old adage ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’

  1. Sickos pick on kids. They grow up and pick on kids. The pattern of violence is their heritage passed on to each succeeding generation. Get an Exterminator to stop the spread of these vermin. INFIDELS GROW A BACKBONE!

  2. Don’ t they have laws against this in the UK ? Oh silly me we are talking muslim , islam here so no doubt Islamic schools are above the English laws If this happened in any other school, we would never hear the end of it .

    • Hanna, you do know that, not only are there moslem police in the UK, but the men have thick black beards (good luck with the gas mask bro) and the women wear black niqabs. And to top that, they have their own British Moslem Police Association, to ensure that they get halal food, prey five times a day, and look the other way when mohammedan vigilantes harass REAL British citizens, who come too close to their qassam manufacturing, white child raping, hate teaching mosques, aka barracks.

  3. was on a muslim site called 30 mosque’s in 30 days reason for going there was to keep track of the fund ‘s to build a mosque in my state and where they come from ! any hows while there , their was talk of punish and isolation room built into too their devil houses ! never new that

  4. what do you expect from these people, how on earth can we accept them into our society, they are medieval scum who follow a pagan religion, and we are expected to say nothing, shame on our government and social services

  5. Islam is a gutter ideology that abuses children through forced marriage, and the rape of underage girls. Their prophet is a pig who is burning in hell forever, as he deserves. May he continue to burn throughout eternity, though that is small restitution for the violence and misery his depraved teaching has brought upon this world.

  6. Why would Youtube take this down? Surely it is something for Islamists to feel proud of, the killing of any love or kindness in the children’s hearts. The encouragement of other children to participate in abusing those who don’t learn according to the teacher’s demands or who think for themselves. No, Youtube will be encouraged by islamists to advertise this and make it viral because it will sell Islam not harm it.

  7. The method of discipline exhibited in the first video illustrates how corporal punishment is dished out by female followers in a manner which will leave no visible evidence of cruelty on passing inspection. Just as their despicable ‘religious’ guidebook instructs on beating wives in a manner which guards against visible evidence of abuse.

  8. Sadistic, vile, scumbag motherfuckers! The one and ONLY thing they know is violence. They contribute NOTHING of any value and are useless to this world!

  9. Excellent teacher! The hate, intolerance, and violence of Islam comes through in all of his actions. This teacher knows Islam and lives it. Multi-kulturalism is truly wonderful, isn’t it?

  10. Raising my children, I occasionally resorted a swat on the butt and a raised vice. This was not the norm, but the exception.
    The guy in the second clip should be schooled by me on U.S. constitutional law and local child abuse laws using a cattle prod and a billy club.
    What abject bullys! Someone needs to subject them to the same treatment for an extended period.

  11. The best friends ou lefhtist!!!!…..This is what will happen very soon to all kids in europe, if we freedom lovers not fight back. The freedom enimies are the lethists and they allies, the ISLAMOFASCISTS.

    • But where ARE the leftists? They’re the ones who fulminate against corporal punishment. Oh, islamists (fucair) get a free pass: sodomy, bestiality, animal torture, murder, supremacism, war, invasion, colonization, no-go zones, stonings, amputations, sharia ‘courts’…

      Come on. There must be some leftards reading this, getting hot under the collar.

      Iftikar Ahmed? The followers of Saint Jack of Layton, you know who you are?

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